This Sign Language Interpreter Is All of Us Reacting to Same-Sex Marriage Vote in Auz

WARNING: you may tear up...

A hand giving a sign on a rainbow background

(Photo: iStock)

You know that feeling when you’re so overwhelmed with emotion that you have a hard time putting words together? Well that happened to many people on Wednesday when Australians voted “yes” to same-sex marriage, but it really affected one woman in particular.

During a press conference announcing the super exciting news, an English sign language interpreter was so happy that she kept making mistakes in her translation. According to reports, the Australian Bureau of Statistics interpreter kept apologizing for her errors, and had a hard time not showing her totally understandable emotion. We’re not crying…YOU ARE.

In a historical move, nearly 62 per cent of registered voters in Auz said “HELL YA” to marriage equality for all, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. While the survey vote is not legally binding, it means the conservative government will now work on a bill making same-sex marriage law.

We are seriously happy for all of Australia right now. Love is love, and it’s incredible to see everyone coming together to make the future a more inclusive place.

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