The Sweetest Chocolate Shops in Toronto

Toronto has almost as many sweet shops as there are cafes. We rounded up the best chocolate shops in Toronto so you can find exactly what you want

For the most jaw-dropping flavours and breathtaking designs in unforgettable gourmet and artisanal chocolates, #the6ix is the perf destination. When milk chocolate just seems so basic, try Five Year Old Cheddar or Ginger Wasabi. When your Instagram feed is looking blah, order up the Thai Stick with a sprinkle of chili powder and a piece of ginger. These are the best chocolate shops in Toronto, where the possibilities are endless when it comes to taste and aesthetic. Click here if you want to indulge in another major city from coast to coast.

Toronto's Chocolates X Brandon Olsen is one of the best chocolate shops in Canada

Roses Collection from Chocolates X Brandon Olsen in Toronto (Photo: Mike Tjioe)

Soma Chocolatemaker

Find it: 32 Tank House Ln., 443 King St. W.,
The low-down: 
With two seriously chic locations in the #6ix (in the Distillery District and on King Street West), this chocolate maker extraordinaire is serving up gourmet sweets that are just as trendy as the rustic-meets-modern shop interiors.
Prices: $36 for a box of 15 assorted chocolates
The most unique: 
Sparky, a hazelnut milk chocolate with Pop Rocks candies, which fizz in your mouth for a grown-up version of your fave childhood treat
The most photogenic: 
Thai Stick, which has white chocolate, coconut milk and lemon grass, with a piece of ginger and a sprinkle of fiery chili powder on top

Chocolates X Brandon Olsen

Find it: 193 Baldwin St.,
The low-down: 
This chocolate shop in Brockton Village is the brainchild of chocolatier Brandon Olsen and his fiancée, artist Sarah Keenlyside. Together they create artful chocolates that combine gorgeous designs with mouth-watering flavours. Check out their v. colourful Instagram for endless amounts of confection inspiration.
Prices: $9 to $9.50 each for bars; $22.50 for a box of nine; $45 for a box of 18
The most unique:
 Lime Ginger Black Pepper, one of the OG flavours, which boasts citrus and spicy notes
The most photogenic: 
Any chocolate from the Roses Collection. All of these treats have a geometric base in a range of bold floral hues

Chocosol Traders

Find it: 1131 St Clair Ave. W.,
The low-down: 
This environmentally conscious chocolate biz was founded in Mexico and focuses on making chocolate that is good for the “mind, body and soil.” The Mexican influence continues in its skull packaging and bold flavours.
Prices: $4.50 each for bars; $12 for three bars
The most unique: 
Hemp Gold, which is Mexican cacao and hemp seeds sweetened with maple syrup (lending a nutty flavour sans nuts)
The most photogenic: 
Five Chili Bullet. The packaging of this raw bar is supes hipster, with brown paper and a red skull—embodying the kick of the dried chilies, sea salt and allspice tucked inside.

Delight Chocolate

Find it: 3040 Dundas St. W.,
The low-down: 
This quaint chocolate and sweet shop, decorated with vintage furniture and colourful chalkboard menus, takes pride in its use of organic, fair-trade chocolate.
Prices: $11.50 to $56.50 for a box of assorted chocolates
The most unique: 
Five Year Old Cheddar. An organic raw cow’s milk cheddar from Quebec is paired with dark chocolate for an extra-sharp finish that compliments the bitterness of the cocoa.
The most photogenic: 
Ice Wine, which is garnished with edible gold, for those times you want to treat yourself like the queen you are

MoRoCo Chocolat

Find it: 215 Madison Ave.,
The low-down: 
The walls are painted with the loveliest lavender colour, and the dainty sweets match the pretty aesthetic. With colourful French macarons, beautifully decorated eclairs and delicious square truffles, trust us, you won’t go hungry.
Prices: $8 to $9 each for bars; $13.25 to $48 for a box of assorted chocolates
The most unique: 
Ginger Wasabi. Proceed with caution when taking a bite out of this flavour-packed chocolate, which is made with milk chocolate, spiced ginger and tangy wasabi.
The most photogenic: 
Cocoa Stiletto, a heel-shaped treat in dark, milk and white chocolate for the shoe obsessed (a.k.a. us)

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