10 Times M.I.A. Was the OG Badass Babe

As M.I.A. releases her highly anticipated final album, AIM, we round up all the reasons she's a force to be reckoned with

After a decade of beat-heavy hits, red carpet slays and random acts of rebellion, bad gal rapper M.I.A. is retiring from the music game. Her final album, AIM, which we already know features the likes of Diplo (swoon) and Zayn (double swoon), drops today and we’re expecting her trademark guerrilla fusion of south-Asian beats and anthemic hooks to take no prisoners. Known for straddling the line between visionary and controversial, this ballsy babe is leaving behind a legacy of outspoken style and no-BS attitude—specifically, these top 10 legendary moments that prove she’s a true original.

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