The Best Places to Get a Spray Tan in Edmonton

Say hello to bronzed, summer-ready skin!

ICYMI, the sun can do serious damage on your skin, especially if you spend your summer days soaking up those UVA/UVB rays without SPF. But don’t fret if you’re as obsessed with looking like a bronzed goddess as we are. Spray tans are the perf alternative to getting your glow on without exposing your presh flesh to the harsh elements. These are the best places to get a spray tan in Edmonton, whether you’re a sunless tanning virgin or veteran. Once you’ve got your tan on at all of our fave spots in the city, book an appointment at the best spray tan salons from Vancouver to St. John’s.

The front desk at Edmonton's OrganicTan with products, one of the best places to get a spray tan in Canada

OrganicTan in Edmonton (Pictured is Vanity Vault in Calgary which also has OrganicTan services) (Photo: Courtesy Suntan)

Planet Beach Spray & Spa

Find it: 16534 95 St., 13543 St. Albert Trail, 3414 Gateway Blvd., planetbeachcanada.com
The vibe: This spray tanning boutique and spa, adorned with the brightest purple walls, is a must-try if you’re looking for the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation while you get your tan on. They offer massages, guided meditation and infrared sauna sessions on top of spray tanning, so you’ll be bronzed *and* totally zen.
Prices: $39 per application, $99 for three sessions, $169 for six sessions, $69 per month for a membership 
Book online: 
No, but call or email the World Health North location, the World Health South location or the Namao Centre location to book an appointment


Find it: 10830 124 St., plus hundreds of other locations across the country, organictan.ca
The vibe: Newsflash: a lot of self tanning prods are chock-full of harmful chemicals that are not only bad for your skin but bad for the environment, too. This Alberta-based company has their own line of organic prods, SunnaTan, for a guilt-free spray tan that will make you look and feel like you belong on a tropical island.
Prices: $50 per application, $40 per application on Thursdays from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., $65 per application for a spray tan at home
Book online: 

Glitz Spray Tanning

Find it: 1606 Sherwood Dr, Sherwood Park, glitzspraytanning.net
The vibe: This girlie spray tanning boutique is less than a 20-minute drive from Edmonton. From the adorbs quotes on the walls  (“I’ve got 99 problems and my tan ain’t one”) to the chic black, white and pastel pink interior, this spot is almost as Instagram-worthy as the bronzed skin you’re gonna have after your spray sesh.
Prices: $39 to $49 per application, $95 for four sessions
Book online: 

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