She's Back: What '00s Pop Star JoJo Has Been Doing for the Past 10 Years

It's hard to imagine making a comeback at 24 but after a bad record deal, JoJo is releasing her first new album since 2006 & we're looking back at how she spent the last decade


JoJo hits the red carpet at the 2016 MTV VMAs
(Photo: XactpiX / Splash News)

If you’re not familiar with Joanna “JoJo” Levesque, are you even a ’90s baby? JoJo was the pop idol who won over audiences with her single “Leave (Get Out)” from her self-titled debut, Jojo. Oh, yeah…and she was only 13. Since messy record label dealings left JoJo unable to release a third album after her 2006 follow-up The High Road, many fans have long since wondered, what has she been doing? Here’s a timeline of her activities over the past decade, right up to the release of her new album (yay!) Mad Love , out now.


The High Road

JoJo releases her much-anticipated second album to rave reviews. Her single “Too Little, Too Late” climbed from number 66 to the number three spot on Billboard’s Hot 100, beating out a record previously set by Mariah Carey.


Aquamarine & RV

JoJo starred alongside Emma Roberts and Sara Paxton (Darcy’s Wild Life = <3) for this cute li’l teen comedy about two besties who find a mermaid in a swimming pool. She also sassed it up in RV as Robin Williams’ moody daughter, taken against her will on a family camper trip.


True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet

This Lifetime comedy pokes fun at all our fave love-to-hate celebs. At a time when the country was still reeling from all our beloved childhood A-listers stumbling their way into the clubs (and getting papped on the way out), JoJo played a teen starlet sent to live with her aunt in the hopes of curbing her hard-partying ways.


Can’t Take That Away from Me

JoJo’s first mixtape, sans major record label, featured 11 tracks nearly all co-written by the singer herself. The mixtape generated the killer single and video for “In the Dark.” Released to download for free on, Can’t Take That Away From Me garnered critical praise and gave fans new hope that an album was on its way.


Hawaii Five-0

Once again showing off those acting chops, JoJo appeared as Courtney Russell in a Season One episode of the action-drama series.



JoJo released her second mixtape to hold her fans over until the arrival of her proper third album. Like the previous mixtape, the singer also co-wrote nearly all of the 13 tracks. Girl’s got skill!



If you’ve been cruising through Netflix lately (which obvs you have), you probably scrolled by this title. G.B.F. stars JoJo, alongside PLL alum Sasha Pieterse, Xosha Roquemore (Tamra from The Mindy Project), and Evanna Lynch (any Potterheads out there?) as highschoolers competing for the friendship of a G.B.F. With an ode to adolescent dark comedies (the film’s director is also behind cult hit, Jawbreaker), G.B.F. is def worth a chill Sunday afternoon viewing.



Jojo’s first EP was released on February 14 as a V-Day gift to her fans, Awh! All mushiness aside, this 4-track EP slayed critics and fans.


III (Tringle)

JoJo’s second EP introduced three new tracks (hence the name) to the pop star’s repertoire: “When Love Hurts,” “Save my Soul,” and “Say Love.” As always, the new material garnered rave reviews.


The follow-up to 2014’s #LoveJo, #LoveJo2 introduced four new tracks as fans (impatiently) awaited the much anticipated third album.


Mad Love

JoJo Mad Love


FINALLY! After nearly a decade of waiting, JoJo’s third album Mad Love has arrived and we are STOKED. The album features 11 tracks, all with JoJo’s writing credit, and includes cameos by #FLARE60Under30 talent Alessia Cara and Wiz Khalifa.

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