Where to Find the Most Delicious Vegan Treats in Halifax

ICYMI, these vegan-friendly spots are proof that dairy- and egg-free doesn’t have to be flavour-free

We scouted out all the best vegan bakeries in Halifax, so you don’t have to. You’ll find everything from a traditional Black Forest dessert to Campfire S’mores Bars, featuring marshmallows on an almond and pecan crust that are drizzled with a date caramel sauce. Are you drooling yet? (We are.) And if you’re planning a visit to another major city in Canada any time soon, click here to peep our ultimate list of the best vegan bakeries across the country.

All the best bakeries for vegan treats in Halifax

Campfire S’mores Bars from Wild Leek in Halifax (Photo: Courtesy Wild Leek Inc.)

Odell’s Gluten-Free Bakery & Café

Find it: 3555 Robie St., odellsgfcafe.com
The low-down: From the outside, this gluten-free bakery looks like just any other house on the street. But step inside, and you’ll be in pastry heaven. With its tempting displays of breads, cakes and other sweets, this low-key spot won’t be a secret for much longer.
Prices: $1.75 to $4.25 each
What to order: A classic chocolate cupcake ($3.75) made with coconut milk and gluten-free flour, and topped with no shortage of decadent dairy-free chocolate icing


Find it: 6250 Quinpool Rd., 3061 Gottingen St., iloveheartwood.ca
The low-down: Heartwood is the destination for a delectable vegan meal, from appetizers to dessert. The killer brunch menu, flavourful sammies and (of course) delectable treats, guarantee you won’t leave hungry.
Prices: $2.75 to $7.50 each
What to order: A slice of the carrot cake or Cocobanana pie ($7.50) for a sweet finale to an epic meal

Wild Leek

Find it: 2156 Windsor St., wildleek.ca
The low-down: Vegan comfort food is the thing at this up-and-coming resto. The can’t-miss-it green exterior will draw you in, but the nutrient-rich smoothies and one-of-a-kind baked goods will have you coming back for seconds and thirds.
Prices: $3 to $4 each
What to order: One (or two) of the Campfire S’mores Bars ($4.50 each), with marshmallows, coconut and dark chocolate on an almond and pecan crust, drizzled with a date caramel sauce

Sweet Hereafter Cheesecakery

Find it: 6148 Quinpool Rd., sweethereafter.ca
The low-down: Who says vegans can’t have cheesecake? This luxe locale is serving up artisanal “cheese” cake in a lavish environment. The black walls, quilted gold booths and bold wallpaper boast serious gothic-chic vibes, and we are living for it.
Prices: $8 per slice
What to order: There are 10 vegan flavours ($8 per slice), so indulge in the chocolate raspberry for something fruity, the Black Forest for a full-on chocolate fest or the strawberry vanilla for a more traditional take on this drool-worthy dessert.

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