The Sweetest Chocolate Shops in Calgary

Gourmet seems to be Calgary's specialty when it comes to sweet treats. We rounded up all the best chocolate shops in the city to prove it

There is no denying Calgary’s gourmet chocolates are photogenic AF. From the Valentine’s Day Collection for a romantic sweet treat to the La Mer, which looks like a firework with its colourful burst, these chocolate shops are proving that sweets have to not only taste good but look good too. To snap and snack your way through Cowtown, scroll down to discover the best chocolate shops in Calgary. And if you get hit with a chocolate craving in another city, click here to see our cavity-inducing roundup of the best in the country.

Calgary's The Chocolate Lab is one of the best chocolate shops in Canada

Valentine’s Day Collection from The Chocolate Lab (Photo: Dallas Southcott)

Epiphanie Chocolate

Find it: 1417 11 St. SW,
The low-down: 
This Beltline chocolate shop’s cozy interior is almost as sweet as its delicious and creative confections. Plus, owner and chocolatier Debra Fleck can craft custom creations that make perf b-day presents.
Prices: $36 to $47 for a box of assorted chocolates
The most unique: 
Double Smoked Bacon, which is exactly what the name suggests—hey, if it works in deep-fried confections (read: maple bacon doughnuts), it’s gotta be good in chocolate, too
The most photogenic: 
Rose. Not only is it decorated with an illustration of a red rose, but there’s also actual Turkish rose oil infused in the caramel ganache and dark chocolate.

The Chocolate Lab

Find it: 202D Centre St. S.,
The low-down: 
The award-winning chocolate lineup looks like an array of abstract art—each one is more breathtaking than the next. Whether it’s an out-of-this-world galaxy-inspired sweet or an artistic swirl of watercoloured hues, you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t take a snap.
Prices: $15 for a box of six; $28 for a box of 12; $54 for a box of 24
The most unique: Snack Attack has the ideal combo of salty and sweet with buttered popcorn and salted pretzel, mixed with chocolate wafer and white chocolate ganache
The most photogenic: Any of the heart-shaped chocolates from the Valentine’s Collection, which are topped with mesmerizing swirls and splashes of colourful chocolate. Each confection has its own personality, makingfor a thoughtful V-Day gift that is anything but basic.

Master Chocolat

Find it: 5325 4 St. SE,
The low-down: 
Known as Calgary’s Father of Chocolate, Bernard Callebaut is the culinary genius behind these scrumptious sweets. And he really knows what he’s talking about—Callebaut’s family has been working with chocolate for five generations.
Prices: $3 to $6 each for bars; $3 to $42 for a box of assorted chocolates
The most unique: 
Winston, which features single malt scotch (it’s named after Winston Churchill, who supposedly had a glass with breakfast every day), grape purée and semi-sweet dark chocolate ganache
The most photogenic: 
La Mer. This salted caramel milk chocolate looks like a firework with beams of yellow and orange jetting across the surface.

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