St. John's

The Best Brunch Spots in St. John's

Bookmark these brunch spots for your next girls' date or morning-after refuel

On the East coast your food always connects to home in some way, shape or form. Whether it’s about using locally sourced ingredients, or giving typical brunch fare a special Newfoundland twist, it’s safe to say that no two meals are alike. But all of this diversity can make it hard to choose when it comes to making your weekend reservation. That’s why we rounded up the go-to places for the best brunch in St. John’s. Not on the East Coast for your next brunch craving? No prob—click here to discover the chicest brunch spots from coast to coast.

This is where you'll find the best brunch in St. John's

Blue on Water

Mallard Cottage

Find it: 8 Barrows Rd.,
Open since: 2013
The rundown: Dive into some comfort food at this 18th century-style cottage, one of the oldest wooden buildings in North America.
What to order: Their fresh menu changes every day and is posted to their Instagram, so never expect to eat the same thing twice.

Saltwater Restaurant

Find it: 284 Duckworth St.,
Open since: 2012
The rundown: With options for everyone, Saltwater offers a variety of seafood and plenty of gluten-free options.
What to order: Breakfast stew, loaded with bacon and cod (a Newfoundland staple), topped with a fried egg

Blue on Water

Find it: 319 Water St.,
Open since: 2004
The rundown: A commitment to quality is their number one goal—the chefs work with a home-grown assortment of herbs, veggies and other ingredients whenever they can.
What to order: Banana bread French toast, covered in walnut sauce made with Screech, Newfoundland’s famous rum


Find it: 178 Water St.,
Open since: 2014
The rundown: The passion project of Great Big Sea performer and St. John’s native Bob Hallett, this warm and welcoming eatery is the perfect hangout for friends and family.
What to order: Frittata, with sundried tomatoes, goat cheese and spinach

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