Where to Find the Most Delicious Vegan Treats in Ottawa

ICYMI, these vegan-friendly spots are proof that dairy- and egg-free doesn’t have to be flavour-free

From a spicy brownie (with an unexpected kick of chipotle powder) at Wild Oat to a chai spice cupcake topped with cinnamon icing over at Little Jo Berry’s, there are lots of spots to indulge your sweet tooth in our roundup of the best vegan bakeries in Ottawa. And if you’re in another major city, click here to check out the best vegan bakeries across Canada.

All the best bakeries for vegan treats in Ottawa

Pumpkin Scones from ThimbleCakes in Ottawa (Photo: Courtesy ThimbleCakes)

Strawberry Blonde Bakery

Find it: 114B Grange Ave., strawberryblondebakery.com
The low-down: The bakers at this quirky shop understand the struggle to find tasty vegan sweets, so they make sure to whip up tons of freshly baked goodies that don’t skimp on flavour. Plus, the turquoise statement wall out front makes for a bold backdrop for your next #vegantreats snap.
Prices: $2 to $4.50 each
What to order: The tang of the gluten-, nut- and dairy-free lemon square ($3.95) will tickle your taste buds.

Little Jo Berry’s

Find it: 1303 Wellington St. W., littlejoberrys.com
The low-down: The owner and head baker of this vegan café, Little Jo, has a culinary background in vegan and gluten-free baking, so you know the sweets coming out of the kitchen are made with TLC (tastiness, love and care, obvi).
Prices: $1.75 to $3.25 each
What to order: For an autumnal treat, try the chai spice cupcake topped with cinnamon icing ($3), or throw it waaay back with Little Jo’s take on the Twinkie ($3.25).

The Joy of Gluten Free

Find it: 617 Bank St., 250 Greenbank Rd., thejoyofglutenfree.com
The low-down: This award-winning bakery specializes in gluten-free baking (it has more than 22 different kinds of gluten-free flour), but there are plenty of vegan options too.
Prices: $2 to $4 each
What to order: The quinoa crunch cookie ($2.25), which is made with almonds, organic quinoa and sugar but tastes just like a peanut butter cookie (you’ll never know the difference)

Wild Oat

Find it: 817 Bank St., wildoat.ca
The low-down: This from-scratch bakery and café takes “homegrown” to a whole new level. The owners also operate the Wild Oat Farm, located just outside Ottawa, where they grow their own fruit and veg for the extensive health-conscious menu.
Prices: $1 to $7 each
What to order: The peanut butter chocolate bar ($3.50), sweetened with maple syrup, or the spicy brownie ($2.50) with chipotle powder for an unexpected kick


Find it: 369 Bank St., thimblecakes.ca
The low-down: The interior of this downtown vegan bakery is the perfect balance of old and new. The vintage furniture and modern light fixtures provide an inviting atmosphere, but the shiny glass cases full of confections—with dainty decorations and swirls of pastel frosting—steal the show.
Prices: $2.25 to $3.80 each
What to order: The gluten-free pumpkin scone ($3.75), smothered with a light dairy-free glaze made from coconuts, cinnamon and corn

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