Get Ready to Rage When You Read #ThingsOnlyWomenWritersHear

UGH. Just ugh

Joanne Harris, author of the sweet novel-turned-film Chocolat, is calling out the bitter reality of sexism in the literary world.

This topic has reared its hideous face before, for instance when journalist and author Gay Talese told a crowd at Boston University that he couldn’t name a single female author who inspired him. Only this time, it began—as these things so often do now—on Twitter. A discussion about the sacrifices writers make quickly evolved into a debate over which gender has it tougher, prompting Harris to start a hashtag: #ThingsOnlyWomenWritersHear.

And the women of Twitter did not hold back. In 140 characters or less, users from across the globe politely shared some of the outrageous comments they have gotten—everything from being told they write “great books for women” to being asked how their husbands feel about their work. Because, let’s be real, success isn’t success until a man says it is.

Like, do we need to rename the writing industry the “Pen 15” club and call it a day? Let’s give this story a happily ever after and just be better everyone.

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