Where to Find the Best Spin Studios in Calgary

Cow Town? More like Spin Town!

Cow Town might as well be named Spin Town, the competition for studios is so fierce. Whether you’re in the mood for a dance party, a high intensity full body workout or a Ride-In where you can legit watch a movie while you peddle away, Calgary has got a class for you. Click here for more of the best spin studios from across Canada. 

All the best spin studios in Calgary

Core Spin Club in Calgary (Photo: Krista McRae)

One Cycle

Find it: 2115 4th St. South, one-cycle.com
The atmosphere: Check your fitness fears at the door. Whether you’re a spinning-pro or have never step foot in a studio, One Cycle is all about creating a unified community—it encourages people of all fitness backgrounds to come together for one epic workout.
The classes: Suitable for all levels of cycling experience, each 50-minute class targets legs, as well as the core and arms thanks to choreographed upper body movement and hand weights. While newbies are getting the hang of the workout, seasoned riders can up the ante by increasing resistance and speed.
Cost: 1-20 class passes range from $18 – 280, while a monthly unlimited membership is $179.

YYC Cycle

Find it: 1117B Kensington Rd. NW, yyc-cycle.com
The atmosphere: This cozy studio aims to not only train your body, but your mind as well.
The classes: Each 50-minute class focuses on toning muscles in the legs, core and upper body, as well as bumping up your cardio—and, as you pedal, motivators offer up guidance, inspiration and words of encouragement to help you over any physical or mental obstacles you may encounter.
Cost: 1-20 ride packages are available from $20-$300, while 7 class/per week monthly memberships are $199.

Peloton Cycling

Find it: 109, 1053 10 St. SW, pelotoncycling.ca
The atmosphere: All about the group ride (down to its name, which means “pack of riders in a road race”), this studio focuses on building a community and feeding off each other’s energy—which means instructors encourage a team mentality, rather than every rider for themselves.
The classes: Peloton offers 10 different classes for every skill level, including the high-intensity Party, 2-hour endurance rides and Friday night Ride-Ins, where you can watch a movie while you cycle.
Cost: 1-20 class passes range from $19-$290, and unlimited monthly memberships range from $130-145 per month. Endurance rides are a little extra, ranging from $28-$229.

Soul Spin Studio

Find it: #246, 5126-126 Ave. SE, soulstudios.ca
The atmosphere: Ensuring rider comfort is number one, so the studio has state-of-the art air control and circulation, as well as a fridge filled with cold lemongrass cloths for a post-session cool-down. Along with spin classes, they also offer yoga, barre and bootcamps.
The classes: Its 50-minute cycling sessions aim to not only give you a killer full-body workout, but also clear your mind by encouraging you to focus your attention on finding your rhythm.
Cost: Drop in to a class for $10, or purchase spin class passes, ranging from $19-$289. Unlimited monthly memberships are $159.

Core Spin Club

Find it: 157, 755 Lake Bonavista Dr. SE, corespinclub.ca
The atmosphere: Brought to life by a fit husband and wife duo, Core strives to create a positive environment (instructors are sticklers for creating a sense of community) combined with high-energy workouts and epic playlists.
The classes: Like a dance-party on a bike, these 50-minute classes accommodate all experience levels, and work your legs and upper body.
Cost: Drop in for a single class at $16, or purchase a 5, 10 or 20 ride pass from $75-260. There are also three different monthly membership options: Core, with 7 classes/per month at $75, Core Plus, with unlimited classes for $145, or the Core Platinum one year unlimited membership for $120.

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