Where to Find the Most Delicious Vegan Treats in St. John’s

ICYMI, these vegan-friendly spots are proof that dairy- and egg-free doesn’t have to be flavour-free

Veganism is sweeping the nation and turning out the most decadent desserts! With such a slew of spots popping up, we’ve made a list of the best vegan bakeries in St. John’s. With options that include mouth-watering sticky cinnamon rolls and signature I Hemp Heart Bananas cupcakes, we dare you to leave one of these bakeshops without a dessert in tow. Not in St. John’s? No big. Click here for our roundup of the best vegan bakeries across Canada.

All the best bakeries for vegan treats in St. John's

Cinnamon Rolls from Nourish Kitchen & Bakery in St. John’s (Photo: Courtesy Graham Parisien)

Tulip Baroo Bakery

Find it: 168 Water St., tulipbaroo.ca
The low-down: This quirky bakery proves that making vegan and gluten-free sweets doesn’t have to mean sacrificing flavour and artistry. Turning out treats with delicate icing flowers, edible pearls and intricate designs, these pastry pros have mastered the craft of taste and technique.
Prices: $1.60 to $4.25 each
What to order: One of the signature cupcakes ($3.25), which look just as good as they taste—we suggest the I Hemp Heart Banana, with hemp hearts, bananas, vegan cream cheese and coconut butter

Nourish Kitchen & Bakery

Find it: 1304 Topsail Rd., nourishkitchenandbakery.com
The low-down: Specializing in gluten-free baking, this kitchen and bakery uses locally sourced ingredients to whip up heavenly from-scratch confectioneries, freshly baked bread and seasonally inspired snacks.
Prices: $3 to $8.95 each
What to order: Treat yo’self with zero guilt with a gluten- and dairy-free sticky cinnamon roll ($4.25).

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