The Coolest New Spin Studios Across Canada For Your Next Sweat Sesh

Hop in the saddle and get ready to ride at one of these indoor cycling studios across the country

Don’t be intimidated by spinning’s cult-like rep—whether you’re a workout novice or a seasoned pro, this ’90s-born fitness phenomenon is a great way to build endurance and up your cardiovascular health, while also working out your legs, core and arms. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered. Here, the best spin studios across Canada that will whip you into shape.

Best Spin Studios in Vancouver

This studio in Vancouver is one of our picks for the best spinning studios in Canada

Spin Society in Vancouver (Photo: Provoke Studios)

Ride Cycle Club

Find it: 881 Hamilton St., ridecycleclub.com
The atmosphere: The brainchild of Kit and Ace founders Ashley Anders, J.J. and Shannon Wilson, each class is set to a unique playlist for a different experience each time. Post-workout, pamper yourself in the spacious change rooms equipped with goodies from Aesop.
The classes: Classes vary in length from 45 to 60 minutes. They also have the occasional class with a themed playlist, like the Hip Hop Ride, and the upcoming Britney vs. Timberlake Ride.
Cost: 1-5 class passes are available from $26-460; an unlimited one-month membership costs $270, and a three-month membership is $750


Find it: 3630 W 16th Ave., pulsecycling.ca
The atmosphere: Pulse aims to bring riders of all levels together for an engaging and workout, by making sure newbies feel comfortable during their ride, while still pushing more advanced rider to the next level. 
The classes: Its 45-minute classes aim to build your endurance and strength, and reduce impact on knees and joints, while the Pulse Power 1-hour session aids to increase stamina. There’s also an intro classes for those new to cycling, that dishes on common terminology, and the fundamentals of riding.
Cost: Class passes range from $20-$350; monthly unlimited memberships are $199. They also offer discounted rates for students.

Spin Society

Find it: 1332 Granville St., spinsociety.ca
The atmosphere: Looking to up your fitness game? Spin Society focuses its rides on empowerment and transformation.
The classes: The signature 50-minute class delivers a full-body workout with cardio, choreography and strength, adding in small hand weights. There’s also themed classes, and SCTY Basics rides the first Saturday of every month, for those looking for an intro to spin.
Cost: Ride packages are available for 1-30 rides, from $25-$540; monthly passes are also available—get six rides per month for $120, or unlimited for $180

Eastwood Cycle Sanctuary

Find it: 154 West Hastings St., eastwoodcycle.com
The atmosphere: This super-zen studio has a downstairs sanctuary with rock walls, created from the building’s 100-year-old-foundation. They’ve also got you covered if you forget your hair prods at home, stocking all the necessities from AG Hair.
The classes: Choose from one of its 3 available classes: the 45-minute Icon class, an out-of-the-saddle session focused on high RPMs; the Athlete class, for endurance and strength training, and the 45-minute Mamacita class, where childcare is available for riders.
Cost: Drop into a class for $28, or purchase passes for 5, 10 or 20 classes, which range from $130 to $480. Passes are also available at a reduced rate for midday classes, and unlimited passes start at $180 per month.


Find it: 889 Expo Blvd., cyklusvancouver.com
The atmosphere: This motivational studio has a system that links your bike to your account, so you’re able to track your results.
The classes: With 10 different classes to choose from, you’re always able to switch up your routine. Sessions include the high-intensity Groove Ride, and the Foundation Ride, which covers proper alignment and teaches you how to maximize your workout.
Cost: Visit for a single class at $24, or stock up with a class pass for 10-50 classes ranging from $195-$888. Monthly passes are also available for $169.

Best Spin Studios in Calgary

This studio is one of our top picks for spinning classes in Calgary.

