The Sweetest Chocolate Shops in Winnipeg

Bonbons and truffles are one thing, but Russian Mint Melts and Chippity-Doo bars? Check out the offerings at the best chocolate shops in Winnipeg

The Peg is home to a rave-worthy roster of award-winning chocolate shops. From bean-to-bar to small-batch treats, each sweet that comes out of these kitchens is more beautiful than the next. Whether you’re looking for some world-renowned chocolate mints, ethically sourced bars or something in between, these are the best chocolate shops in Winnipeg. Click here to see our top chocolate picks for the rest of the country.

All the sweetest chocolate shops in Winnipeg

Assorted Chocolates from Decadence Chocolates in Winnipeg (Photo: David Lipnowski)

Chocolatier Constance Popp Shop

Find it: 180 Provencher Blvd.,
The low-down: 
The exterior of this award-winning chocolate shop boasts old-school charm thanks to scalloped awnings and white brick, but step inside and the array of artistically crafted sweets is just as magical.
Prices: $21 to $62 for a box of assorted chocolates
The most unique: 
Red Beet and Vinegar, which comes with caraway seeds and sea salt for a savoury, tangy twist
The most photogenic: 
Grapefruit & Basil, a white chocolate bonbon that looks like an abstract painting with beautiful swirls of rich reds and whites, and splatters of muted green

Decadence Chocolates

Find it: 70 Sherbrook St.,
The low-down: 
This friendly chocolate shop makes small batches of their sweets, so you know you’re sinking your teeth into a freshly made creation. And the open-concept kitchen gives you a sneak peek into the world of chocolate making.
Prices: $5.25 to $8.75 each for bars; $2 each for individual chocolates; $33 to $42 for a box of assorted chocolates
The most unique: 
Chippity-Doo, a dark chocolate bar with sweet potato and beet chips for added crunch and autumnal flavour
The most photogenic: 
Passion Fruit. The heart shape and hand-drawn rosettes are almost too sweet to eat.

Mordens’ of Winnipeg

Find it: 674 Sargent Ave.,
The low-down:
 This family-owned operation has a rich (and delicious) four-decade history of chocolate making. It’s home to world-famous Russian Mints, chocolate-covered nuts and artistically designed bonbons.
Prices: $6.75 each for bars; $25 to $75 for a box of assorted chocolates
The most unique: 
Russian Mint Melts, which are made with coconut oil, peppermint oil and chocolate for a minty and refreshing nibble
The most photogenic: 
Artisan chocolates sprayed with coloured cocoa butter, which gives a seriously stunning airbrushed effect

Aschenti Cocoa

Find it: 782 Corydon Ave.,
The low-down: 
Named after the first cacao growers in Africa, this bean-to-bar chocolate shop supervises every stage of the process, from the farming of the beans to the packaging of the finished product.
Prices: $10 each for bars 
The most unique: 
42% Cacao Vanilla Beans & Olive Oil. The oil gives the chocolate bar its unique flavour, while the vanilla adds a subtle sweetness.
The most photogenic: The 64% Cacao Almond & Himalayan Pink Salt bar has the cutest light pink and beige packaging that will go perfectly with your Insta theme.

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