This Family's Hilarious Christmas Card is My Nightmare Because #IAmEmily

K but for real, we are all Emily, amiright?

Tis the season… to point out the single folk.

It’s the most wonderfully/woeful time of the year, when families gather together to give thanks for their blessings, reflect on the past year and ask the ladies in the room why the eff they’re still single. It’s basically a holiday tradition, right there along with drinking too much mulled wine and passing out in front of Home Alone (which is also, coincidentally, what my aunts worry will be the name of my memoir due to my nearly three decades of singledom).

It’s a trope that was basically written into one the holiday’s most sacred tales. Us single people are like the Rudolphs of the holidays, sticking out like a bright shiny red nose, while the rest of the reindeers pair up. Twitter user Emily Seawright is one such Rudolph.

Right before American Thanksgiving weekend, the Seawright family gathered outside, wearing festive red and white and holding signs indicating how they’re doing right now.

“Excited” read Emily’s parent’s sign, as they grin, holding their dog. They stood next to Emily’s siblings and their partners, who held signs that read “Engaged” and “Expecting.”

And then, at the far left corner Emily, holding a sign that simply says, “Emily.”

Excuse me because this girl deserves an emphatic Shia LaBeouf slow clap.

Shia LaBeouf slow clapping in a theatre with a straight face

(Credit: GIPHY)

Emily’s loud and proud singledom quickly earned her more than 319,000 likes and 53,000 retweets—because #WeAreAllEmily.

Apparently the card wasn’t Emily’s idea and was actually based on another total boss who went with an “Egg Salad” card for his family’s edition:

All this to say, #IAmEmily, but also I feel #blessed that my fam doesn’t do holiday cards.


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