Core Spin Club in Calgary (Photo: Krista McRae)

One Cycle

Find it: 2115 4th St. South, one-cycle.com
The atmosphere: Check your fitness fears at the door. Whether you’re a spinning-pro or have never step foot in a studio, One Cycle is all about creating a unified community—it encourages people of all fitness backgrounds to come together for one epic workout.
The classes: Suitable for all levels of cycling experience, each 50-minute class targets legs, as well as the core and arms thanks to choreographed upper body movement and hand weights. While newbies are getting the hang of the workout, seasoned riders can up the ante by increasing resistance and speed.
Cost: 1-20 class passes range from $18 – 280, while a monthly unlimited membership is $179.

YYC Cycle

Find it: 1117B Kensington Rd. NW, yyc-cycle.com
The atmosphere: This cozy studio aims to not only train your body, but your mind as well.
The classes: Each 50-minute class focuses on toning muscles in the legs, core and upper body, as well as bumping up your cardio—and, as you pedal, motivators offer up guidance, inspiration and words of encouragement to help you over any physical or mental obstacles you may encounter.
Cost: 1-20 ride packages are available from $20-$300, while 7 class/per week monthly memberships are $199.

Peloton Cycling

Find it: 109, 1053 10 St. SW, pelotoncycling.ca
The atmosphere: All about the group ride (down to its name, which means “pack of riders in a road race”), this studio focuses on building a community and feeding off each other’s energy—which means instructors encourage a team mentality, rather than every rider for themselves.
The classes: Peloton offers 10 different classes for every skill level, including the high-intensity Party, 2-hour endurance rides and Friday night Ride-Ins, where you can watch a movie while you cycle.
Cost: 1-20 class passes range from $19-$290, and unlimited monthly memberships range from $130-145 per month. Endurance rides are a little extra, ranging from $28-$229.

Soul Spin Studio

Find it: #246, 5126-126 Ave. SE, soulstudios.ca
The atmosphere: Ensuring rider comfort is number one, so the studio has state-of-the art air control and circulation, as well as a fridge filled with cold lemongrass cloths for a post-session cool-down. Along with spin classes, they also offer yoga, barre and bootcamps.
The classes: Its 50-minute cycling sessions aim to not only give you a killer full-body workout, but also clear your mind by encouraging you to focus your attention on finding your rhythm.
Cost: Drop in to a class for $10, or purchase spin class passes, ranging from $19-$289. Unlimited monthly memberships are $159.

Core Spin Club

Find it: 157, 755 Lake Bonavista Dr. SE, corespinclub.ca
The atmosphere: Brought to life by a fit husband and wife duo, Core strives to create a positive environment (instructors are sticklers for creating a sense of community) combined with high-energy workouts and epic playlists.
The classes: Like a dance-party on a bike, these 50-minute classes accommodate all experience levels, and work your legs and upper body.
Cost: Drop in for a single class at $16, or purchase a 5, 10 or 20 ride pass from $75-260. There are also three different monthly membership options: Core, with 7 classes/per month at $75, Core Plus, with unlimited classes for $145, or the Core Platinum one year unlimited membership for $120.

Best Spin Studios in Edmonton

One of our top picks for best spinning classes in Edmonton

Tru Ride in Edmonton (Photo: Dan MacMillan)

YEG Cycle

Find it: 10634 82 Ave. NW, yeg-cycle.com
The atmosphere: YEG Cycle was founded by three born-and-raised Albertans, and teacher-turned-spin instructor Farha Shariff partnered with the crew as co-owner of the Edmonton digs. YEG’s main focus? Finding your happiness through your bike—Shariff likes to incorporate uplifting “truth bombs” into her sessions, like quotes pulled from her fave motivational reads.
The classes: Its 50-minute classes aim to get your blood pumping and toning your legs, core and upper body. They also offer the occasional $10 charity ride.
Cost: 1 ride is $20, and a one-month membership is $199. There are also packages for 5, 10 and 20 rides. Student pricing is also available.

Tru Ride

Find it: 3414 Gateway Blvd., truride.com
The atmosphere: Knowing you’re most likely to stop in to or from work, this studio is fully prepared—not only do they offer complimentary towel service, but the ladies change room is decked out with a professionally lit makeup mirror. But when you’re in class, it’s all about being where you are: every class is candlelit for maximum zen.
The classes: Each class runs 50 minutes—a 45-minute ride plus a five-minute cool down.
Cost: Drop in for $20 per class, or grab a month-to-month membership for $119. They also offer 10 and 20 class passes.

