5 Things You Missed While Waiting for Trump's Taxes (Like Bey's Boys?!)

From Beyoncé's maybe-baby boys to Will Smith channeling Uncle Phil (!), these buzzy moments trumped Trump's taxes reveal, TBH

If you took a scroll through Twitter yesterday evening, there’s a good chance you were inundated by tweets about Donald Trump’s taxes. After months of the U.S. President (*deep shudder*) waffling about whether or not he would release his tax returns—something presidential hopefuls aren’t technically legally required to do but have been doing in good faith since THE SEVENTIES—and the post-inauguration announcement that, despite promises to the contrary, he would not, in fact, be coughing up his records, Rachel Maddow kinda did it for him. She baited people with this tweet:

Spoiler alert: the portion of his 2005 tax return that mysteriously landed on Maddow’s desk was pretty clean, leading Trump supporters to cry victory while many others theorized that the big leak probs came from within Trump’s camp (talk about #FakeNews). Here, five way more interesting things you missed while snoozing through Trump’s taxes reveal.

The Beyhive decided Beyoncé is having twin beyby boys

And it’s legit because of the specific pair of earrings she wore in her most recent Insta-maternity photo shoot. Queen Bey’s fans are not messing around.

A photo of Will Smith bungee jumping made the Internet lose its mind because he looks way too much like Uncle Phil

Seriously, it’s uncanny.

The season finale of This is Us aired and people could not deal

The show that makes viewers weep every single episode took at least 10 years off most fans’ lives with its much-anticipated season finale. Twitter had a field day with it, of course.

The Skype interview-crashing BBC family released another cute vid 

And in another interview, dad Robert E. Kelly said his meme-inspiring daughter was indeed in a “hippity-hoppity mood” when she marched into his office, elbows high, so now we can all aspire to be hippity-hoppity every damn day.

News of the Matrix reboot was met with a mix of emotions

Also: Keanu Reeves might be getting replaced by this talented and not-hard-on-the-eyes young actor.

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