St. John's

The Best Coffee Shops in St. John's

These photogenic spots, which serve some of the best coffee in St. John's, will complement your taste buds and your Insta feed

St. John’s is already an IG lover’s dream, so pair the city with idyllic cafes that also serve stunning decor and, well, we’re shook. Be sure to hit up Jumping Bean Cafe for local favsie, Screech-flavoured coffee, or venture to The Battery Cafe post-hike for a shot against its impressive backdrop, which is sure to glow up your Instagram feed. And if you need a caffeine fix while you’re on the road, click here for our favourite coffee shops across Canada.

All the best coffee shops in St John's

Jumping Bean in St. John’s (Photo: Courtesy Jumping Bean)

Rocket Bakery

Find it: 272 Water St.,
The vibe: The aroma of freshly-baked pastries and cakes will immediately fill your nose as you step inside this bustling spot. Peruse the cases of confectionaries that are just waiting to be dipped into your cup of joe.
Prices: $2.25 to $6.50
Must-try: A cappuccino ($3.75) with micro-foamed milk and a double shot of espresso, using Guatemalan beans from Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters that taste like caramel, orange and black cherry
Pairs perfectly with: Their partridgeberry scone stuffed with local berries and topped with butter, or a gooey cinnamon bun that has garnered rave reviews

Jumping Bean Coffee

Find it: 37 Elizabeth Ave.,
The vibe: This Atlantic Canadian coffee chain takes an environmentally-friendly approach to roasting their beans in order to reduce heat and carbon emissions. Plus, the pops of orange and sleek grey furniture make their Elizabeth Avenue location v modern.
Prices: $1.85 to $4.95
Must-try: The East Coast Roast ($1.85+) a medium roast without any bitterness and a light fruity flavour or the Screech-flavoured Coffee ($1.85+) like an Irish cream (tastes like rum) but without the alcohol
Pairs perfectly with: The Jumping Jam cookie, a Newfoundland speciality of tart raspberry jam between two crunchy cookies

The Battery Café

Find it: 1 Duckworth St.,
The vibe: Located at the bottom of Signal Hill, this quaint café will be your new post-hike destination. What better way to recharge than with a caffeine hit and sweet treat, right?
Prices: $2 to $5
Must-try: The Aussie Capp ($4.50), a traditional Australian cappuccino with two shots of espresso, steamed milked and cocoa powder sprinkled on top
Pairs perfectly with: The Magic Bar, a chocolate square with coconut shavings and chocolate chips, for a decadent treat or their housemade banana bread for a simple snack

Fixed Coffee and Baking

Find it: 183 Duckworth St.,
The vibe: The turquoise-trimmed exterior and equally colourful interior (plus a sweet view of the charming shops on Duckworth Street) make this vibrant spot an excellent backdrop for a coffee pic.
Prices: $2.75 to $5.75
Must-try: The Chai Latte ($5.10) made with their own chai syrup, which is loaded with spicy cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, ginger, star anise and tea extract
Pairs perfectly with: One of their homemade Montreal-style bagels with miso maple butter for a gourmet version of this staple breakfast

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