Global Leaders Tweet Serious Shade After Trump Exits Paris Agreement

World leaders, politicians and CEOs restore your faith that humanity maybe isn't headed for complete destruction

Global leaders tweet shade at U.S. president Donald Trump after withdrawal from Paris climate agreement

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The Interweb can be a shady place.

And yet in the madness that followed President Donald Trump officially announcing the U.S. will withdraw from the Paris Agreement, Twitter became the sole bright spot in an otherwise dark and depressing reality. ICYMI, the Paris Agreement is a joint undertaking by countries around the world to combat climate change. The U.S. is now one of three countries, the others being Syria and Nicaragua, that are not part of the global agreement.

In response to President Trump’s actions, global leaders and CEOs ditched their typical diplomatic and coy rhetoric for pure unbridled sass and hit “Tweet.”

Here, are the best throw downs from world leaders, politicians and CEOs (not even Disney could resist!) to restore your faith that humanity maybe isn’t headed for complete destruction as quickly as we think:

He tried. But we failed our children.

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And while nobody wins when a global leader reneges on a country’s commitment to climate change, I think the rest of us can at least comfort one another in the cocoon of shade cast by French president Emmanuel Macron. *Le mic drop*

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