Where to Find the Best Spin Studios in Edmonton

Hop in the saddle and get ready to ride at one of these indoor cycling studios in Edmonton

Move over yogalates, spinning is the new exercise craze sweeping the nation. Edmontonians can join in on the fun, too. There’s even a spin class in the city where “truth bombs” are dropped mid cycle. But if motivational quotes aren’t your speed, no big. There are also classes focused on the motion with candlelight for added romance. If you’re not in the Edmonton area, click here to view our roundup of the best spin studios across Canada.

All the best spin studios in Edmonton

Tru Ride in Edmonton (Photo: Dan MacMillan)

YEG Cycle

Find it: 10634 82 Ave. NW, yeg-cycle.com
The atmosphere: YEG Cycle was founded by three born-and-raised Albertans, and teacher-turned-spin instructor Farha Shariff partnered with the crew as co-owner of the Edmonton digs. YEG’s main focus? Finding your happiness through your bike—Shariff likes to incorporate uplifting “truth bombs” into her sessions, like quotes pulled from her fave motivational reads.
The classes: Its 50-minute classes aim to get your blood pumping and toning your legs, core and upper body. They also offer the occasional $10 charity ride.
Cost: 1 ride is $20, and a one-month membership is $199. There are also packages for 5, 10 and 20 rides. Student pricing is also available.

Tru Ride

Find it: 3414 Gateway Blvd., truride.com
The atmosphere: Knowing you’re most likely to stop in to or from work, this studio is fully prepared—not only do they offer complimentary towel service, but the ladies change room is decked out with a professionally lit makeup mirror. But when you’re in class, it’s all about being where you are: every class is candlelit for maximum zen.
The classes: Each class runs 50 minutes—a 45-minute ride plus a five-minute cool down.
Cost: Drop in for $20 per class, or grab a month-to-month membership for $119. They also offer 10 and 20 class passes.

Hive Fit Co

Find it: 10343 Jasper Ave. NW, hivefitco.ca
The atmosphere: This cozy spot has a chic apartment-like vibe (oversized cushion, honeycomb wall shelf and succulents included), but don’t get too relaxed. Instructors aim to motivate everyone who walks through the door to achieve their fitness goals. Along with its cycling offering, there are also row and yoga classes if you feel like switching it up.
The classes: Performed in a dark studio, the 45-minute spin classes also work your arms thanks to weights.
Cost: Individual classes are $20, and one-month passes are $200. They also have 5, 10 and 20 class passes, and offer a discount to students.

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