Trump's Fellow "Idiots" (According to Google)

The president of the United States is currently the top result when you search "idiot" in Google Images. But who else is up there with him?

Donald Trump

Credit: Getty

Right now, if you type the word “idiot” into Google Images, the first result will be the visage of one Donald J. Trump. Given that the literal dictionary definition of the word is “a stupid person,” that may or may not surprise you. And anyway, who are we to question the secret wisdom of the impenetrable Google algorithm? What is interesting, however, is the company he’s keeping up there on the search result page. Some are obvious—that’s you, dude pretending to drill into the side of your head. But others? Not so much. Here’s a brief round up of Trump’s fellow idiots and few ideas (some substantiated, others… not) about how they came to embody the word ‘idiot,’ at least in the eyes of the internet.

Green Day

Billie Joe Armstrong and the gang have a song called “American Idiot,” so that makes sense. Its high ranking, however, is actually weirdly linked to the #1 idiot himself, and a campaign in the UK to get Green Day’s single to the top of the charts just in time for Trump’s visit to the UK last week. And it worked! Not only are they way up there on Google, the song, first released in 2004, actually reached #25 on the official singles chart.

Ash Sarkar

This activist and journalist’s face is the third result, but she’s actually not the idiot in question. Sarkar actually bestowed the hallowed moniker on Piers Morgan during an appearance on a British morning show last week, again over Trump’s pending visit to England. While she was trying to explain why she would be protesting the president’s visit, Morgan interrupted her repeatedly, at one point saying it wasn’t fair to protest against Trump when she hadn’t protested done so against Obama (who, btw, Morgan referred to as her “hero”). It’s at this point that Sarkar replies, “I’m a communist, you idiot,” and thus enters this not-so exclusive Google results club.

Albert Einstein

How does one of the most brilliant minds of the 20th century end up here? Well, it’s what happens when your face is used as the image in article entitled “The Difference Between A Genius And An Idiot” that’s actually about real estate brokers. It’s very in-the-weeds, inside baseball stuff on the housing market, but from what we gather, Einstein is the former, not the latter.

Man With A Saucepan On His Head

See: Dude pretending to drill into the side of his head. Also: The guy wearing a hat made entirely of empty plastic jugs.

Elif Batuman

What is a very talented, award-winning novelist doing in a search result like this? Well, the Turkish-American writer happened to publish a book literally called The Idiot, so here we are. While we’re talking about Batuman, though, we’d also like to point out that we highly recommend The Idiot and think you should read it immediately.

Fred Jones from Scooby Doo

Guys, we all know who really solved all those mysteries and who was just the dead weight. #JusticeforVelma


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