Is Recycled Ivanka Trump Clothing the New Uniform of the Resistance?

Jumpsuit up!

We know your secret.

Hidden deep in the depths of your closet is that Ivanka Trump Collection item. We get it. You bought it before she became the First Daughter but haven’t been able to bring yourself to wear it since November 8.

Well, now there’s a Chicago and L.A.-based activist fashion team that wants to turn those “gently used, and emphatically discarded Ivanka Trump brand garments” into a uniform for the resistance.

According to the Rational Dress Society, an activist fashion line, donations of Ivanka Trump brand clothing in the U.S. are up 223 percent since last year. Rather than let all of that fabric go to waste simply because of its label, the Rational Dress Society proposed a project to upcycle these items into jumpsuits made, of course, in millennial pink with gold accents.

So the “Make America Rational Again” campaign is now collecting Ivanka Trump brand clothing at drop-off centers and via mail and will be recycling them into special edition jumpsuits in the brand’s signature gender-neutral style. All jumpsuits will be made in the U.S. (unlike Ivanka Trump’s clothing, which is largely imported from China).

The M.A.R.A campaign has no set timeline, but says it will be receiving donations for the next several months. The group plans to auction off the jumpsuits with all proceeds going towards organizations advocating for fair U.S. labour practices.

That’s right. Pink isn’t just for The Plastics (or Wednesdays) anymore—it’s the uniform for fighting the power.

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