Where to Find the Most Delicious Vegan Treats in Edmonton

ICYMI, these vegan-friendly spots are proof that dairy- and egg-free doesn’t have to be flavour-free

Hankering for something sweet? Look no further than the best vegan bakeries in Edmonton! From a divine blueberry lavender cake to a delicate French pastry shaped like an elephant’s ear, these are not your average desserts. Once you’ve run through this list, click here for our roundup of the best vegan bakeries across Canada.

All the best bakeries for vegan treats in Edmonton

Bumble Berry QT Pie from Blue Rose Baking Co. in Edmonton (Photo: Courtesy Tina Saramanga)

Bliss Baked Goods

Find it: 10710 142 St. NW, blissbakedgoods.ca
The low-down: This family owned and operated bakery is entirely kosher and dairy- and nut-free, so customers with all types of allergies and diets can enjoy the scrumptious sweets, which include freshly baked breads and rave-worthy vegan doughnuts.
Prices: $1 to $4
What to order: The palmier ($1 to $1.50), a French delicacy shaped like an elephant’s ear (très cute, non?) that’s made of puff pastry, sugar and butter, or one of the specialty vegan doughnuts ($1.50) in finger-licking flavours like cinnamon sugar, chocolate, honey glaze and more

Flirt Cupcakes

Find it: 10158 82 Ave. NW, flirtcupcakes.com
The low-down: With brightly coloured walls and cupcakes to match, this locally owned bakery is so Instagrammable—and it always has an assortment of vegan and gluten-free options on hand.
Prices: $3.50 each
What to order: The red velvet cupcake with a creamy vegan vanilla cream cheese frosting

Nabati Foods

Find it: 12809 66 St. NW, nabati.ca
The low-down: This takeout-only bakery proves plant-based sweets are anything but flavourless. Using dates, nuts and superfoods as base ingredients, its bakers whip up treats that taste just as good as they look.
Prices: $5 to $10 each
What to order: The blueberry lavender cake ($7) with pretty swirls of blueberry and notes of fresh lavender. Bonus: It comes in a cup for a perf pick-me-up on the go.

Blue Rose Baking Co.

Find it: In the warmer months, you can sample these tasty treats at various markets around the city. Head to The Tea Girl and Remedy for Blue Rose cupcakes, or order online at bluerosevegan.ca.
The low-down: Edmonton local and avowed vegan Sarah Louise started her own baking biz for people who want to treat themselves with cruelty-free confections.
Prices: Vary, depending on the location
What to order: A hefty slice of the Bumble Berry QT pie ($8), which is chock full of juicy berries tucked inside a flaky crust

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