The Best Vegetarian Restaurants Across Canada

See ya, boring salads!

As kids, even the thought of eating vegetables was utterly repulsive, amiright? We’ve come around since then—at least, our palates have matured enough to endure a green thing or two—but sitting down to another sad salad come lunchtime is still a total buzzkill. Of course, a diet sans meat can actually be filled with flavour and leave you satisfied. You just need to choose the right dish. (Bye, bacon cravings!) So whether you are looking for your next #MeatlessMonday hot spot or are a plant-based babe simply adding to your roster of go-to eateries, here are the best vegetarian restaurants across Canada. When you get a taste of an avocado bean taco, vegan kale caesar salad or juicy veggie burger, you may never want to eat meat again.

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Vancouver

Vancouver's The Acorn is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Canada

Beets from The Acorn in Vancouver (Photo: Sean David)


Find it: 1165 Mainland St., 4288 Main St., 12 Water St., meetonmain.com
The atmosphere: With locations in Yaletown and Gastown and on Main, this laid-back eatery has tons of character thanks to its exposed beams and pipes and quirky artwork on the walls. Bonus: there’s plenty of space to squeeze your whole crew around a table.
The menu: Vegan comfort food with a side of creative cocktails. The decadent poutine with cashew miso gravy, stacked meatless burgers and overflowing rice bowls will leave you full and happy.
Average cost: $10 to $14 per dish

Heirloom Vegetarian

Find it: 1509 W. 12th Ave., heirloomrestaurant.ca
The atmosphere: This contemporary resto’s simple, sustainable ethos is on full display in its minimalist decor. The spacious room is filled with sleek white seating, fresh foliage and pops of bright green for an earthy-modern vibe.
The menu: Healthy vegetarian eats made with local and fair-trade ingredients. For a little pick-me-up, you won’t be able to resist the killer brunch spread, available all week, featuring the avocado Benny (think avo toast with ooey, gooey poached eggs on top).
Average cost: $8 to $19 per dish

The Naam

Find it: 2724 W. 4th Ave., thenaam.com
The atmosphere: As one of the oldest natural food restaurants in Vancity, it’s safe to say this homey spot has mastered vegetarian dining. When the warm weather hits, you have to head outside to the adorable garden patio, which is adorned with greenery and wooden furniture.
The menu: A diverse assortment of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes for brekkie, lunch, dinner or weekend brunch. With everything from hearty wraps to meatless burgers to Mexican staples (think enchiladas and burritos, all revamped with plant-based ingredients), you’ll have no trouble finding something to satisfy even the meatiest of eaters.
Average cost: $8 to $15 per dish

The Acorn Restaurant

Find it: 3995 Main St., theacornrestaurant.ca
The atmosphere: With botanical touches such as fresh plants and moss green seating, as well as marble-topped tables, the decor at this simple, trendy eatery is almost as cool as its innovative menu.
The menu: The seasonally inspired brunch and dinner menus put vegetables centre stage: Try beer-battered halloumi cheese with a zucchini-and-potato pancake topped with mint yogurt or a colourful beet salad for a light appetizer.
Average cost: $13 to $18 per dish

Chau Veggie Express

Find it: 5052 Victoria Dr., 1689 Johnston St., chowatchau.com
The atmosphere: This charming little vegetarian destination has lilac-coloured walls, comfortable seating along a wooden bar and dazzling chandeliers.
The menu: Vietnamese-inspired dishes that are perfect for eating on the go. Grab a fresh Namaste roll, made with rice paper, fresh veg and vermicelli noodles and served with a delectable peanut dipping sauce. Or, for an upgraded desk lunch, try a colourful bowl that’s chock full of rice noodles, leafy greens, roasted peanuts and more.
Average cost: $11 to $13 per dish

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Calgary

Calgary's Dirtbelly is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Canada

Thai’Pea Bowl from Dirtbelly in Calgary (Photo: Jalisse Photography)

The Coup

Find it: 924 17th Ave. SW, thecoup.ca
The atmosphere: This colourful, plant-filled spot is adorned with vivid orange chairs, fresh foliage and wooden accents for an atmosphere that pairs perfectly with its bright, sustainable fare.
The menu: Ethical vegetarian eats from breakfast to dinner, with creative cocktails and drool-worthy desserts. Start off your lunch break with Squashed Toast: grilled sourdough with macadamia cream, spiced pepitas and urfa biber chili, drizzled with squash oil and maple syrup. For dins, order the v.5 Greek Goddess bowl, fresh veg and green lentils on brown rice, topped with preserved lemon and goat feta.
Average cost: $15 to $21 per dish