Hive Fit Co

Find it: 10343 Jasper Ave. NW, hivefitco.ca
The atmosphere: This cosy spot has a chic apartment-like vibe (oversized cushion, honeycomb wall shelf and succulents included), but don’t get too relaxed. Instructors aim to motivate everyone who walks through the door to achieve their fitness goals. Along with its cycling offering, there are also row and yoga classes if you feel like switching it up.
The classes: Performed in a dark studio, the 45-minute spin classes also work your arms thanks to weights.
Cost: Individual classes are $20, and one-month passes are $200. They also have 5, 10 and 20 class passes, and offer a discount to students.

Best Spin Studios in Saskatoon

One of our top picks for best spinning classes in Saskatoon

Lifecycle in Saskatoon (Photo: Lifecycle Spin Studio)

Breathe Cycle & Yoga

Find it: #140 – 1804 McOrmond Dr., breathecycle.com
The atmosphere: Breathe allows members to feel free to experiment with their fitness routines, thanks to positive instructors, a killer playlist and unique combo classes.
The classes: 
A variety of classes are available, including Ryde and Yoga, where a yoga instructor takes you through a Yin Yoga practice following your cycling, targeting the hips, pelvis and lower spine. Along with strengthening your muscles, each class also incorporates techniques to help you to reconnect with your breath.
Cost: Single class passes are $22, doubles are $42 and a six-pack is $120. Monthly unlimited passes are also available for $220.

Ryde YXE

Find it: 705 Broadway Ave., rydeyxe.ca
The atmosphere: Saskatoon’s first cycling studio, Ryde takes you through a total body experience—focusing on not just your bod, but helping to clear your mind by offering up a distraction from the outside world. They also like to give back, donating the 100% of the proceeds from Friday night classes to a different charity each month.
The classes: Each high-energy 50-minute class is filled with music and a sense of team work—thanks to synchronized movements—to get your heart pumping.
Cost: $18 for a drop-in ride, 5-20 ride passes range from $75-$225. One-month unlimited ride passes are $155, and 6-month unlimited is $135 a month.


Find it: 1002 Broadway Ave., lifecyclespinstudio.com
The atmosphere: Classes take place in a dark studio, which allows riders to dance on their bike like no one’s watching. There’s also a gratitude track during each class—riders spent the duration of the tune in reflection, and the goal is for everyone feels motivated and empowered to be the best they can be, both inside the studio and out.
The classes: The 45-minute session delivers a full-body workout with choreography and weights.
Cost: The drop-in rate is $16; 8 or 16 spin packs are available from $110; a one-month unlimited pass is available for $140, or 3 months for $380.

Best Spin Studios in Winnipeg

One of our top picks for best spinning classes in Winnipeg

WPG Cycle in Winnipeg (Photo: Dwayne Larson Photography)

Saikel Indoor Cycle Studio

Find it: 2-920 Lorimer Blvd., saikelstudio.com
The atmosphere: If you’re uber-competitive, you’ll be into Saikel’s interactive leaderboard, which allows you to see how you’re stacking up against your classmates. The stadium-style set up for the bikes also makes it easy to follow along with the instructor.
The classes: No matter your skill level, there’s a class for you. Some of the available sessions include the 45-minute Saiked Up, full of high-intensity intervals, and the 45-minute Saikel Sound, that works your full body with a light weight workout.
Cost: Purchase 1-20 ride series ranging from $18-$239, or snag an unlimited-ride membership for $99 a month.

WPG Cycle

Find it: 734 Osborne St., wpg-cycle.com
The atmosphere: At WPG, instructors aim to create a nurturing environment where you can exercise your body and your mind.
The classes: The 50-minute sessions combine endurance and strength training for a sweat-inducing workout.
Cost: $20 for a drop-in class, or purchase a 5, 10 or 20 ride pass from $90 to $280. One-month unlimited passes are $150.

