The Best Thrift Shops in Halifax to Score Second-Hand Gems

Thrifting takes true commitment, but the feeling when you find a v. special piece makes the work so worth it. Hit up these thrift stores loved by our Localist correspondent in Halifax

Tired of fast fashion? Us too. Instead of destroying the planet (and our wallets) by buying pieces that are basically disposable, we’d rather shop vintage for items we know have staying power. But it’s not always easy to pluck the perfect piece from a mountain of apparel. Lucky for us, the thrift shops on the East coast feed our need for both fashion-forward designer pieces and monochromatic chunky knits.

Our Localist correspondent Hannah Sears rounded up the best thrift shops in Halifax where you can find the perfect white tee, chic designer accessories and so many pairs of Levi’s. Scroll down to find out where you can upgrade your spring wardrobe with bomb vintage on a budget. Then, check out our ultimate Canada-wide round-up of the best thrift shops from sea to shining sea.

We rounded up the best thrift shops in Halifax

Lost & Found


Address: 2698 Agricola St., makenewcollections.com
Vibe: A minimalist’s dream, with creams, beiges and greys on every rack. The owner, Anna, started out seven years ago with a small vintage boutique downtown and has since expanded to the North End, adding sustainable and ethical labels from across Canada and establishing her own clothing line, AKG, made here in Halifax.
What you’ll find: Quality, long-lasting basics. You can always count on finding a dreamy pair of Levi’s, a cotton white tee or chunky wool sweater in perfect condition with the perfect fit.

Lost & Found

Address: 2383 Agricola St., @LostandFoundHfx
Vibe: A vintage dream run by Anya, a young, stylish Haligonian with an ever-changing coloured bob. The shop is a mix of retro and modern hand-picked vintage and has been in the same spot for 11 years.
What you’ll find: So many pairs of Levi’s and silk tops. They also have a great kids vintage section and some men’s stuff, too. They carry a lot of amazing local jewellery, like Caitlyn Rose and Sarah Sears Jewellery, and some brands from Montreal and Toronto.


Address: 1530 Queen St., @elsiesusedclothing
Vibe: A treasure trunk best describes Elsie’s. Beautiful Gucci and Dior silk scarves hang from the ceilings, and every room is packed with designated areas for silks, leather, cashmere, fur and dresses. There’s also a room dedicated to men’s clothing. Elsie’s is a mix of vintage and very carefully handpicked consignment.
What you’ll find: Designer silk scarves and silk kimonos. There are lots of designer leather bags, too, along with a great mix of the classics and locally made treasures.

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