The Best Tattoo Parlours in Saskatoon

These talented tattoo artists are *here* to bring your creative vision to life

When warmer weather is returning (or you’re heading off to a mid-winter all-inclusive), it’s the perfect time to get a tattoo. Hot days + shorts and tees = more opportunities to show off your chic, new design (it’s basic math, sis). Whether you’ve been itching to get inked for the first time or dying to add another element to your intricate sleeve, these are the best tattoo parlours in Saskatoon. If you’re a tattoo enthusiast like us, click here to check out our fave spots in other major cities across Canada.

Saskatoon's ON2U Tattoo & Piercing is one of the best tattoo parlour in Canada

Veronica Tricker from ON2U Tattoo & Piercing (Photo: Courtesy ON2U Tattoo & Piercing)

Rites of Passage Tattoo

Find it: 634 10th St. E.,
The rundown: As the name would suggest, getting your first tattoo is truly a right of passage (trust us, you’ll be hooked). This family-owned and operated tattoo parlour has six full-time artists (including two badass ladies) and one guest artist every month, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a talent that can realize your vision.
Cost: $95 minimum; $150 to $175 per hour
Walk-ins: Yes, every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

Tantrix Body Art

Find it: 107 3 Ave. N.,
The rundown: If you’re looking for a complex black and grey design, a colourful piece or a realistic portrait, this award-winning custom tattoo and piercing shop will be your new go-to.
Cost: $80 to $100 minimum; $150 to $160 per hour
Walk-ins: Yes, but only occasionally, so check their Facebook page for announcements

ON2U Body Piercing & Tattoos

Find it: 101A 20th St. W.,
The rundown: This bright tattoo and piercing shop is adorned with red walls and an industrial-inspired interior. Owner Veronica Tricker can give you a sweet tat or a chic septum piercing, plus she offers laser tattoo removal for those old designs you’ve fallen out of love with.
Cost: $100 minimum; $80 to $150 per hour
Walk-ins: Yes

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