Where to Go for the Best Bikini Wax in Halifax

PSA: it's time to break up with your razor this bikini season

If you haven’t converted from shaving to waxing, you’re about to. First off, you don’t want any ingrown hairs or itchy red bumps, especially when it comes to the sensitive skin around your bikini line, right? Talk about a total buzzkill for your beach day. Plus, waxing lasts longer and prevents your hair from growing back like the next day. Still not convinced? Check out the best places to get a bikini wax in Halifax and you might never pick up your razor ever again. If you want to book an appointment at another waxing spot in the country, click here.

Halifax's Waxon Wax Bar is one of the best place for bikini wax in Canada

Waxon Wax Bar (Photo: Courtesy Waxon Waxbar)

Vitality Medispa

Find it: 5640 Spring Garden Rd., vitalitymedispa.ca
The low-down: This welcoming salon, spa and medical aesthetics biz offers both laser hair removal and waxing services for your bikini line. The talented team uses a combination of hard and soft wax, which makes for the most effective, yet painless hair removal process. Finally, no more tears at our waxing appointments!
Price: $30 to $50
Book online: Yes

Waxon Waxbar

Find it: 5475 Spring Garden Rd., waxon.ca
The low-down: With 12 locations from coast to coast, this modern waxing bar has three different types of waxdepending on your skin and hair type (#blessed). Choose between the gold hard wax for a more painless process without redness, the cream-based superior strip wax for a moisturizing wax experience or the super hero stripless wax which works perf for stubborn shorter hair. Plus, they carry their own line of prods to help you stay smooth and supple in between appointments.
Price: $28 to $36
Book online: Yes

Uptown Salon and Spa

Find it: 5521 Young St., uptownchic.ca
The low-down: Step inside this colourful, rustic spot where beauty prods, nail polish and hair goodies line the walls and you’ll immeds be in the best mood to get your hair (on your head or below the belt) primped and pampered. The all-female team of aestheticians and hair stylists are here to make you look and feel like the boss that you are.
Price: $45 to $48
Book online: No, call 902-454-6996 or email info@upt ownchic.ca to book an appointment

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