Rebel Rouser Alanna Harvey: "I Was Ahead of the Curve in Talking About Screen-Time Usage”

Alanna Harvey started working on Flipd—an app that encourages digital wellness—years before tech giants like Instagram and Google got serious about it

Alanna Harvey on a pink background with illustrated border

(Art: Leo Tapel)

“I think my most rebellious moment isn’t so much a moment than a journey. When we started [working on the Flipd app] in 2015, people didn’t think about screen-time usage. The novelty of cell phones hadn’t worn off yet; no one considered it a problem. We started speaking with educators that [screen-time usage] could become a bigger problem for younger students joining class.

Flipd—a digital wellness platform that engineers healthy screen habits using gamification technology—launched in 2016. Think of it like a FitBit that counts your mindfulness minutes instead of your steps while offering rewards for intentional time spent away from your phone. Now, in 2018 we’re at a tipping point. Everyone—Google, Instagram, Facebook—they all participate in some form of digital wellness. I find it extremely validating that the issue of screen time has become mainstream.”

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