Jian Ghomeshi Said "Hi" on Twitter and We're Living for the Clapbacks

Hi. Not interested

Disgraced former radio host Jian Ghomeshi fired off the first tweet from his shiny new Twitter account this morning (to promote a new project, or something, we refused to click) and—no shocker here—people are PISSED.

In case you’ve successfully wiped it from your memory, Ghomeshi was accused of sexually assaulting multiple women, including Trailer Park Boys actress Lucy DeCoutere, during his time as the host of CBC’s flagship radio program Q. He was found not guilty of the charges in March 2016, and later signed a peace bond in exchange for having one charge withdrawn.

On his new website, Ghomeshi introduces his latest project by saying, “in a 140-character environment, nuance is often a casualty.”

Fortunately, there’s no need for nuance when it comes to discussing this guy. Here, we’ve rounded up the latest not-so-subtle reactions to his attempted comeback.

But first (if you have’t seen it yet), the tweet that ruined everyone’s Monday morning:

And now, the responses…

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