Where to Find the Most Scrumptious Doughnuts in Halifax

If this deep-fried confectionery is your guilty pleasure, these are the best places to pick up the sugary treat

Whoever decided to deep fry batter and top it with the most delicious ingredients is #1 in our books. Maple syrup and bacon? Duh. Cinnamon and sugar? Classic. Chocolate and peanut butter? Heck yes. Even though these go-tos still hit the sweet spot, unique flavours like matcha, apricot ginger and honey parmesan are super intriguing. If you’re looking to leave your confectionery comfort zone but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered with our list of the best doughnut shops in Halifax for gourmet updates. And if you’re planning a trip to another major city this summer and want to fulfill your doughnut craving, click here to see our faves across Canada.

The Best Doughnut Shops in Canada - Halifax

Ol School Donuts

Scanway Bakery + Café

Find it: 1567 Grafton St., scanwaycatering.com
The low-down: Known around town as a catering company, the stand-alone Bakery is chalked-full of delicious pastries and snacks.
The goods: Some of its most popular flavours include Peanut Glaze, Sugar-Dipped and Lemon Cream.
What to order: With flavours changing daily, there’s always something new to try.

Ol School Donuts

Find it: Always on the move—find out where you can catch the truck here and at @OlSchoolDonuts
The low-down: This mobile shop, housed in a school bus, moves around town and also makes deliveries.
The goods: It serves up solo doughnuts, tasty platters you’ll need to devour with a fork, and pizza boxes filled to the brim with 36 minis.
What to order: The compote-slathered Lemon Raspberry

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