Best Spin Studios in Toronto

One of our top picks for best spinning classes in Toronto

Soulcycle in Toronto (Photo: Phil Crozier)

6ix Cycle

Find it: 1163 Queen St. West, 6ixcycle.com
The atmosphere: The fun-filled classes are as much about the tunes as they are about the workout—they even have rides with themed-playlists, like Throwback Thursday and All Drake Everything.
The classes: Each 50-minute class always feels different because of the every-changing playlist, but you’ll sweat just the same in each and every one.
Cost: $25 for a single ride, and $225 for one month unlimited. They also order class packs ranging for 6, 10, 20 and 30 classes.


Find it: 435 King St. West, soul-cycle.com
The atmosphere: SoulCycle is known for its bright yellow branding, peppy instructors and cult-like celeb following; the King West location was the first Canadian outpost (though a second Toronto location recently opened in Yorkville).
The classes: They offer a variety of rides for every experience level, including teens. The signature SoulCycle ride incorporates hand weights and core work, too.
Cost: Classes are purchased in series, ranging from $30 for a one-off drop-in to $1,000 for a VIP 20-class pack, which allows front of the line class reservations, concierge service and waitlist priority.


Find it: 70 Dan Leckie Way, spokehaus.ca
The atmosphere: If you want a spin class that feels more like a party, this is the place for you. Each class features a curated playlist to set the tone.
The classes: Alongside their usual classes, Spokehaüs devotees can opt for Hotbox classes, which take place in an 27 to 29-degree room.
Cost: Class passes for 1-20 rides range from $25-$390.


Find it: 68 Bathurst St., cykl.ca
The atmosphere: Not your typical polished spin spot, Cykl’s rustic vibe touts raw concrete walls and exposed piping. If you don’t have your own pair of clip-ins, fear not—shoe rentals are complimentary.
The classes: This studio was Toronto’s first to exclusively use RealRyder bikes, which allow you turn, lean and steer like you’re actually on the road. These movements allow more dynamic workout, that activates more muscle groups than traditional indoor bikes for a higher calorie burn.
Cost: The Flex series, with options from 1-50 classes, ranges from $25-$720, while one- or three-month unlimited passes range from $160-$420.


Find it: 978 Queen St. East, torqride.com
The atmosphere: Decked out with sleek white walls, pops of orange, and high-tech bikes, this stylish Leslieville studio is outfitted with a serious sound system to pump you up all through your ride. After each session, your metrics are sent right to your inbox, making it easy to track your progress.
The classes: Torq offers a variety of classes, like its signature endorphin-raising Torq Ride, high-intensity Ride to the Max and endurance-building Speed and Strength.
Cost: 1-10 ride packages range from $22-189. They also offer two memberships—a four ride per month for $69, and an unlimited ride for $199.

Best Spin Studios in Ottawa

One of our top picks for best spinning classes in Ottawa

Wheelhouse in Ottawa (Photo Kenya Jade Pinto)


Find it: 123 Slater St. (and six other locations across the country, including Victoria, Toronto and Halifax), spinco.ca
The atmosphere: It’s all about monochromatic minimalism at this chic spin studio. The black ceiling dotted with lights, white walls and rows of floor-length mirrors offers an ultra-cool atmosphere to get your sweat on.
The classes: Choose between 40- or 50-minute classes, which include Spin x Run where you cycle and run in one sweat sesh, Spin-It-Forward where the proceeds go to The Butterfly Run Charity or Throwback Thursdays where all the tunes bring you waaaay back (we’re looking at you ’80s dance jams). Also, be on the lookout for fun musically themed classes like Beyoncé vs. Jay Z.
Cost: New riders get two weeks of unlimited classes for $50; 1-50 class cards are available from $20-$720. One month to six month unlimited passes are available from $120-$150.

