Toronto Wins Best Public Transit System Award—and Twitter Does NOT Agree

We are LIVING for these clapbacks

A large crowd of TTC riders at a subway station during rush hour

(Photo: Getty)

If there’s one thing people in Toronto like to hate on more than winter, it’s the city’s public transit system. The Toronto Transit Commission (a.k.a. the TTC) was just named North America’s best transit system of the year by the American Public Transportation Association. Yes, you read that correctly, and no, this isn’t a joke.

The win is hella shocking, considering the fact that the TTC is known for its frequent delays, declining ridership, increasing fares and inability to implement new subways and streetcars. A recent study that found Toronto’s subways had the highest levels of air pollution across Canada’s transit systems hasn’t helped the TTC’s rep, either. Le sigh.

While the TTC was quick to celebrate the mistakenly-awarded award, people naturally took to Twitter to react to the news—and we’re living for the hilarious clapbacks.

The award even made people question what is real anymore.

The Toronto Star asked readers what they think of the news—and all people could do was laugh.

Thanks, TTC, for always keeping us on our toes.

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