The Coolest Ice Cream Shops Across Canada

We have the scoop on all the tastiest—and most Instagrammable—shops from coast to coast

What’s better than an ice cream cone (or ice cream sandwich or ice cream taco…) on a summer afternoon? Answer: literally nothing. Here’s where you can treat yourself—and your Instagram feed—to the most delicious scoops in your city.

Best Ice Cream Shops in Vancouver

A black cup with soft serve ice cream with liquid nitrogen

720 Sweets & Etc. in Vancouver (Photo: Courtesy 720 Sweets & Etc.)

Mister Artisan Ice Cream

Find it: 1141 Mainland St., madebymister.com
The atmosphere: The minimalist décor puts all the attention right where it should be: on the ice cream. Plus, they make their treats right in front of you with liquid nitrogen, which gives your cup or cone a cloud-like halo.
Number of flavours: They typically have six to eight seasonal and classic flavours available. Additional menu items include ice cream sandwiches, floats and s’mores.
Dietary friendly: 
Yes—their chocolate flavour is vegan and is made with cashew and coconut milk.
The most unique flavour: Thai Milk Tea
Don’t miss: Double Oreo—if it was good enough for Adele to give it a shoutout on stage, we’re positive you’ll love it, too.

Rain or Shine

Find it: 3382 Cambie St., 6001 University Blvd., 1926 West 4th Ave., rainorshineicecream.com
The atmosphere: Ice cream meets Taco Tuesday at this colourful ice cream shop kitted out with wooden tables and cool chandeliers.
Number of flavours: 11, plus seasonal options
Dietary friendly: 
Yes—all of their ice cream is gluten-free and egg-free because it’s Philadelphia-style. Their Coconut Chocolate Chunk flavour is also vegan.
The most unique flavour: Blueberry Balsamic
Don’t miss: Waffle cone-like tacos with your choice of toppings to fulfill *all* of your frosty fantasies.

Earnest Ice Cream 

Find it: 1485 Frances St., 3992 Fraser St., 1829 Quebec St., 127 W 1st St., North Vancouver, earnesticecream.com
The atmosphere: This ice cream parlour checks off all the criteria we need for the perfect ’gram: exposed brick walls, minimalist white design and marble countertops.
Number of flavours: 
12-16 flavours are usually available with rotating feature flavours sprinkled in throughout the month
Dietary friendly: 
Yes—there 2-4 vegan flavours available in-store, including Peanut Butter Chocolate Pretzel and Cherry Chip.
The most unique flavour: Spruce Bud—a woodsy, totally west coast treat made with spruce tree buds.
Don’t miss: London Fog

720 Sweets & Etc.

Find it: 3278 West Broadway, 2675 Kingsway, 720sweets.com 
The atmosphere: “Oohs” and “ahhs” fill the space as spectators watch their ice cream being made with liquid nitrogen. While the décor is minimalist, the ice cream is far from it—they have *the* most creative toppings, including tufts of cotton candy, popcorn and dry ice.
Number of flavours: Four at a time, with one to two flavours rotated out every month.
Dietary friendly: No
The most unique flavours: Their signature creation—Milk’ee soft serve, where bubble tea meets ice cream. This flavour is made with a strong milk tea ice cream base and is topped with caramel boba.
Don’t miss: The classic Cereal Milk in a beautiful blue hue. Try it in a stuffed taiyaki (a Japanese-inspired fish-shaped cake)!

Soft Peaks

Find it: 25 Alexander St., 4603 Kingsway, softpeaks.ca
The atmosphere: This inviting ice cream shop is serving up *literal* mountains of soft serve ice cream.
Number of flavours: Choose from 11 classics and one seasonal flavour crafted into a perfect swirl. They also offers a variety of ice milk bars and milkshakes.
Dietary friendly: Yes—dairy-free ice cream bars are available, including Strawberry Sorbet and Pina Colada.
The most unique flavour: Green Forest, a signature twist topped with matcha power, sweet red beans and condensed milk.
Don’t miss: North Pole Breakfast—another one of the shop’s signature twists topped with TimTam flakes and chocolate syrup.