Inner Soul Yoga & Cycle

Find it: 350 Viewmount Dr., innersoul.ca
The atmosphere: Don’t be deceived by its calm aesthetic, this studio’s spin sessions are high-energy. If you need to relax post-spin, give one of its rejuvenating yoga classes a try.
The classes: Inner Soul offers four types of cycling classes: a 40-minute beginner spin, a high-energy 1-hour spin, and two total body classes that incorporate hand weights—a one hour session, and a two.
Cost: Single classes are $15; 5-30 class cards are available from $55-$270. One month to one year unlimited passes are also available from $69-$799.


Find it: 1279 Wellington St. West, wheelhousecycle.ca
The atmosphere: Ottawa’s first boutique spin studio, this high-energy studio keeps the lights at a minimum and the music on blast.
The classes: The signature ride incorporates speed and endurance into a 45-minute full-body workout.
Cost: Purchase 1-20 ride passes from $20-$280, a one-month membership for $175, or a 3-month membership for $129 per month.

Spin City

Find it: 203 Bank St., spin-city.ca
The atmosphere: Offering up a space to get fit and clear your head, they offer classes by candlelight lead by motivating instructors. If you’re looking to get outdoors, they offer a private road bike club that’s free to members who have been active for more than three months.
The classes: Its signature 45-minute class focuses on complete body muscle toning, suitable for all levels.
Cost: 1-10 class passes range from $20-90, while monthly unlimited spin memberships are $100.

The Dailey Method

Find it: 99 Fifth Ave. Unit 10, thedaileymethod.com
The atmosphere: One of five Canadian studios from the San Fran-born chain, The Dailey Method focuses on correct body alignment and training two different types of muscles for improved movement and overall fitness.
The classes: The 45-minute session aims to get your heart pounding for a high calorie burn. [the info about
Cost: A 3-class per month membership is $51, while a Core Cycle unlimited membership is $169.

Best Spin Studios in Montreal

 One of our top picks for best spinning classes in Montreal

B.Cycle (Photo: Francisco Lisci)

Spin Énergie

Find it: 3483 Ave. du Parc, spinenergie.com
The atmosphere: From the fictional Stars Hollow to Montreal’s downtown core, this sleek studio was brought to life by Yanic Truesdale, the actor best known for his role as the Celine Dion-devotee Michel on Gilmore Girls.
The classes: Each 45-minute class is high-energy for a calorie burn that increases your strength and cardio.
Cost: One class is $20, and class passes are available for 5-20 classes, starting at $95. Unlimited monthly passes are $195.


Find it: 601 rue de la Gauchetière W, bcyclespin.com
The atmosphere: Each class is set to a carefully crafted playlist for a fun workout that’s equal parts work and play. B.Cycle also makes it a cinch to keep track of your fitness goals thanks to a live in-class statistics board. They even store your in-class results, including speed and resistance, in a personal online performance tracker.
The classes: Designed for maximum calorie burn, the 45-minute ride provides a full-body workout that not only tones your legs, but your core and your upper body, too.
Cost: 1-50 class passes are available, starting at $25; unlimited monthly passes are $180.

Cadence Cycle

Find it: 2585 Bates Rd., cadence-cycle.com
The atmosphere: Bike-themed graffiti-inspired art covers the walls of this Mont-Royal studio, and the workouts are fittingly hardcore—it was Montreal’s first spin studio to incorporate full body workouts.
The classes: Along with the signature 45 and 60 minute rides, they have a collection of themed classes, like the ’90s ride, Request ride and Bring a Friend Free.
Cost: Your first ride is $15, then single rides are $25. 5-50 ride class passes are available, too, ranging from $120 – $1000.

Elmnt Studio

Find it: 6000 Monkland Ave., elmnt.studio
The atmosphere: This full-service studio has everything you could need post-workout (think hair and body products, yoga mats and towel service). They also offer yoga and movement classes, like barre and high intensity interval training, in addition to spin.
The classes: With five classes to choose from, you’ll always be able to switch up your routine. Classes include the rave-like Rhythm Ride, and the interval-heavy Grind Cycle.
Cost: Try your first class for $10, then single classes are $20. 5-50 class packs are also available, starting at $98.

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