The Sweetest Chocolate Shops in Ottawa

The nation's capital has a lot to offer, chocolate-wise. If you need fudge, bars, truffles and bonbons, we rounded up the best chocolate shops in Ottawa

It’s official: Byward Market is the hot spot for all things chocolate. All four of these drool-worthy locales are located in the downtown core, so it’s basically a one-stop shop that satisfies your chocolate cravings. From Root Beer truffles to Eggnog Bombs to Coconut Chai bonbons, the nation’s capital is booming with scrumptious sweets. These are the best chocolate shops in Ottawa, so head to the market and bring your sweet tooth. And if you want to see our top picks across the country, click here.


All the sweetest chocolate shops in Ottawa

Box of Assorted Chocolates from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Ottawa (Photo: Rocky Mountain Chocolate)

Alicja Confections

Find it: 829 Bank St.,
The low-down:
 This adorable chocolate shop hails from Winnipeg but has since found its home in the nation’s capital. Between the white brick, marble floors and v. Instagrammable chocolate sign, every inch of this place is chic and sweet. There’s a reason the beautiful bars fly off the shelves.
Prices: $9 each for bars
The most unique: 
Ramen Bowl. Dried soy sauce ramen noodles add an unexpected crunch to the milk chocolate. Trust us, it works.
The most photogenic: 
Cereal and Milk. The packaging of this bar is a dreamy mix of pastel lines with cartoon Cheerios on top. How cute is that? The inside is just as colourful, with bits of sweet cereal and dried marshmallows peeking out from white chocolate.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Find it: 55 Byward Market Square,
The low-down: 
Step inside this sweet sanctuary, and you’ll immediately be in chocolate heaven. The floor-to-ceiling shelves are stocked with every kind of sweet imaginable, from clusters to bark to fudge.
Prices: $10 to $59 for a box of assorted chocolates
The most unique:
 Eggnog Bomb. The white chocolate and eggnog will put you in the Christmas spirit all year round.
The most photogenic: 
Any of the treats from the Berries & Bloom box. The berry-filled chocolates are decorated with pastel flowers for sweetness inside and out.

Stubbe Chocolate

Find it: 375 Dalhousie St.,
The low-down:
 As the oldest family-owned business in Ottawa (we’re talking since 1845), this staple chocolate destination has a drool-worthy display of truffles, bonbons and bars. You won’t be able to pick just one.
Prices: $6 to $7 each for bars; $20.75 to $102.50 for a box of assorted chocolates
The most unique:
 Blood Orange, for when orange and chocolate just seems oh-so basic. Seventy percent dark chocolate is paired with a blood orange and Grand Marnier ganache.
The most photogenic: 
70% Cocoa. It looks like it was dipped in melted gold, but the dark chocolate base grounds the shine so it’s more subtle than standout.

Cylie Artisans Chocolatiers

Find it: 204 Dalhousie St.,
The low-down: 
This two-person chocolate boutique in Byward Market is best known its their hand-painted chocolates made in-house by French chef Cyril Nebout.
Prices: $2.50 each; $25 for a box of 10; $47.50 for a box of 20
The most unique: 
Cardamom. The aromatic spice’s distinct taste pairs perfectly with chocolate, and the glassy finish on the outside only amps up the chic factor.
The most photogenic: 
In flavours like Rosemary, Rose, Coconut Chai and more, the almond-shaped chocolates are hand-painted to look like blown glass with a mesmerizing swirl of bright hues.

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