Rebel Rouser Amanda Joy: “Being a Woman of Colour In My Industry Means I Am a Living Rebellion”

Amanda Joy, co-creator, co-executive producer and co-star of 'Second Jen,' was once told that viewers wouldn't want to watch characters like those on her show—now entering its second season

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(Photo credit: David Leyes; Art: Leo Tapel)

“It’s hard to pinpoint a moment that’s my ‘most’ rebellious. I, like many other women of colour in this industry, am somewhat of a living rebellion. We’re everything people don’t picture when thinking of film and television. Many of us are leaders despite forces that see us as unworthy, as threats, as less than—as other. At home, many of us fought long hard battles with family members that didn’t understand our passions. I feel a deep sense of camaraderie with women and POC in this industry, because we really are blazing a rebellion. And it can sometimes feel like a lonely one. I’m so proud that I can be part of this movement—that I can help change the world.

If I have to pick a moment, then it was when Second Jen was dismissed at a pitch contest, because, as a judge put it, ‘No one would want to watch people like that on TV.’

JUMP CUT TO: Three years later, when they did.”

Watch season two of Second Jen on Saturdays at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on Omni

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