Where to Go for the Best Bikini Wax in Vancouver

PSA: it's time to break up with your razor

With the warmer weather comes the season we all know and love: bikini season! When you’re strutting around in a cheeky bathing suit at the beach, you’re probably going to be showing off some skin. But if you’re like us, you haven’t shaved since Anna Faris and Chris Pratt were still together (a.k.a it’s been a minute). Before you go into a razor-fuelled frenzy and end up with ingrown hairs and red bumps around your bikini line, check out our round-up of where to go for the best bikini wax in Vancouver.

Vancouver's Stripped Wax Bar is one of the best place for bikini wax in Vancouver

Stripped Wax Bar


Find it: 424 Homer St.,
The low-down: Also known as #thepussyshop, this self-described intersectionally feminist company prides itself on body positivity, because women are truly meant to be in love with their vaginas. (Yaaaas!) Plus, their seriously chic Instagram is an artful array of tasteful photographs where the nether region gets the attention it deserves.
Price: $30 to $69
Book online: Yes

Bare Wax Bar

Find it: 1828 W 1st Ave., 2065 W 4th Avenue, Unit #101,
The low-down: This friendly wax bar is dotted with botanical touches, from the lime green accents to the chic metallic wallpaper (talk about a calming environment to get your wax on). Plus, they use natural, Canadian-made cream-based wax, which is ideal for sensitive skin.
Price: $25 to $40 
Book online: Yes

Stripped Wax Bar

Find it: 1016 Mainland St., 1990 W 4th Ave., 50 Lonsdale Ave. #207,
The low-down: This popular spot is a staple amongst Vancity’s waxing veterans because of the knowledgeable aestheticians, cleanly rep and playful interior. Each room is decorated with bold black and white striped walls which feel more chic boutique than wax bar.
Price: $25 to $50
Book online: Yes


Find it: 4857 Main St.,
The low-down: From the exposed brick to the geometric accents and artwork lining the walls, this upscale hair removal boutique, which specializes in Brazilian waxing, has the most elegant touches. The talented team will immeds put you at ease throughout the treatment with a complimentary bevvie before you get started and an all-around relaxed, upbeat vibe.
Price: $35 to $60
Book online: Yes

Sugar Box Waxing Boutique

Find it: 1025 Cambie St.,
The low-down: With pale pink walls and vintage furniture, every inch of this chic waxing boutique screams cuuuuute! The aestheticians are all about celebrating womanhood and making waxing a fun, enjoyable experience. If you’re looking to take your bikini wax to the next level, you can add some hair dye or Swarovski crystals (vajazzling, duh) for an OTT lewk.
Price: $35 to $60
Book online: Yes

Cranberries Spa

Find it: 330 Robson St.,
The low-down: Cranberries is famous in the city for their Ayurvedic techniques and reiki, but they kill it in the bikini waxing department, too. You’ll get a true, calming spa experience while you get rid of that unwanted hair down there.
Price: $35 to $45
Book online: No, call 604-696-9191

Frilly Lilly

Find it: 1076 Hamilton St.,
The low-down: This super cute spot in Yaletown is part of a 15-year-old boutique spa chain, and they even have their own in-house product line. They also have a really extensive social responsibility policy, which includes carbon offsets and tree planting, so you can feel good about that while you get smooth.
Price: $25 to $58
Book online: Yes

Wax The Boutique

Find it: 110-119 West Pender St.,
The low-down: Depending on where you’ve gone in the past for a bikini wax, your service may or may not have included tweezing. Some people feel like tweezing is super necessary, and some feel like it’s an unnecessary pain. No matter what camp you’re in, Wax The Boutique makes sure you book exactly what you’re after, specifying how much tweezing each service will include.
Price: $35 to $65
Book online: Yes

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