The Sweetest Chocolate Shops in Vancouver

Van City can provide more than enough for someone with even the biggest sweet tooth. Check out the best chocolate shops in the city to satisfy cravings

Like a good friend, chocolate is always there for you. Whether you’re satiating period cravings or indulging after a spin class sweat sesh, this staple sweet can satisfy, stat. And Vancity has the hookups for just those occasions. These are the best chocolate shops in Vancouver, and if you want to continue your sugar high, click here to check out our faves from coast to coast.

All the sweetest chocolate shops in Vancouver

Assorted Truffles and Chocolates from Thierry Chocolates in Vancouver (Photo: Leila Kwok Photography)

Temper Chocolate & Pastry

Find it: 2409 Marine Dr.,
The low-down: 
With marble countertops, cozy seating and glass cases full of delicate pastries and bonbons, this minimalist spot resembles a Parisian pâtisserie that has a certain je ne sais quoi (read: artistically breathtaking chocolate).
Prices: $2 each; $15 to $56 for a box of assorted chocolates
The most unique: 
Current standout flavours are Mango Martini, Pear & Maple Bourbon and London Fog, but the cavity-inducing combinations change on the daily.
The most photogenic:
 The dainty chocolate hearts adorned with splashes of red, lavender, maroon and light pink are a treat that is seriously sweet.

Beta5 Chocolates

Find it: 413 Industrial Ave.,
The low-down: 
This modern chocolate shop and bakery in downtown Vancity combines artistic, scientific and technical precision to craft their chocolate. Just look at the name: Beta5 represents the ideal molecular structure needed for their distinct chocolate.
Prices: $4 to $10 each for bars; $30 for the signature box of 12
The most unique: 
Tobacco. In this smoky, one-of-a-kind treat, 64% dark chocolate is infused with actual pipe tobacco.
The most photogenic: 
Thai Mango, a fiery orange orb resembling blown glass. Take a bite, and the inside is filled with mango jelly, ganache and Thai green curry.

Chocolate Arts

Find it: 1620 W. 3rd Ave.,
The low-down: 
Focusing on aesthetic excellence and locally sourced ingredients, this confectionery and café has over 54 different flavours of mouth-watering chocolate, so you’re bound to find one that’ll tantalize your taste buds.
Prices: $3.50 to $8 each for bars; $24 to $100 for a box of assorted chocolates
The most unique: 
Champagne. Sparkling wine and marc de Champagne (a brandy made with the grape skins, seeds and stalks discarded during the Champagne-making process) with a milk chocolate ganache and a coating of sparkling sugar—so bougie, right?
The most photogenic: 
Strawberry & Champagne Seduction, a square chocolate with swirls of red and white hearts on top. The inside is just as divine, with homemade strawberry jelly, champagne ganache and dark chocolate. Le sigh.


Find it: 151–1689 Johnston St.,
The low-down: 
This chocolate haven in Granville Island is serving up scrumptious sweets in standout flavours (lavender! plum! tomato and basil!), all wrapped up in the sweetest turquoise boxes, à la Tiffany & Co.
Prices: $9 to $43 for a tin of assorted chocolates; $35 to $100 for a box of assorted chocolates
The most unique: 
Tomato & Basil, a raspberry and tomato pâte de fruits (like a chewy fruit paste) with a basil ganache
The most photogenic: 
Pistachio, a mesmerizing ombré of green, yellow and red with a glassy finish

Thierry Chocolates

Find it: 1059 Alberni St.,
The low-down: 
Owner and head chef Thierry Busset’s French background appears in every part of this café and chocolate shop. From the roster of authentic Parisian pastries to the seemingly endless cases of chocolate confections, we can see why he is a world-renowned pastry chef and chocolatier.
Prices: $2 each; $10 to $36 for a box of assorted chocolates
The most unique: 
Earl Grey, with bergamot-infused tea and a blend of 62% dark and milk chocolates
The most photogenic: 
Any of the chocolates with the shop’s name written in delicate gold cursive across the top

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