Raw Eatery & Market

Find it: 1145 Kensington Cres. NW, Unit 2, thecollectiveraw.com
The atmosphere: Located in Kensington Village, this cute underground eatery is an Instagram-worthy oasis. Between the nautical white furniture, fairy lights hanging from the ceiling and chalkboard menus, every inch of the space (including the colourful food) is begging to be snapped. Plus, if you’re looking to transition to a more plant-based diet but don’t know where to start, co-owner and nutritionist extraordinaire Megan Pope offers services such as nutrition assessments and meal planning.
The menu: Vegan goodies made with locally grown, fresh ingredients. Try the rainbow pad Thai with spiralized beets, carrots and zucchini, which is topped with a creamy peanut dressing, edamame and sesame seeds. Or sample the Fixed Tacos, made with sunflower seed “meat,” tomato hummus, cashew cheese and pico de gallo.
Average cost: $8 to $10 per dish


Find it: 324 7 Ave. SW, dirtbelly.com
The atmosphere: Located in the CORE Shopping Centre, this salad hot spot serves up “good eats from the garden” (hence the cheeky name). If you need to refuel after your shopping venture, stop by this cute takeout counter for healthy fast food.
The menu: Seasonally inspired salads made in-house, with a focus on fresh, local veggies. One drool-inducing combo includes orecchiette pasta, Parmesan, lemon kale and sun-dried tomato pesto. Dirtbelly also offers grain bowls, “bacos” (think, bread meets tacos) and pressed juices, so the options are seemingly endless.
Average cost: $5 to $16 per dish

SaVeg Cafe

Find it: 637 11 Ave. SW, savegcafe.ca
The atmosphere: This brand new family-owned vegan café was started in January 2018 by YouTuber Rose Lee, a.k.a Cheap Lazy Vegan. The quaint spot is a monochromatic oasis, with chalkboard menus, chic all-black walls and plenty of natural light.
The menu: Plant-based eats with Korean flair for breakfast and lunch, plus smoothies, salad rolls and snacks for on-the-go meals. Don’t know what to order? The bibimbap with rice, fresh veggies and lentils, topped with a creamy gochujang sauce, or the sweet chili smoked tofu wrap are both good places to start.
Average cost: $5 to $11 per dish

Veg-In YYC

Find it: 215 6 Ave. SE, veginyyc.com
The atmosphere: This casual vegetarian and vegan café is perfect for when you’re running between meetings and need a quick lunch. Or, if you’ve got the time, take a seat and soak in the brightly coloured interior—the playful green and orange walls will immediately lift your spirits.
The menu: Globally inspired street food with a plant-based approach. Try the signature naan flatbread, samosas and veggie burritos (stuffed with chickpeas, sweet potatoes or jackfruit) served with mango chutney.
Average cost: $5 to $10 per dish

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Edmonton

Edmonton's Cafe Mosaics is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Canada

Vegan Kale Caesar Salad from Cafe Mosaics in Edmonton (Photo: @pamellaheikel)

Padmanadi Vegetarian Restaurant

Find it: 10740 101 St. NW, padmanadi.com
The atmosphere: This vegetarian restaurant has distinct global touches, such as breathtaking Asian artwork, plus pops of green and purple accent walls and plenty of fresh plants around the space.
The menu: A fusion of Indonesian, Chinese, Thai and Indian cuisine, including lemongrass tofu, roti canai (flatbread with a curry sauce), and Szechuan mixed greens with roasted peanuts in a sweet soy sauce
Average cost: $8 to $13 per dish


Find it: 8440 109 St. NW, noorish.ca
The atmosphere: It’s all about a health-conscious, well-balanced lifestyle at this yoga studio-slash-vegetarian eatery. And it all starts with nourishing, good-for-you food. Sit along the trendy Elixir bar after your morning Vinyasa Flow class and dig in to a post–sweat sesh treat.
The menu: From shareable raw tacos with spicy walnut “meat” to the Bhakti Bowl with seasoned veggies, brown rice, quinoa, cashews and basil tossed in a coconut curry sauce, each organic, plant-based dish is not only good for the soul but good for the planet, too.
Average cost: $11 to $20 per dish

