Where to Go for the Best Bikini Wax in Winnipeg

PSA: it's time to break up with your razor this bikini season

When it comes to waxing, especially around the super sensitive bikini line, our expectations include: an hour of torture as we hear our skin being ripped off by a strip of hot wax. Newsflash: it isn’t as bad as it seems. If you’re looking to get waxed for the first time or the fifteenth time, here are the best places to get a bikini wax in Winnipeg. And if you want to get your grooming on in another city from Vancouver to St. John’s, click here.

Winnipeg's The Magic Room Spa is one of the best places for a bikini wax in Canada

The Magic Room Spa (Photo: Courtesy The Magic Room Spa)

Advanced Body Sugaring & Aesthetics By Maria

Find it: 837 Corydon Ave,
The low-down: Although this *technically* isn’t waxing, we are literally obsessed with sugaring (using a sugar paste to remove hair—owner and aesthetician extraordinaire Maria Volcke created her own all-natural version). It’s a less painful alternative that leaves your skin soft and supple sans itchy bumps and painful rashes.
Price: $35 to $39
Book online: Yes

The Magic Room Spa

Find it: 264 Edmonton St.,
The low-down: This spacious, brightly lit day spa (it’s over 7,000 sq ft., nbd) offers a range of aesthetic and spa services, including waxing and sugaring for your bikini line. With over 50 years in the industry, this spot is the OG of luxe spas in the city.
Price: $18
Book online: No, call 204-943-6702 to book an appointment

Bare Body Sugaring

Find it: 580 Academy Rd., 36 Barberry Rd.,
The low-down: If you’re tired of waxing, this sweet sugaring spot is perf for you. The talented team has done over 4,000 Brazilians using a sugar, lemon and water mixture to remove hair, so you could basically say they have mastered the art of grooming vajs.
Price: $33
Book online: Yes

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