Is This Kitty the Longest Cat in the World?!

This cat is nearly four feet long!

Omar the cat is possibly the longest cat in the world

(Photo: Leo Tapel)

If you’re a fan of abnormally cute cats like Lil Bub and Grumpy Cat, you’ll love Omar—an incredibly long and massive furball.

Omar is a three-year-old Maine Coon who weighs 31 lbs and spans 120 cm—nearly four ft.—making him likely the longest cat in the world. The current world record for longest domestic cat is held by a British kitty named Ludo, who is just over 118 cm. Omar’s owner has apparently been contacted by Guinness World Records to confirm his measurements, meaning Ludo’s title could soon be scratched.

Omar, who lives in Melbourne, Australia, recently got discovered on social media, when a photo of him was shared on the popular “Cats of Instagram” account. Since then, his owner Stephy Hirst has been managing his own Instagram page, and his rise to celebrity cat status. “He hasn’t really been coping with all the attention,” Hirst told the BBC, saying he “had a little bit of a meltdown.”

But even if Omar prefers a quieter lifestyle, the internet is obsessed with him.

Omar eats raw kangaroo meat for dinner and, due to size, has become “too heavy to regularly pick up,” according to his owner. While Maine Coons tend to weigh up to 17 lbs and average around 100 cm in length, Omar is a special exception. “All of our friends want to come over and see our cat,” Hirst told the BBC. “They say ‘is that Photoshopped?’ or ‘that can’t be real’ and then they see him in the flesh.”

We want to see you in the flesh, too, Omar.

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