Cafe Mosaics

Find it: 10844 82 Ave. NW, cafemosaics.com
The atmosphere: The interior of this cozy-chic eatery is the definition of simplicity at its finest. Wood and white (plus a quirky sign with bananas hanging from it) are all the space needs when the food truly stands out on its own.
The menu: No matter what time of day you stop by Cafe Mosaics, you will not go hungry. Whether it’s a quick bite to eat in the a.m. (like the huevos rancheros, filled with quinoa, kale, beans, cheddar cheese and tofu or eggs baked in a tortilla) or a light dinner (such as the scrumptious vegan kale caesar salad topped with teriyaki tofu), you cannot go wrong with any of their homemade vegetarian or vegan goodies.
Average cost: $10 to $17 per dish

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Saskatoon

Saskatoon's Nosh Eatery & Tap is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Canada

Nosh Noodle Bowl from Nosh Eatery & Tap in Saskatoon (Photo: Hillary Simon-Worobec)

The Karma Conscious Café and Eatery

Find it: 157 2nd Ave. N., thekarmacafe.ca
The atmosphere: As the name of this feel-good café would suggest, a portion of the proceeds from your meal goes toward local charities. You’ll immediately get those upbeat vibes when you walk into the space, which its chalkboard walls, cozy seating area, and brightly coloured drinks and treats coming out of the kitchen.
The menu: Vegetarian and plant-based brekkie, baked goods and hearty mains inspired by the owners’ Indian roots. We love the tandoori with paneer 
cilantro chutney, cottage cheese and kachumber slaw. And, there’s also a diverse roster of chai drinks, warm smoothies and sustainable coffee.
Average cost: $5 to $9 per dish

Nosh Eatery & Tap

Find it: 820 Broadway Ave., nosheateryandtap.com
The atmosphere: This health-conscious vegetarian restaurant has a sweet set-up for those weekend dinners that turn into late-night drinks. The contemporary-cool interior, sleek bar and communal seating encourage intimate chatter long after your meal is finished.
The menu: Nutritional, nourishing food inspired by local Prairie ingredients, such as the Nosh Noodle Bowl, with black bean tofu, veggies, ginger and Thai chilies in a coconut cilantro broth, or the Not-So Po-Boy, with fried oyster mushrooms, hot sauce and arugula cashew cheese between two slices of homemade bread.
Average cost: $12 to $16 per dish

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Winnipeg

Winnipeg's Boon Burger is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Canada

Burger from Boon Burger in Winnipeg (Photo: Courtesy Boon Burger)

Boon Burger

Find it: 79 Sherbrook St., boonburger.ca
The atmosphere: As the self-proclaimed first vegan burger café in the world, this creative joint is decked out with an all-black and wood interior for a chic rustic-meets-industrial vibe. You might not even be able to take in the atmosphere because you’ll be too enthralled with the juicy burger in front of you.
The menu: An innovative menu of entirely vegan burgers (yup, it’s possible), chock full of chickpeas, mushrooms, beans and brown rice. With 30 different versions to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding a burger that tickles your taste buds, whether it’s The Reggae (smoked jackfruit, coleslaw and chutney on a black bean patty) or The Guru (glazed yams, beets and guacamole on a chickpea patty).
Average cost: $5 to $8 per dish

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Toronto

Toronto's Planta is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Canada

Backyard BBQ Pizza from Planta in Toronto (Photo: Steven Lee)


Find it: 133 Richmond St. W, rosalindarestaurant.com
The atmosphere: This brand spankin’ new vegan joint opened in May and it’s already buzzing. The eatery is adorned with fresh foliage, plenty of natural light and vintage-inspired furniture, so you’ll be tempted to snap for the ‘gram while you snack.
The menu: Mexican vegan eats that will satisfy any meat eater—like the chickpea and beet tostada with pomegranate and sesame or the jackfruit pibil taco (you’d swear it’s pulled pork) with crispy taro root and slaw
Average cost: $7 to $17 per dish

The Hogtown Vegan

Find it: 1056 Bloor St. W., thehogtownvegan.com
The atmosphere: With communal tables, exposed brick walls and a laid-back vibe, this casual vegan restaurant is the spot for you and your crew to hit after a night out. Trust us, the food can cure any hangover.
The menu: Southern-style comfort food for when you’re craving some good-for-the-soul dishes. We recommend the signature Unchicken + Waffles, served with a cinnamon syrup, sautéed garlic collard greens and sweet potato mash, or the pulled pork sammie, with shredded barbecue soy and coleslaw on a sesame bun.
Average cost: $10 to $14 per dish


