Where to Find the Best Mac and Cheese in Winnipeg

Sink your teeth into these mouthwatering dishes that will fulfill all of your cheese and carb cravings

Although this decadent dish probably has Italian roots, there is no doubt that it was a key part of our Canadian childhoods. When pizza and chicken fingers didn’t suffice, mac and cheese was always there for us. Whether you liked it plain or loaded with hot dogs and ketchup, one forkful of that nostalgic KD brings us right back. But now that we file our own taxes (still figuring that part out tbh) and work that 9-5, we need a mac to reflect our grown-up status. Here, our round-up of the best mac and cheese in Winnipeg for some upscale comfort food. And if you want to continue your cheese and carb high, click here to check out the rest of our fave mac and cheese from coast to coast.

Winnipeg's Bellissimo is one of our picks for the best mac and cheese in Canada

Bellissimo Restaurant & Lounge (Photo: Bellissimo)

Marion Street Eatery

Find it: 393 Marion St.,
The low-down: With the motto “good food made simple,” this local eatery devotes itself to uncomplicated, delicious comfort food using homegrown produce.
Cost: $15
One hearty main: the eatery’s mac and cheese with broccoli florets and bacon, tossed in sharp aged cheddar cheese sauce and finished with a pretzel topping for a twist on the classic breadcrumb crust.

Bellissimo Restaurant & Lounge

Find it: 877 Waverley St.,
The low-down: This chic locale serves up authentic Italian fare and dedicates lunch once day a week to our fave pasta dish—Monday afternoons will never be the same.
Cost: $10 to $16, 
A line-up of six different takes on Mac & Cheese Mondays, like the flavourful Chicken Marsala and the Spicy Italian, plus a mouth-watering lobster mac on the other days of the week. For something a bit lighter(ish), try The Veggie Monster, made with fresh artichokes, spinach, red onions and mushrooms with their signature four-cheese béchamel and topped with a panko crust for some crunch.


Find it: 75 Forks Market Rd.,
The low-down: With a rustic lodge-style interior, the resto is all about a “farm-to-table” ethos and appreciation for Canadian ingredients and craftsmanship.
Cost: $9 (side) or $14 (main)
A smaller portion for supper alongside their catch-of-the-day or eponymous burger, or the Smith’s extra cheesy mac with old cheddar and cottage cheese and sprinkled with a bacon and blue cheese crumble—it will cure any hangover at your weekend brunch or lunch.

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