Best Ice Cream Shops in Calgary

A hand holds a cone with dripping vanilla ice cream with a turquoise background

Village Ice Cream in Calgary (Photo: Sajak & Farki)

Sweet Tooth

Find it: 105 17 Ave. SE, 206 Center St. SE, sticyyc.com
The atmosphere: This ice cream spot introduces a new way to enjoy your favourite summer treat—rolled! Make your own creation complete with colourful toppings and have your ice cream rolled right in front of you in the bright and cheerful storefront.
Number of flavours: 10, with one seasonal flavour
Dietary friendly: Yes—no dairy, no problem! You can pick up a vegan Taro & Co. treat made with coconut milk ice cream and taro chunks.
The most unique flavour: Nothing too crazy here—the most ambitious flavour you’ll get is Nutella & Chill.
Don’t miss: Milk Way—a ~cool~ take on the nostalgic milk and cookies.

Village Ice Cream

Find it: 431 10 Ave. SE, 820 49th Ave. SW, 2406 34th Ave. SW, villageicecream.com 
The atmosphere: The hand-painted sign at their Victoria Park location is one of the most Instagrammed spots in Calgary—and for good reason!
Number of flavours:
 10, plus four seasonal options
Dietary friendly: 
Yes—dairy-free flavours are available, including Mango Coconut Milk, Coco-Coco Cluster Coconut Milk and Chocolate.
The most unique flavour: Adult with a cardamom-flavoured cone.
Don’t miss: They’re famous for their Salted Caramel—and if you’re lucky, you may be able to get a homemade waffle hot off the press.

Uzu Taiyaki

Find it: 1, 110 2 Ave. SE, @uzutaiyaki 
The atmosphere: This fun ice cream shop in the heart of Chinatown offers soft serve inside taiyaki, a sweet Japanese waffle cake. Plus, their ice cream cones are accessorized with candy and teddy grahams for an *adorable* touch.
Number of flavours:
 They serve four Asian-inspired flavours—including Black Sesame, Ube, Pandan and Vanilla. You ccan also get any two flavours swirled together.
Dietary friendly: 
Yes—they offer mango-coconut ice cream for a dairy-free alternative.
The most unique flavour: Pandan (think: a less sweet version of coconut) and Ube Swirl (a purple yam with a slightly nutty flavour)
Don’t miss: Vanilla with Froot Loops sprinkles. We *highly* recommend coating the inside of your Taiyaki with Nutella, too.

Sweet Haven Ice Cream

Find it: 918 Centre St. N, @sweethavenicecream
The atmosphere: Your feed is about to be *blessed* with a perfect shot of your cone in front of the painted angel wings on the window. This shop has been called Calgary’s Sweet Jesus equivalent.
Number of flavours: Seven each with their own v. unique (and eye-catching) toppings
Dietary friendly: The soft serve is gluten-free with the exception of some toppings
The most unique flavour: This locale sticks to the tried-and-true flavour combos we love—your wildest choice would be Death By Chocolate.
Don’t miss: Cinnamon Bun—vanilla soft serve with cinnamon toast cereal crumble and cream cheese frosting. Dusted with cinnamon and brown sugar, this treat is what sweet dreams are made of.

Made by Marcus

Find it: 1013 17 Ave. SW #121, madebymarcus.ca
The atmosphere: A true, rustic-chic artisanal ice cream shop.
Number of flavours: 11 flavours rotated seasonally, three kinds of sundaes and two soft-serve flavours
Dietary friendly: 
Yes—their decadent Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Wildberry Lavender are vegan (praise be!)
The most unique flavour: This ice cream joint is known for its unique flavour combos—including Goat Cheese & Rosemary Fig and Peach Jalapeño Yogurt.
Don’t miss: The Happy Camper sundae is a take on s’mores with *all* the gooey and delicious fixings—hot fudge, graham cracker crumbs and torched marshmallows (*drools*).

Best Ice Cream Shops in Edmonton

A hand holding a bowl of turquoise rolled ice cream with whipped cream and sprinkles

Rollies Ice Cream in Edmonton (Photo: Courtesy Rollies Ice Cream)

Marble Slab Creamery

Find it: 10156 109 St. NW, 1919 98 St. NW, 9770 170 St. NW, 15274 127 St. NW, 6541 28 Ave. NW, 5364 Windermere Blvd. NW, 16561 97 St. NW, Namao Centre, 8882 170 St. NW, West Edmonton Mall, 13724 40 St. NW, plus other locations all across Canadamarbleslab.ca
The atmosphere: Think typical mall spot (no judgement on that; we freaking love the mall).
Number of flavours:
50, plus 20 mix-ins to jazz up your ice cream, like Nutella drizzle, gummy bears, shredded coconut and more.
Dietary friendly:
Yes—they have three flavours that are lactose-free: Chocolate, Strawberry Banana and Vanilla
The most unique flavour: Magical Marble Unicorn—Strawberry, Banana and Cotton Candy ice cream are mixed together to create a seriously sweet—and crazy colourful—treat
Don’t miss: The sweet and sophisticated Wildflower Honey.

