The Best Microbreweries in Halifax for Your Next Bar Hop

Grab a cold craft brewski (or two) at one of these microbreweries, hand-picked by our Localist correspondent in Halifax

Move over, mass-produced lager—microbreweries are officially the hottest thing in Canadian beer. With over 500 locations in operation across the country, there’s really no excuse not to be supporting local small biz while getting your drink on this summer.

In Halifax, microbreweries are all about sharing the wealth, meaning they offer up a few of their own beers, while also often hosting “guest taps” from breweries around the province on rotation. But don’t start panicking about all of the choice just yet. To help you out, our Localist correspondent Hannah Sears rounded up the best microbreweries in Halifax so you know exactly where to grab a cold one next Friday night. Planned a GNO (girls night out, obvi) in another city and don’t know where to go for drinks? Peep our fave microbreweries from Vancouver to Halifax.

We rounded up the best microbreweries in Halifax that you need to check out

(Photo: Courtesy 2 Crows Brewing Co.)

2 Crows Brewing Co.

Location: 1932 Brunswick St., 2crowsbrewing.com
Open since: February 2017
The rundown: New to the scene, but holds one of the biggest of the small-scale microbrewing facilities in Halifax. The space is huge and completely open to the whole brewery, so you can sit, have a drink and watch the beer happen right in front of you, barrier free.
What to order: The Pollyanna IPA is their #1, and it’s juicy and tropical
What they’re known for: They just released a Brett Porter that’s suppose to steal hearts.
Beers on tap: 6 of their own, 4 to 6 rotating guest taps from breweries around the province
Guided tours: The brewery is open-concept, but if a brewer is on site, they are always up for a tour.

Propeller Brewing Co.

Location: 2015 Gottigen St., drinkpropeller.ca
Open since: 1997
The rundown: Propeller is definitely one of the most established microbreweries in Halifax. There’s lots of history and lots of awards gracing the walls. Aside from the storefront where you can fill up growlers and buy bottles, there’s a tap room in the back where you can sit and enjoy a beer or flight tasting.
What to order: They’ve won countless awards for their IPA. ESB and Porter are equally as popular.
What they’re known for: They just started doing an organic blonde ale. And every fall, they have a pumpkin ale that slays.
Beers on tap: 10 to 12
Guided tours: Yes

North Brewing

Location: 2576 Agricola St., northbrewing.ca
Open since: 2013
The rundown: Quaint little walk-up counter in the bottom story of a small house on the most bustling part of Agricola. Fill up your growler on the go or pick up a few bottles.
What to order: Farmhouse ale, one of their first beers
What they’re known for: Great saison beers with seasonal spices and ingredients like orange peel and coriander for the summer, and ginger and black pepper for winter
Beers on tap: 4 to 6, all their own. They do lots of collaborations with local bars and microbreweries around the province so there’s always lots of variety.
Guided tours: Yes

Unfiltered Brewing

Location: 6041 North St., unfuckingfiltered.com
Open since: 2015
The rundown: With beer names like “Exile on North Street” and “Play with Fire”, this brewery is quirky, and all they care about is good beer, no bells and whistles.
What to order: Double Orange IPA
What they’re known for: They have the best IPAs in the city, so anything hoppy.
Beers on tap: 7 to 8 of their own with a rotating guest tap
Guided tours: Mmmm not technically, but again it’s Nova Scotia and it’s a microbrewery and they would probably give a pretty entertaining tour/would be up for it if you asked

Good Robot

Location: 2736 Robie St., goodrobotbrewing.ca
Open since: 2015
The rundown: Hip and original with lots of quirks. A smaller tap room is in the back to fill up your growlers, a tap room that seats around 40 is in the other half of the building, and there’s an amazing ‘gastroturf’ hangout yard is nestled into the building.
What to order: HFXtraterrestrial chili saison
What they’re known for: Most of their beer is gluten reduced
Beers on tap: 9 to 10 of their own brews, with 5 or 6 from other microbreweries
Guided tours: Yes, but call ahead

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