Find it: 1221 Bay St., plantarestaurants.com
The atmosphere: This trendy eatery has locations in Miami Beach and Toronto, so you know the decor is on point. The spacious dining room is filled with black-and-white-patterned chairs, exposed white brick and high ceilings for a seriously chic dining experience.
The menu: Plant-based fine-dining fare for brunch, lunch and dinner. We recommend the quinoa tartar, with beets, carrots, pickled mushrooms and taro chips topped with a truffle vinaigrette, or the Frenchie pizza, with mushrooms, squash, cashew mozzarella, arugula and truffle oil
Average cost: $16 to $23 per dish


Find it: 147 Spadina Ave., 90 Eglinton Ave. E.,  894 Queen St. W., 326 Bloor St. W., freshrestaurants.ca
The atmosphere: With four locations dotted around town, this fresh-food joint prioritizes crave-worthy plant-based dishes in a playful environment (think colourful patterned walls and even brighter dishes).
The menu: A diverse range of vegetarian and vegan on-the-go eats, like salads, bowls, tacos, wraps and burgers. Plus, there are fresh-pressed juices, smoothies, hot bevvies and brunch, so this spot is basically a one-stop-shop for healthy eating for the whole week.
Average cost: $10 to $20 per dish

Grasshopper Restaurant

Find it: 310 College St., 3080 Dundas St. W., grasshopperrestaurant.ca
The atmosphere: With exposed brick walls, wooden seating and an all-around welcoming atmosphere, this meat-free resto is the perf spot for those looking for “tastefully plant-based” fare (a.k.a. all of us). Eating vegan has never been so delish.
The menu: Vegan Japanese-American dishes, like the Haru Salad (mixed spring greens topped with hearty beans, shredded daikon, pumpkin seeds and crispy burdock ribbons) or the shareable Rice Poppers (spiced vegetable and tomato arancini-style balls), served with a spicy, creamy dipping sauce
Average cost: $8 to $15 per dish

Hibiscus Cafe

Find it: 238 Augusta Ave., 111 Richmond St. W., hibiscuscafe.ca
The atmosphere: This cozy vegetarian café is the ideal spot to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon noshing on feel-good organic food. The small wooden tables, bookshelves filled with literary inspiration and family-run vibe prove that joy can come from the little things in life.
The menu: Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free-friendly eats—the stars of the show are the sweet and savoury buckwheat crêpes. Start with the crêpe stuffed with vegan mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, spinach and mushrooms for your main, and then treat yourself to one filled with homemade chocolate hazelnut spread and bananas.
Average cost: $10 to $16 per dish

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Ottawa

Ottawa's Pure Kitchen is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Canada

Liberty Wrap from Pure Kitchen in Ottawa (Photo: @ericvancestudio)

The Table

Find it: 1230 Wellington St. W., thetablerestaurant.com
The atmosphere: This unfussy joint, with almost 20 years in the restaurant biz, features walls filled with local artwork that brightens up the relatively simple space.
The menu: Internationally inspired organic vegetarian and vegan cuisine served buffet-style, including salads, hot food and dessert. We’re currently drooling over the tofu fritters with onion chutney, the chickpea masala and the baked tempeh Thai salad.
Average cost: $35 per person

Pure Kitchen

Find it: 357 Richmond Rd., 340 Elgin St., purekitchenottawa.com
The atmosphere: This hip vegetarian-vegan café and juice bar is a staple for those who have dietary restrictions but also want to dine with non-plant-based eaters. The chic space is filled with white chairs, blonde wood floors and a colourful geometric back wall that doubles as a fun selfie backdrop.
The menu: From-scratch fare that will satisfy vegans and meat eaters alike. Some of the bestsellers are the Liberty wrap, with deep-fried cauliflower, buffalo and ranch sauce, pickles and fresh veg on a flour tortilla, or the Transformed salad, with kale, red cabbage, coconut bacon, corn tortilla croutons and seed Parmesan, drizzled with a caper vinaigrette.
Average cost: $12 to $18 per dish

Lollo Salads & Coffee

Find it: 60 George St., lollo.ca
The atmosphere: This airy eatery, located in the ByWard Market, just opened in July and we are already obsessed. From the chic marble counters to the minimalist décor, this spot is equal parts trendy and healthy.
The menu: Gourmet salads chick-full of good-for-you ingredients that are perf for on-the-go, like the Sardegna Superfood with sweet potatoes, pumpkin seeds, roasted broccoli, baby kale and more, drizzled with a tahini dressing or the vegan Avocado Caesar with crispy chickpeas, farro, walnuts and a cashew caesar dressing—they also have non-vegetarian options for the meat eaters in your life
Average cost: $12 to $15 per dish

