The Best Places to Grab a Healthy Lunch in Calgary

Fast food doesn't have to be bad food. Herewith, courtesy of our Localist correspondent, the restaurants serving up the best healthy lunch in Calgary

It’s easy to give in to cravings for burgers and pizza come lunch time, especially when you’re having a busy work day. But if you’re trying to stay healthy and meet your goals, you don’t have to devote your weekends to prepping a ton of quinoa salad. Instead, you can hit up spots that promise healthy and super tasty lunch options, perfect for mad rushed day. Here, our Localist correspondent rounded up her fave spots for the best healthy lunch in Calgary. Bon appetit!

best healthy lunch in calgary

(Photo: Una Takeaway)

Una Takeaway

Where: 616 17th Ave. SW.,
The menu: Salads, sandwiches, pizza, pasta and more
My go-to: Kale Caesar salad—a healthier take on my fave lunch
The atmosphere: A bustling grab-and-go environment, the restaurant also has an in-house bakery and chic Frenchie wine bar at the back of the shop, which stays open late.
Average wait time: Less than 10 minutes
Average cost for lunch (meal + beverage): $15

The Coup

Where: 924 17th Ave. SW.,
The menu: Hearty vegetarian salads and bowls. You can also pick up their cookbook to make all their amazing dishes at home.
My go-to: The Upstream burger—ask for it on a crispy tortilla with extra cheese!
The atmosphere: The large, recently renovated space has a cool, retro vibe. It fills up quickly, so get there early!
Average wait time: 15 minutes
Average cost for lunch (meal + beverage): $25

Raw Eatery

Where: 1145 Kensington Cres. NW,
The menu: A mix of Italian, Asian and Mexican-inspired vegetarian dishes
My go-to: Toast with pesto and guacamole
The atmosphere: A small, cheerful space in Kensington Market that’s ideal for a relaxing sit-down lunch
Average wait time: 15 minutes
Average cost for lunch (meal + beverage): $15

Our Daily Brett

Where: 2509 14 St. SW.,
The menu: A variety of breakfast items, sandwiches for lunch and grab-and-go dinners that change daily
My go-to: Japanese tuna melt, and the chia seed chocolate avocado pudding for dessert! The spirulina popcorn is also one of my fave snacks of all time.
The atmosphere: Warm and woodsy. The large dining table in the middle of the room is perfect for cocktail receptions and family-style dinners if you wish to make a private booking.
Average wait time: Less than 5 minutes, because most lunches and dinners are ready to go when you walk in the door, but grab them quickly because they never last long.
Average cost for lunch (meal + beverage): $20

Dirt Belly

Where: 317 – 7th Ave. SW (The Core Shopping Center), 3625 Shaganappi Trail NW (Market Mall), Unit 214, 225 6th Ave. SW (Brookfield Place),
The menu: Vegetarian salads, cold pressed juices, teas and sumptuous breads
My go-to: The stuffed bacos (bread + taco) with a beet salad, and a blueberry mint Tealada to drink
The atmosphere: There is minimal seating in the restaurant itself, but plenty of space in the food courts at both locations.
Average wait time: 5 minutes
Average cost for lunch (meal + beverage): $15

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