Where on Earth Did Justin Trudeau Get That Couch?!

His kids are cute, but his chesterfield ain't

Justin Trudeau in a white shirt and dark tie with his jacket over his shoulder

(Photo: Getty)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted a sweet throwback photo of his sons on Sunday for Father’s Day, but it wasn’t his mini-mes that people were looking at—it was the god-awful couch they were seated on.

The best buddies I could ever ask for. Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there!” Trudeau wrote alongside the photo in question.

Bright yellow with a green-and-red floral motif, the offending sofa looks like something you’d find in your grandparents’ basement next to a stack of National Geographic mags from the ’70s. In the pic, Trudeau’s eldest son, Xavier, happily lays on the loud couch, cuddling up next to his henley-wearing pop who’s sitting on the floor. Propped on his side with a look of despair in a matching yellow onesie, a baby Hadrien looks as if he’s saying, Someone save me from this hideous nightmare!

Twitter was quick to make fun of Trudeau’s interior decor, with some people asking if the PM got the sofa at a garage sale.

While we can all agree the couch is ugly, we have some serious questions. First off, who’s house is this? When Chatelaine visited the Trudeaus at their Ottawa home in 2014, the gang posed cheerfully on a modern beige sofa, implying they have good taste. The political family moved into Rideau Cottage in fall 2015 after Trudeau was elected prime minister, so if the 19th century home hasn’t had a facelift since its construction, the sofa may be from there.

If you examine the photo closely, though, you’ll notice what appears to be an orange and mustard shag carpet peeking out of the corner of the frame. Not only is this rug arguably more unfashionable than the couch itself, but it implies that THE ENTIRE ROOM IS A HOT MESS. The chopped wood and brick fireplace in the background makes us think the Trudeaus are at a family or friend’s cottage—the only place where a piece of furniture of that kind is acceptable.

But, until we can confirm the source of the couch, we’re holding him accountable.

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