10 Songs to Play After the Best Date Ever!

The perfect heart-melting playlist for your stroll home, featuring everyone from soul queen Janelle Monáe to wild child Charli XCX

You’ve said your farewells for the moment, maybe shared a kiss—or more—and there’s an undeniable spring in your step. Congratulations! Cupid’s arrow has struck and a fine romance is potentially on the horizon.

But before your head fills with endless deliberations on the night gone by, how about a few dreamy tunes to keep you on Cloud 9?

1. Mark Ronson, “I Can’t Lose”

A love-struck Keyone Starr channels old school Chaka Khan over a disco infused base of drums, saxophones and electric keyboards. The result? One intoxicating track that’ll leave you singing high notes all night long.

 2. Oh Land, “Rainbow”

As Danish songstress Nanna Fabricius muses over daydreams and rainbows, bouncy synths come together for a whimsical sound that’s equal parts bubblegum and black magic.

 3. Paolo Nutini, “Funk My Life Up”

Rock and funk collide as Nutini croons about one “so fine, she makes you want to sing hallelujah!” Perfect for those mild-to-medium midday fantasies.

 4. Mikky Ekko, “U”

Underground R&B star Mikky Ekko hits all the right notes on this buttery single that easily calls for teddies, chocolates and our best Agent Provocateur.

5. Odesza (ft. Zyra), “Say My Name”

Pulsating beats anchor this indie-electro ditty as British act Zyra sweetly lays her heart on the line singing, “In my defense, I always fall for confidence.” Don’t we all?

6. Banks, “Warm Water”

Banks’s signature smoky vocals glide over an airy R&B tempo in invitation to a potential love. “I got this thing for you,” she confesses, proving once and for all that there’s nothing sexier than full disclosure.

7. Charli XCX, “Take My Hand”

The pop wunderkind charmingly pleads for extra time with her sweetheart on this cosmic anthem that speaks to our most starry-eyed moments.

8. Janelle Monáe, “Neon Valley Street”


Never was there a better backdrop for the inevitable post-date replay than Monae’s gentle reflections (“For now I’ll pretend I’m holding your hand”) and stratospheric melody.

9. The Internet, “Partners in Crime, Pt. 2”

Odd Future’s side crew draws from pop culture’s most romantic outlaws for a lesson in contradictions on this ethereal track. Trust us: The story of Bonnie and Clyde has never sounded so sublime.

10. Sam Sparrow, “Black and Gold”

Sparrow’s hypnotic tone and vibrating hook combine in an explosive chorus sure to make your heart race and pulse quicken. Consider this fair warning.