St. John's

The Best Tattoo Parlours in St. John’s

These talented tattoo artists are *here* to bring your creative vision to life

When it comes to this seaside city, there’s no shortage of tattoo parlours and talented artists ready to bring your creative vision to life on your skin. The best tattoo parlours in St. John’s specialize in custom tats, so you can work one-on-one with the artist to collab on a dream design. Once you’re satisfied with your new tat, click here to discover the best spots across the country.

St. John's Trouble Bound Studio is one of the best tattoo parlour in Canada

Dave Munro from Trouble Bound Studio (Photo: Ashley Harding Photography)

Lady Lo’s Custom Tattoos

Find it: 448 Water St. W., @ladylocustomtattoos
The rundown: This all-female custom tattoo shop started with owner Laura Casey, who is a tattooing jack of all trades. Her meticulous craft and creative vision make her one of the best in the biz (she can do anything from a dainty flower to a realistic portrait of a loved one).
Cost: $50 to $85 minimum; $50 to $140 per hour
Walk-ins: No

Trouble Bound Studio

Find it: 132 Water St.,
The rundown: As the first custom tattoo shop in the city, Trouble Bound Studio is home to full-time artists Mike Ledrew and Dave Munro, who are masters of OTT, colourful pieces that are meant to be shown off. The studio constantly has guest tattoo artists on rotation too, so keep an eye out for cross-Canada talent. 
Cost: $150 per hour
Walk-ins: No

Dragonfly Tattoos

Find it: 57 Cashin Ave.,
The rundown: This tattoo and piercing shop is a one-man show, run by owner and tattoo artist extraordinaire Jason Locke. Hailing from Toronto, he has 17 years of experience working with the best tattooists in the country, and his quaint studio—in a can’t-miss powder blue building—is a comfortable spot to get inked.
Cost: $100 to $120 per hour
Walk-ins: No

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