Here's Where You Can Buy Legal Weed in Ontario

It's official y'all! Happy #Legalization.

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It’s official y’all! Canadians everywhere can now legally buy weed from government-approved dealers.

Now, there’s *a lot* of info circulating about how you can get your hands on legal pot—and rules vary from province to province—so we broke down everything you need to know for smoking up in Ontario.

Where will I be able to buy weed in Ontario?

As of October 17, you can only buy weed in Ontario at OCS’s online store. Private sector retailers won’t be open until April 1, 2019.

What is the age limit for buying weed in Ontario?

Like most provinces and territories, the legal age to purchase marijuana is 19.

What (and how much) can I buy?

The two kinds of cannabis you can legally buy are flower (the kind you smoke) and oils (the kind you ingest). When it comes to public possession, you’re allowed up to 30 grams of dried cannabis or the fresh equivalent (450 grams of edible product, 7.5 grams of concentrates).

Will there be physical Ontario Cannabis Stores anytime soon?

That was the original plan, however the Ontario government decided to dish that plan and instead make way for a private retail system.

But wait a second—isn’t Shoppers Drug Mart selling weed too?

Yes, you’re right—but Shoppers will have a specific focus on medical marijuana, not pot strains designed for recreational use. According to The Canadian Press, the pharmacy giant has signed supply deals with licensed marijuana producers Tilray, MedReleaf, Aphria and Aurora Cannabis. On December 8, Health Canada authorized them to sell medical marijuana online, but Shoppers’ website isn’t taking orders just yet.


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