Meet 5 Canadian Rebels Who Are Rewriting the Rules in Their Fields

What better way to kick of fall than by celebrating five Canadian women who have defied expectations to get to where they are today?

3 Canadian millennial rebel rouser women

(Art: Leo Tapel)

What better way to kick of fall—our favourite fresh-start season—than by celebrating some seriously cool Canadian women (and teens!) who have taken it upon themselves to break down barriers and dismantle outdated hierarchies?

We spoke to five Canadian rebel rousers who have defied expectations, overcome serious obstacles and carved out their own spaces to get to where they are now. Each stands out for her perseverance and unwillingness to back down when faced with a challenge. And for that badass bravery, we salute them.

Read on for their amazing stories—and a look back at some of the most iconic Canadian rebels of all time.

Rebel Rouser Amanda Joy: Co-creator, co-executive producer and co-star of Second Jen
Rebel Rouser Eman Idil Bare: Law student, journalist and fashion designer
Rebel Rouser Alanna Harvey: Co-creator and chief marketing officer, Flipd
Rebel Rouser Ann Makosinski: Inventor and student
Rebel Rouser Ursula Johnson: Interdisciplinary artist