The Green Door

Find it: 198 Main St., thegreendoor.ca
The atmosphere: Since opening its doors in the nation’s capital in 1988, this inviting organic restaurant has become an institution for health-conscious eaters who want a casual lunch or dinner that won’t break the bank.
The menu: Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free-friendly buffet-style dining (read: you can sample tons of different dishes!), like Thai curry, caramelized onion and cauliflower soup, wild rice tabbouleh and more. You might just have to go back for seconds.
Average cost: $2.40 per 100 grams (measured by weight)

Café My House

Find it: 1015 Wellington St. W., cafemyhouse.com
The atmosphere: This elevated eatery has a minimalist interior with sleek black seating and white walls, so all of the attention is on the innovative, seasonally inspired fare coming out of chef Briana Kim’s kitchen.
The menu: An upscale vegetable-centred tasting menu for dinner and weekend brunch, including such fare as avocado toast on country sourdough bread, topped with cucumber, cultured coconut butter, basil lime vinaigrette, olive and walnut soil and micro greens, or the chipotle BLT, with barbecue coconut bacon, kale, tomatoes, herb cashew brie and chipotle ketchup on a waffle bun
Average cost: $14 to $40 per dish

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Montreal

Montreal's LOV Restaurant is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Canada

Zucchini Spaghetti from LOV Restaurant in Montreal (Photo: Patricia Brochu Photographie)


Find it: 1212 McGill College Ave., eatfoodchain.com
The atmosphere: This chic to-go joint makes eating your greens an enjoyable experience (praise be!). Stop by the counter for a quick lunch and watch the friendly staff put together your dream dish.
The menu: One word: salads! These colourful greens are the exact opposite of boring, because they are packed with delicious, fresh ingredients. We recommend the Endive Green Pear, with green grapes, coriander and dill, topped with a cumin yogurt sauce, or the Cauliflower Mushroom with feta, parsley and shallots dressed in a lemon sauce.
Average cost: $11 per dish

Lola Rosa

Find it: 4581 Park Ave., 545 Milton St., 727 William St., lolarosa.ca
The atmosphere: As the self-proclaimed favourite vegetarian restaurant of non-vegetarians, this laid-back spot is perfect if you’re looking to test the waters of plant-based eating.
The menu: All of your fave feel-good dishes sans meat, like the Nachos de Lola (mozzarella, salsa, black beans, grilled peppers, green onions, sour cream and guacamole) or the Poutine Lola (Yukon white potatoes, homemade vegan gravy and cheese curds)

Average cost: $5 to $14 per dish

Aux Vivres

Find it: 4631 St. Laurent Blvd., auxvivres.com
The atmosphere: This eclectic eatery is said to be the first vegan restaurant in Montreal. The bright, airy space has red booths, tons of natural light and colourful paintings on the walls for a welcoming atmosphere. If you’re in a rush or are looking to recreate some of the dishes at home,  you’ll be glad to know they also sell their own to-go products and sauces.
The menu: Vegan soul food, salads, burgers, sammies, weekend brunch, smoothies and fresh juice. For something hearty, sink your teeth into the Latke Burger, with a roasted beet and sweet potato patty topped with caramelized onions, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles and tzatziki. Or try the Californian salad, with sprouts, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, oranges, and toasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds, topped with ginger dressing and grilled organic tofu or tempeh.
Average cost: $6 to $13 per dish

LOV Restaurant

Find it: 464 McGill St., thelov.com
The atmosphere: This spacious, bright restaurant is truly an Instagram-worthy spot. With its all-white interior, banana-leaf-patterned booths, marble-topped tables and rows of spectacular light fixtures, your feed (and your stomach) will be #blessed.
The menu: Botanical-focused vegan and vegetarian dishes for brunch, lunch and dinner, like the bagel lox with smoked tomatoes, cashew cream cheese, fried capers and dill, or the Gnocchi di Casa, with buckwheat sweet potato gnocchi, hemp-basil pesto, almond Parmesan and arugula
Average cost: $6 to $15 per dish

La Panthère Verte

Find it: 3515 Ave. Lacombe, 5265 Chemin Queen Mary, 1735 Rue Saint-Deni, 145 Avenue du Mont-Royal E, 2153 Rue Mackay, 160 St-Viateur E,  lapanthereverte.com
The atmosphere: With a bright green interior, plants hanging from the ceiling and ample seating for your last-minute lunch meeting, this spot is a go-to for plant-based eaters looking to refuel during the work week. Plus, it has six locations, so you’re guaranteed to find one near you.
The menu: Ethical vegan food made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, such as the falafel sammie (stuffed with cabbage, carrots, gherkins, sauerkraut, shoots and tahini) or the tempeh bowl, with spinach, sweet potatoes, broccoli, protein noodles, sauerkraut, brown rice and Hippie sauce. Finish off your meal with one of the vegan treats on offer.
Average cost: $8 to $15 per dish

