The Coolest Ice Cream Shops in Calgary

We have the scoop on the tastiest spots in town

If you’re like us, you’re down to eat delish frozen treats basically any time of day all. summer. long. Treat yourself to a scoop for breakie, lunch and dinner (and all the snacks in between) at the best ice cream in Calgary. And praise be, we snacked our way across the rest of the country, so click here to see our top picks from coast to coast.

A hand holds a cone with dripping vanilla ice cream with a turquoise background

Village Ice Cream in Calgary (Photo: Sajak & Farki)

Sweet Tooth

Find it: 105 17 Ave. SE, 206 Center St. SE,
The atmosphere: This ice cream spot introduces a new way to enjoy your favourite summer treat—rolled! Make your own creation complete with colourful toppings and have your ice cream rolled right in front of you in the bright and cheerful storefront.
Number of flavours: 10, with one seasonal flavour
Dietary friendly: Yes—no dairy, no problem! You can pick up a vegan Taro & Co. treat made with coconut milk ice cream and taro chunks.
The most unique flavour: Nothing too crazy here—the most ambitious flavour you’ll get is Nutella & Chill.
Don’t miss: Milk Way—a ~cool~ take on the nostalgic milk and cookies.

Village Ice Cream

Find it: 431 10 Ave. SE, 820 49th Ave. SW, 2406 34th Ave. SW, 
The atmosphere: The hand-painted sign at their Victoria Park location is one of the most Instagrammed spots in Calgary—and for good reason!
Number of flavours:
 10, plus four seasonal options
Dietary friendly: 
Yes—dairy-free flavours are available, including Mango Coconut Milk, Coco-Coco Cluster Coconut Milk and Chocolate.
The most unique flavour: Adult with a cardamom-flavoured cone.
Don’t miss: They’re famous for their Salted Caramel—and if you’re lucky, you may be able to get a homemade waffle hot off the press.

Uzu Taiyaki

Find it: 1, 110 2 Ave. SE, @uzutaiyaki 
The atmosphere: This fun ice cream shop in the heart of Chinatown offers soft serve inside taiyaki, a sweet Japanese waffle cake. Plus, their ice cream cones are accessorized with candy and teddy grahams for an *adorable* touch.
Number of flavours:
 They serve four Asian-inspired flavours—including Black Sesame, Ube, Pandan and Vanilla. You ccan also get any two flavours swirled together.
Dietary friendly: 
Yes—they offer mango-coconut ice cream for a dairy-free alternative.
The most unique flavour: Pandan (think: a less sweet version of coconut) and Ube Swirl (a purple yam with a slightly nutty flavour)
Don’t miss: Vanilla with Froot Loops sprinkles. We *highly* recommend coating the inside of your Taiyaki with Nutella, too.

Sweet Haven Ice Cream

Find it: 918 Centre St. N, @sweethavenicecream
The atmosphere: Your feed is about to be *blessed* with a perfect shot of your cone in front of the painted angel wings on the window. This shop has been called Calgary’s Sweet Jesus equivalent.
Number of flavours: Seven each with their own v. unique (and eye-catching) toppings
Dietary friendly: The soft serve is gluten-free with the exception of some toppings
The most unique flavour: This locale sticks to the tried-and-true flavour combos we love—your wildest choice would be Death By Chocolate.
Don’t miss: Cinnamon Bun—vanilla soft serve with cinnamon toast cereal crumble and cream cheese frosting. Dusted with cinnamon and brown sugar, this treat is what sweet dreams are made of.

Made by Marcus

Find it: 1013 17 Ave. SW #121,
The atmosphere: A true, rustic-chic artisanal ice cream shop.
Number of flavours: 11 flavours rotated seasonally, three kinds of sundaes and two soft-serve flavours
Dietary friendly: 
Yes—their decadent Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Wildberry Lavender are vegan (praise be!)
The most unique flavour: This ice cream joint is known for its unique flavour combos—including Goat Cheese & Rosemary Fig and Peach Jalapeño Yogurt.
Don’t miss: The Happy Camper sundae is a take on s’mores with *all* the gooey and delicious fixings—hot fudge, graham cracker crumbs and torched marshmallows (*drools*).

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