Scoop n Roll Creamery

Find it: 3414 Gateway Blvd. NW, 13154 137 Ave. NW, scoopnrollcreamery.business.site
The atmosphere: When regular scoops of ice cream just aren’t cutting it anymore, treat yo’ self to the rolled version.
Number of flavours: Over 30 flavours, plus 20 mix-ins—like Fruity Pebbles, butterscotch chips, Nutella and more—to take it to the next level.
Dietary friendly:
Yes: they have the hook-up for vegan customers with coconut-based flavours like Matcha Green Tea, Coffee, Avocado, Banana and more.
The most unique flavour: Booza, which contains mastic (a floral extract often used in Greek desserts), sahleb (a Middle Eastern milk pudding), orange blossom water and pistachio.
Don’t miss: A classic like Mango, Chocolate or Pistachio makes the perf base for all of the drool-worthy toppings.

80 Flavours

Find it: 4025 Gateway Blvd. NW, 8620 159 St. NW, 14717 127 St. NW, 11606-11670 Ellerslie Rd. SW, @80flavoursicecream
The atmosphere: This colourful ice cream joint is not for the indecisive.
Number of flavours:
The name says it all.
Dietary friendly: 
Yes. They have a number of flavours that are dairy, gluten and/or refined-sugar free, like their sorbets and lactose-free flavours O Macaroon and Strawberry Sensation.
The most unique flavour: Dark Chocolate Marshmallow!
Don’t miss: Nanaimo Brownie—a sweet custard base with chocolate fudge swirls, fudge brownie pieces and toasted coconut flakes.

Rollies Ice Cream

Find it: 13310 111 Ave. NW #304, Westmount Centre, rolliesicecream.ca
The atmosphere: As the first rolled ice cream shop in the cityRollies Ice Cream has brought this traditional Thai treat to Edmonton and we couldn’t be more grateful. Side note: watching your ice cream being rolled is v. mesmerizing.
Number of flavours: 15
Dietary friendly:
The most unique flavour: Nothing too cray-cray, but their Butterscotch is *chef’s kiss* because of its beyond rich flavour.
Don’t miss: Bubble Gum—a nostalgia-inducing flavour topped with Teddy Grahams, sprinkles, whipped cream and gummies

Best Ice Cream Shops in Saskatoon

A hand holding a waffle cone with a lemon ice cream

Fable Ice Cream in Saskatoon (Photo: Courtesy Fable Ice Cream)

Homestead Ice Cream

Find it: 822 Victoria Ave., homesteadicecream.ca
The atmosphere: After 40 years in the biz, this homey shop has perfected the art of old-fashioned ice cream. This spot has even made an appearance on Food Network’s You Gotta Eat Here, so you know it’s gonna be good.
Number of flavours:
Over 1,000 flavours are constantly on rotation (nbd—it’s basically ice cream heaven), plus they have sundaes, milkshakes, parfaits, banana splits and more for a sugar rush unlike any other
Dietary friendly: 
Yes—they have a few flavours of sorbet on hand that are dairy-free and vegan.
The most unique flavour: They have a roster of out-there options, like Coconut Curry, Green Apple PB&J Swirl and Cookie Monster (with *four* kinds of cookie dough)
Don’t miss: Sea Salt Carmel Creme Brûlée Doughnut—need we say more?

Fable Ice Cream

Find it: 633 Avenue H S, @fableicecream
The atmosphere: This minimalist locale is an under-the-radar gem in the city. Aside from the rustic brick-front counter and sleek white walls (which double as the perf backdrop for your ice cream snap), their made-from-scratch, small-batch ice cream truly steals the show.
Number of flavours:
10 flavours
Dietary friendly:
Yes—they always have dairy-free, vegan ice cream on-hand, made with cashew and coconut milk for a rich texture that tastes just like the real thing. The Vegan Mint Chip and Vegan Lemon are customer faves.
The most unique flavour: Opt for White Tiger: a twist on your childhood fave without the artificial flavours and colours—instead, the vanilla ice cream is flavoured with orange essential oil and drizzled with a charcoal anise syrup.
Don’t miss: Rhubarb Crisp—a summer must-try made with sweet cream ice cream, a homemade rhubarb compote and their own buttery brown sugar crumble.