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Moncton

Moncton's Calactus is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Canada

Vegetarian Enchiladas from Calactus in Moncton (Photo: Nina Khosla)

Veggie Vietnam

Find it: 367 Champlain St., Dieppe, veggievietman.com
The atmosphere: The resto’s striking lime green exterior will initially catch your attention, but the veggie-centred Asian eats and intimate atmosphere will have you coming back whenever you want to satisfy your pad Thai, tempura or egg roll craving (which is basically all the time).
The menu: Vegetarian versions of your fave Asian dishes, like fresh spring rolls, wonton soup, crispy tofu and tons of stir-fried veggies in basil-, lemon grass- and curry-infused sauces
Average cost: $8 to $12 per dish


Find it: 125 Church St., calactus.ca
The atmosphere: With a welcoming purple awning outside and an even cozier interior—complete with rich red drapes, funky lamps and fresh foliage—this vegetarian restaurant is serving up eclectic fare with a side of homey vibes. It’s essentially the perfect weekend spot.
The menu: A diverse menu of internationally inspired eats made with fresh, local ingredients, like Mexican enchiladas and nachos, Indian thali (a South Asian take on a tapas-style meal, named after the platter its served on) and Italian lasagna, all with a vegetarian twist. Make sure you leave room to sample the drool-worthy vegan desserts.
Average cost: $10 to $15 per dish

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Halifax

Halifax's Heartwood is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Canada

Vegan Cream of Broccoli Soup with Spelt Flour Bread from Heartwood in Halifax (Photo: Victoria Jeha)

Wild Leek

Find it: 2156 Windsor St., wildleek.ca
The atmosphere: This neighbourhood food and juice bar is housed in a bright, lime green building, and the inside is filled with unfinished wood, cute little potted plants and mismatched black and white chairs.
The menu: Vegan comfort food with all-day brunch, salads, sandwiches and a killer drink menu (think fresh-pressed juices, smoothies and cocktails). One bite of the vegan mac and cheese or tempeh rueben sammie, and you’ll forget all about the OG versions.
Average cost: $12 to $15 per dish


Find it: 5775 Charles St., enviehalifax.ca
The atmosphere: Calling all meatless babes! If you haven’t heard of this buzz-worthy vegan restaurant, it’s about to become your new go-to for dining out. The brightly lit spot delivers on the decor, with floor-to-ceiling windows, all-white seating and nature-inspired photographs hanging around the space.
The menu: Totally vegan plates for lunch, brunch and dinner? Yaaas! Stop in on the weekend to sample the banana chocolate chip pancakes with peanut butter maple syrup and coconut whip topping, or book a table for a weekday dinner and sink your teeth into the orange-braised seared cauliflower steak with smoked carrot purée.
Average cost: $12 to $16 per dish


Find it: 6250 Quinpool Rd., 3061 Gottingen St., iloveheartwood.ca
The atmosphere: This snug eatery has been a staple for local vegetarians for over 20 years. It’s safe to say that they have mastered the art of meat-free eating, so take a seat at one of the little tables in the charming dining room, which is complete with funky patterned booths, chalkboard menus and chic dark purple walls.
The menu: Fresh, locally sourced and organic dishes that are vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free, including salads, sammies, bowls, burgers and pizzas. Some of our faves include the spicy tofu pizza for some heat or the soup of the day, made fresh with a side of hearty spelt bread.
Average cost: $11 to $15 per dish

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in St. John’s

St. John's The Sprout Restaurant is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Canada

Avocado Bean Taco from The Sprout Restaurant in St. John’s (Photo: Courtesy The Sprout Restaurant)

The Sprout Restaurant

Find it: 15 St. Clair Ave. W., thesproutrestaurant.com
The atmosphere: This adorable vegetarian eatery has the sweetest eye-catching exterior, painted in lime green and hot pink hues, and an equally charming interior. Get cozy in one of the booths or sit on a bright stool at the wooden bar to watch the chefs in action.
The menu: An eclectic mix of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free-friendly eats, like the delectable Poyo tacos, which are a must-try. 
Average cost: $6 to $13 per dish

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