Summer Olympic Games 2016

WTF Are Those Specks on the Canadian Athletics Uniforms?

You're not seeing spots. The Canadian athletics uniforms have a little extra technology for the 2016 Olympic Games, thanks to Nike


Melissa Bishop in her Nike Athletics uniform (Photo: Courtesy Nike Canada)

When you’re competing to be the fastest human on the planet, what you wear is important. And we don’t just mean as a way to rep your homeland’s colour schemethere’s some pretty amazing technology that can take uniforms to the next level. Nike is no stranger to high-performance athletic wear, and they proved it again for Rio with the brand new AeroBlades.


Nike’s AeroBlades up close (Photo: Courtesy Nike Canada)

Worn by the likes of Andre De Grasse, Aaron Brown and Melissa Bishop, the AeroBlades went through extensive wind tunnel testing and came out with the proven ability to decrease an athlete’s drag more than any other Nike technology—they’ve even shaved multiple seconds off marathon runners’ records. Placed strategically on each athlete’s uniform, the little fin-shaped protrusions are made from recycled polyester and designed to make the speediest sprinters even speedier. The AeroBlades are a part of Nike’s Vapor track and field kit, which also comes with AeroSwift leg and arm sleeves, as well as therapeutic tape covered in AeroBlades that allows an athlete to tailor the blade placement to his or her event and minimize wind friction even more.

If you’ve yet to see the Canadian Athletics team (or their AeroBlades) in action, check out the replays of Melissa Bishop killing the Women’s 800m and setting a new national record.

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