Chardon Ice Cream

Find it: 1945 McKercher Dr., chardonicecream.ca
The atmosphere: This quaint ice cream counter doesn’t look like much from the outside, but as soon as the warm weather hits, it’s *the* place to pick up a cone (or other refreshing treat) on a hot summer night in Saskatoon.
Number of flavours:
14 flavours, plus 13 Twister flavours (soft serve with candy pieces), nine sundae flavours, five parfait flavours and four dip flavours.
Dietary friendly: 
The most unique flavour: The Cheesecake ice cream with graham crackers and cherry ripple tastes—dare we say?—even better than its namesake.
Don’t miss: Maple Walnut—so Canadian, eh?

Best Ice Cream Shops in Winnipeg

A hand holding a waffle cone with light pink and caramel ice cream with a grey background

Chaeban Ice Cream in Winnipeg (Photo: Kristi Nikkel)

Sub Zero Ice Cream

Find it: 298 Jamison Ave., @subzeroicecreamwinnipeg
The atmosphere: We never knew we needed a hot-pink ice cream parlour until we stumbled upon this colourful shop. From the bright walls to the neon yellow neon menus and rainbow ice cream, there’s absolutely no need to take your sunnies off.
Number of flavours:
50 soft-serve flavours, plus sundaes, milkshakes, flurries, slush, banana splits and more.
Dietary friendly:
Yes—their Banana Coconut Stick, made from fresh bananas, coconut milk and nuts, is completely vegan.
The most unique flavour: The Down Under parfait—an Aussie-inspired treat with vanilla soft serve, Nutella, Tim Tam biscuits, cappuccino dust, hot caramel sauce and a chocolate wafer stick.
Don’t miss: Victoria Secret: raspberry, peanut butter and crushed Oreo.

Chaeban Ice Cream

Find it: 390 Osborne St., chaebanicecream.com
The atmosphere: This modern ice cream joint had the sweetest of starts. After Joseph Chaeban helped his wife Zainab Ali’s family escape from the Syrian war with the help of Winnipeg locals, he opened up this shop to say thank you to the community.
Number of flavours:
Dietary friendly: 
Yes—their Glen Coconut is one hundo p dairy-free (it’s packed with coconut milk, toasted coconut flakes and dairy-free ricotta fudge).
The most unique flavour: Louis (Riel) Lavender—made with local ingredients, like Sage Garden lavender, Purple Berry Orchard Saskatoon berries and Grenkow Holsteins milk.
Don’t miss: Abir Al Sham, an authentic Syrian recipe that’s infused with rose and orange blossom water and loaded with toasted pistachios and cashews, ricotta cheese and orchid root.

Soft Spot Ice Cream

Find it: 513 Beresford Ave., plus be on the lookout for their cart that will be parked all over the city this summer (check out their Instagram to find out where it’ll be stopping next), softspoticecream.com
The atmosphere: The ice cream is all all made-from-scratch in small batches—plus, their flavours are anything but basic.
Number of flavours:
21 flavours with *the* cutest names (Mint Too Be, I Woke Up Like This and Babe With The Power, to name a few).
Dietary friendly:
The most unique flavour: Mystic Crystal Revelations with avocado and toasted coconut.
Don’t miss: Into The Wild—a s’mores-inspired scoop with smoked dark chocolate, Teddy Grahams and marshmallows

Bridge Drive-In

Find it: 766 Jubilee Ave., bridgedrivein.com
The atmosphere: This OG ice cream locale (it’s been around since 1957) is a Winnipeg classic.
Number of flavours:
They offer 11 flavours of soft serve, sundaes and shakes.
Dietary friendly:
Yes—their vegan vanilla soft serve can be added to any of their specialty items, so dairy-free eaters don’t have to miss out on all of the famous treats—plus, they have a monthly rotating vegan soft-serve flavour (think: Chocolate, Pineapple, Mango, Strawberry and more)
The most unique flavour: Sleeping Beauty—two scoops of vanilla soft serve (one strawberry and one cherry) with pineapple chunks, whipped cream and a cherry on top, all served in a pineapple bowl.
Don’t miss: The Goog Special: a blueberry upside-down milkshake with sliced bananas and a drizzle of hot fudge.

Best Ice Cream Shops in Toronto

Two hands hold churro cones with vanilla soft serve and red and yellow sauce drizzled on top with an orange ombré wall in the background

Eva’s Original Chimneys in Toronto (Photo: Courtesy Eva’s Original Chimneys)


Find it: 16 Vaughan Rd., booyah-inc.com
The atmosphere: This ice cream shop is super minimalist chic with black and white tiles throughout the space, but their hot pink neon “Booyah” sign adds a playful pop of colour. Plus, it always smells like freshly-baked cookies straight out of the oven, which is exactly what’s happening behind-the-scenes at this sweet spot.
Number of flavours: 
Over 25
Dietary friendly: 
Yes—they offer gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan ice cream, cones and cookies.
The most unique flavour: Nothing crazy—although you can get as wild as your heart (or stomach) desires with *all* the toppings.
Don’t miss: Don’t leave the parlour without an ice cream taco in hand—you get three scoops of your ice cream of choice, plus whip cream, chocolate and caramel sauce and toppings.

Eva’s Original Chimneys

Find it: 454 Bloor St. W, or catch their food truck throughout the city this summer, originalchimneys.com
The atmosphere: Enjoy your delish dessert in a welcoming parlour with charming, Hungarian-inspired décor. Their chimney cakes (a bread-like Hungarian pastry rolled into a cone shape) are baked fresh to order, filling the shop with the sweet scent of  cinnamon. Drooling yet?
Number of flavours: 15 ice cream flavours and eight chimney cake flavours—plus spreads, layers and toppings galore!
Dietary friendly: 
Yes—they offer a number of dairy-free flavours, including O.G., Berry-Licious and PB&J. The majority of their chimney cakes (including the O.G.) are also vegan!
The most unique flavour: Thai Mango Sticky Rice
Don’t miss: Apple Crumble

Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery

Find it: 93 Ossinton Ave., bangbangicecream.ca
The atmosphere: This chic bakery-meets-ice cream shop is serving up scoops of ice cream between a variety of baked goods—from chocolate chip cookies to pastel-coloured macarons.
Number of flavours: 25
Dietary friendly: Yes—they have a few dairy-free gelatos, plus some vegan cookies to choose from, too.
The most unique flavour: They have some of the most innovative ice cream combos out there that are as delicious as they are creative—including their seasonal flavour Lychee Rosewater Raspberry (so chic, right?).
Don’t miss: Burnt Toffee—try it on the Big Bang cone (their take on a Hong Kong-style waffle cone) or in a cookie sandwich.

Dutch Dreams

Find it: 36 Vaughan Rd., dutchdreams.ca
The atmosphere: You can feel the family history in this ice cream parlour—the shop has been a sweet addition to the Toronto community for over 25 years and has been passed down from generation to generation (along with the family recipes). Every inch of the space is filled with antiques and vintage candy machines containing Dutch sweets. Plus, you can’t miss the bright yellow storefront while passing through the St. Clair West neighbourhood!
Number of flavours:
60 rotating flavours, plus three different kinds of sundaes and milkshakes
Dietary friendly: No
The most unique flavour: They’re known for their exquisite sundaes, featuring classic Dutch flavours (like, Dutch Chocolate) and fresh fruit.
Don’t miss: Royal Dutch Banana Split—three scoops of your favourite ice cream, surrounded by a split banana and fully loaded with toppings.

iHalo Krunch

Find it: 831 Queen St. W, ihalo-krunch.business.site
The atmosphere: The minimalist décor and marble accents provide the *perfect* (and v. aesthetically pleasing) backdrop for the black-on-black charcoal cones offered at this ice cream joint.
Number of flavours:
Choose from six flavours (all of which you can get swirled), which can be infused with activated charcoal and served in house-made waffle cones made from coconut husks.
Dietary friendly: 
Yes—a vegan Ca Phe Da ice cream is available
The most unique flavour: The classic black on black charcoal ice cream on a charcoal cone—it’s one very photogenic dessert.
Don’t miss: Bean There, Done That—the vanilla bean soft serve proves that sometimes, less is more.

Best Ice Cream Shops in Ottawa

A hand holding a chocolate bubble cone with a scoop of vanilla and chocolate

Moo Shu Ice Cream & Kitchen in Ottawa (Photo: Courtesy Moo Shu Ice Cream & Kitchen)

Chocolats Favoris

Find it: 1440 Major MacKenzie Dr. W, chocolatsfavoris.com
The atmosphere: This spacious sweet shop, adorned with brass details and bright red seating, may be known for its impressive selection of gourmet fondues, chocolate bars and bon bons, but during the summer, it’s all about the chocolate-dipped soft serve.
Number of flavours: Vanilla soft serve with 27 different dips.
Dietary friendly: No
The most unique flavour: The Amaretto-flavoured dip adds sophisticated richness.
Don’t miss: The Tanzania 75% dip, which will satisfy those who like their chocolate dark.

Moo Shu Ice Cream

Find it: 477 Bank St., mooshuicecream.com
The atmosphere: Inspired by owner Liz Mok’s childhood in Vancouver and Hong Kong, this small-batch shop is a go-to for ice cream enthusiasts looking for flavours that are unlike anything else in the nation’s capital.
Number of flavours: 6 flavours, plus one seasonal flavour.
Dietary friendly: Yes—their Vegan Chocolate is a knockout.
The most unique flavour: Hong Kong Milk Tea—and you have to have it in a black sesame- or earl grey-bubble waffle.
Don’t miss: Ginger Vanilla Bean!

The Merry Dairy

Find it: This ice cream truck is always on the go, so click here to find out where they’ll be stopping next, themerrydairy.com
The atmosphere: This old-school mobile shop serves up scrumptious gourmet ice cream from the sweetest mint and white vehicle.
Number of flavours: A rotation of 18 all-natural flavours that are made in-house in small batches.
Dietary friendly: Yes—their ice cream is nut-free, they make gluten-free waffle cones*and* their homemade Merry Pops are vegan!
The most unique flavour: Roasted Banana!
Don’t miss: Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Frozen Custard, drizzled with caramel sauce, is a must-try.

Sweet Jesus

Find it: 97 Clarence St., plus other locations across Ontario and Alberta, sweetjesus4life.com
The atmosphere: This buzz-worthy ice cream shop has taken the city (and the rest of the country) by storm and for a good reason. Their OTT cones and bright turquoise storefronts make great Instagram content.
Number of flavours: 9 flavours, plus three milkshakes and frappés
Dietary friendly: Yes—they have an amazing coconut soft serve for dairy-free babes wanting to satisfy their sweet teeth.
The most unique flavour: Krusty the Cone—vanilla soft serve, cotton candy, cotton candy sauce and rainbow sprinkles.
Don’t miss: Rocky Road Rage—chocolate soft serve, marshmallows, chocolate sauce, walnuts, cashews and Oreo cookie crumbles *drools*

Lois ‘N’ Frimas Ice Cream

Find it: 71 George St., 300 Coventry Rd., loisnfrimasicecream.com
The atmosphere: Located in the Byward Market (and one other location in the city), this colourful ice cream joint is a staple in O-Town for the past 30 years.
Number of flavours: Over 50 flavours on rotation, plus sundaes, milkshakes and soft serve.
Dietary friendly: Yes—they have a vegan Mango sorbet and a sugar-free Cappuccino ice cream.
The most unique flavour: Cherry Brandy!
Don’t miss: Reeses Pieces—because peanut butter and chocolate is a no-brainer combination.

Best Ice Cream Shops in Montreal

Three hands holding dipped soft serve cones, one brown, one orange and one pink with sprinkles

Hoche Glacee in Montreal (Photo: Georges Dutil)

Cremerie Pandan

Find it: 3504 Notre-Dame St. W, pandancreamery.com
The atmosphere: The classy all-white shop is bright and fresh with antique frame accents, succulents and other greenery scattered throughout the storefront.
Number of flavours:
Seven flavours, plus one flavour of the week and two vegan options
Dietary friendly: 
Yes—they provide vegan options (like, Mango Lassi and Banana Chocolate) and accommodations for those with nut allergies (though their ice cream may contain traces of both dairy and nuts).
The most unique flavour: Black Sesame
Don’t miss: Strawberry Rose Shortcake. Add some house-made toppings to dress up your dessert!

La Diperie

Find it: 68 Ave des Pins E., 5582 Monkland Ave., 170 Rue Saint Amable, 1481 St Catherine St. E, ladiperie.com
The atmosphere: This popular ice cream destination allows you build your own cone with more dips, toppings and flavours than you could possibly imagine! The shop is v. charming and makes a great gathering place for friends and family when you’re in need of a cool treat. Plus, they’re home to an eye-catching turquoise wall which doubles as a great splash of colour for your IG.
Number of flavours: 
They offer vanilla ice cream dipped in one of 40 Belgian chocolate dips and your choice of 20 toppings.
Dietary friendly:
 Yes—they offer vegan ice cream, dips and topping options.
The most unique flavour: Your ice cream is all what about what you make it—get creative with your toppings and dips! Some of their more unique dip flavours include Lavender and Activated Charcoal.
Don’t miss: Vanilla ice cream dipped in Oreo.

Les Givrés

Find it: 334 Rue de Castelnau E,  2730 Rue Masson, lesgivres.ca
The atmosphere: This sweet spot puts a focus on quality. They make their products in-house and use local, seasonal ingredients. The storefront is bright and decorated with colorful hues of purple and blue (talk about an instant mood boost!).
Number of flavours: 
They offer 15 ice cream flavours and 11 soft serve and sorbet flavours. Some flavours change with seasonal fruits available in Quebec.
Dietary friendly: Yes—they offer vegan ice cream and sorbets made from coconut cream.
The most unique flavour: Corn Turkey Peel (made with Quebec corn ice cream) or Bagel (made with cream cheese ice cream, bagel croutons and strawberry jelly)
Don’t miss: Pistachio—they roast pistachios and make their own pistachio butter in-store.

Hoche Glacé

Find it: 2225 Avenue Bennett, @hocheglace
The atmosphere: This ice cream shop is Montreal’s *first* entirely vegan ice cream spot (plant-based eaters, rejoice!). Enjoy your cone in a bright white shop with big windows and classic wood details straight from your Pinterest board.
Number of flavours: 
14 ice cream flavours, seven soft serve flavours, and one pet-friendly ice cream sandwich! 
Dietary friendly: 
Yes—their ice cream is vegan and is made with no dairy and no eggs.
The most unique flavour: Beetroot soft serve
Don’t miss: The classic chocolate. If you’re a *true* chocoholic, get it dipped in some—you guessed it—chocolate!

Crèmerie Bo-Bec

Find it: 1300 Avenue Laurier E., @cremerie-bo-bec
The atmosphere: This ice cream parlour has been located in the heart of the Mont-Royal Plateau since 1989 and is run by Mr. Bo-Bec and a small team that puts care into every scoop. Its retro vibe will take you right back to your childhood summers!
Number of flavours:
Over two dozen flavours, plus traditional soft serve ice cream
Dietary friendly: 
Yes—they offer a few dairy-free sorbets.
The most unique flavour: Rosewater
Don’t miss: Maple Taffy

Best Ice Cream Shops in Moncton

A hand holding a waffle cone with chocolate ice cream with a cartoon ice cream sign in the background

King’s Ice Cream in Moncton (Photo: Jennifer McKelvay)

Crèmerie Bennic Dairy Bar

Find it: 3225 Principale-Ouest Ave., Dieppe, bennic.ca
The atmosphere: This family-oriented business is perf for little ones and for the kids at heart (*slowly raises hand*). The interior is decked out in shades of orange, raspberry and lime green, plus their OTT treats will satisfy any single sweet tooth.
Number of flavours:
24 flavours of ice cream, soft serve and Belgian dipped chocolate, plus banana splits, Dip-Pops (ice cream popsicles dipped in chocolate), homemade drumsticks and ice cream cakes and their famous Bennic treats, which are layered with ice cream and different drool-worthy toppings like strawberries, Oreo chunks and more
Dietary friendly:
Yes—all of their soft serve is gluten-free and their sorbet and slushies are dairy-free
The most unique flavour: The Piña Colada soft serve for when you want to fee like you’re on a tropical beach vacay in the Maldives.
Don’t miss: The Coffee Crisp!

King’s Ice Cream

Find it: 1809 Mountain Rd., @kingsicecream
The atmosphere: From the bright yellow exterior to the playful waffle cone seating, the décor is almost as sweet as their famous ice cream.
Number of flavours: 
30 flavours, plus eight Belgian-dipped chocolate and soft serve ice cream options
Dietary friendly:
Yes—they have a dairy-free vanilla rainbow sorbet available.
The most unique flavour: Black Raspberry Cheesecake.
Don’t miss: Peanut Butter Fudge Crunch dipped in their hazelnut Belgian chocolate sauce in a homemade waffle cone (I know, right?).

Milu Ice Cream Shop

Find it: 35 Elmwood Dr., @miluicecreamshop
The atmosphere: This brand new ice cream joint opened its doors last summer and the city has been buzzing about it ever since. The sweet shop serves all of their frozen treats out of a charming yellow hut on Elmwood Drive, so you can’t miss it!
Number of flavours:
Over 20
Dietary friendly:
Yes—they have strawberry sorbet for dairy-free babes looking to get their ice cream fix
The most unique flavour: Nothing too out-there, but you can’t go wrong with a classic Maple Walnut, Banana Fudge and Mint Chocolate Chip
Don’t miss: Praline Caramel Crunch!

Best Ice Cream Shops in Halifax

A hand holding a cup of vanilla ice cream with crushed cereal and a white spoon

Dairy Bar in Halifax (Photo: instagram.com/dairybarhfx)

Benny’s Ice Cream Truck

Find it: Parked throughout Nova Scotia at all of the hottest events and festivals, bennysicecream.ca
The atmosphere: Keep an eye out for the turquoise truck throughout the province—you can’t miss it!
Number of flavours:
Seven signature ice cream options and six ice cream drinks (like a good ol’ milkshake), along with occasional specials.
Dietary friendly: 
Yes—vegan options are available, including raspberry sorbet and a banana split.
The most unique flavour: The Elvis with peanut butter, banana and bacon bits.
Don’t miss: The London Fog—earl grey tea with lavender and vanilla ice cream.

Dairy Bar by Manual Food & Drink Co.

Find it: They’re opened all summer at Stillwell Beer Garden (5688 Spring Garden Rd.), manualfoodanddrinkco.com
The atmosphere: The small team is super friendly, and the old fashioned dairy house and wooden menu will *totally* give you summer ~vibes~. Plus, there’s a walk-up take-out window to order a treat on-the-go while you enjoy the beautiful park.
Number of flavours: 
Two rotating soft serve flavours. You can also choose from two sundaes and plenty of toppings.
Dietary friendly: 
Yes—they offer a few vegan ice pops and freezies supplied by Lemon Dog’s Lemonade.
The most unique flavour: Nothing too out-there—although plain ruffled potato chips can add a salty edge to your sundae.
Don’t miss: Classic vanilla with a house-made cereal crunch.

Dee Dee’s Ice Cream

Find it: 110 Peggy’s Point Rd. in the summer, 5668 Cornwallis St. year-round, deedees.ca
The atmosphere: This warm and inviting ice cream shop is located in a tiny eatery just one block away from the Halifax Common.
Number of flavours: 18 rotated daily
Dietary friendly: 
Yes—they offer a few dairy-free sorbets.
The most unique flavour: Mexican chocolate—dark chocolate with a kick of cayenne (muy caliente!)
Don’t miss: Creamsicle, a quality riff on the childhood classic.

Best Ice Cream Shops in Charlottetown

A waffle cone with five scoops of ice cream with a lavender background

Cows in Charlottetown (Photo: Courtesy Cows Inc.)


Find it: 12 Milky Way, 150 Queen St., plus other locations in Whistler, Banff, Niagara-on-the-Lake and across the Maritimescows.ca
The atmosphere: Ask anyone on the Island where they go to get their ice cream fix and this old-fashioned parlour will be on their list. Grabbing a scoop (or two) of this iconic ice cream is a summertime tradition that we can *all * get behind.
Number of flavours:
42 flavours with the most udder-ly adorable cow-inspired names (see what we did there?)
Dietary friendly: 
Yes—they have two dairy-free sorbets, Mango and Strawberry, which just might be sweeter than the OG flavours
The most unique flavour: Bessie’s Pumpkin Patch will immeds put you in the fall mood with pumpkin pie ice cream, pumpkin spice swirl and graham cracker crumbs
Don’t miss: PEI Blueberry—blueberry ice cream loaded with fresh blueberries straight from the Island

Best Ice Cream Shops in St. John’s

Five waffle cones with scoops of ice cream with a lavender background

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company in St. John’s (Photo: Courtesy Rocky Mtn Chocolate Canada)

Moo Moo’s Ice Cream

Find it: 88 Kings Rd., @moomoosicecream
The atmosphere: From the black-and-white tiled floors to the candy-coloured walls, this old-school joint is a staple in St. John’s ice cream scene for *so* many reasons (just look at the number of flavours if you don’t believe us).
Number of flavours:
Over 200 flavours on their ice cream roster
Dietary friendly:
Yes—they have a few flavours, like vanilla, that are gluten-free
The most unique flavour: British Butter—light mocha ice cream with English toffee and Skor pieces
Don’t miss: Tornado—chocolate ice cream chock-full of brownie pieces, fudge and chocolate chunks

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company

Find it: 23 Rowan St., rockychoc.com
The atmosphere: Step inside this sweet sanctuary and you’ll immediately be in chocolate heaven. The floor-to-ceiling shelves are stocked with every kind of sweet imaginable (from clusters to fudge and bark), but their mouthwatering ice cream is a must-try.
Number of flavours:
Dietary friendly:
Yes—they have six flavours of dairy-free sorbet, like Blueberry, Piña Colada, Raspberry and more
The most unique flavour: Turkish Coffee Mocha Chip
Don’t miss: Banana Walnut

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