The Best Places to Get a Spray Tan Across Canada

Say hello to bronzed, summer-ready skin!

Real talk: When it comes to summer skin, you’re either naturally #blessed with a bronzed glow or you have to layer on SPF 50+ every time you step outside to avoid burning to a crisp (*slowly raises hand*). If you don’t want to expose your presh flesh to the harsh UVA/UVB rays that do serious damage to your skin, but you still want to look like you just got back from a sunny vacation, you’re probably no stranger to spray tanning. But let’s be honest, it can be tough to self-tan at home (weird tan lines and streaky applications are literally the worst) or find a spot in your city to get a faux tan. Well, we did the work for you and rounded up the best places to get a spray tan across Canada. Turns out, you can still look like you just got back from a week-long getaway in the Maldives without ever leaving the city.

Best Places to Get a Spray Tan in Vancouver

The front lobby of Vancouver's Luxe Beauty Lounge, one of the best places to get a spray tan in Canada

Luxe Beauty Lounge in Vancouver (Photo: Michael Gordon)

YouTan Studios

Find it: 86 Smithe St., youtanyaletown.com
The vibe: If you want to strip your spray tan experience of harsh chemicals and unpronounceable ingredients, then you have to book your next spray tan at this quaint, friendly tanning studio. Their 100% organic formula has ingredients like watermelon, green tea and brown sugar that will naturally give you a bronzed and sun-kissed complexion.
Prices: $40 to $50 per application
Book online: Yes

Spa on 4th

Find it: 2185 W 4th Ave., spaon4th.com
The vibe: Located in the charming Kitsilano neighbourhood, this calming day spa uses Vita Liberata (organic and odourless) and Guinot (it’s personalized and will make your skin radiant) for their spray tans. All you have to do is choose which treatment is right for you and then your bod will be summer-ready in no time!
Prices: $45 to $75 per application
Book online:

Cocoa Tanning Studio

Find it: 1165 Pacific Blvd., cocoatanning.ca
The vibe: This contemporary Yaletown tanning studio has a simple, serene interior that will immeds put you in a calmer state of mind for your spray tanning sesh. This locale is equipped with teeth whitening and makeup services, too, which is perf if you’ve got a big event or photoshoot coming up.
Prices: $50 per application, $25 per application on Tuesdays, $75 per application with an airbrush, $50 per application with an airbrush on Thursdays
Book online:

Luxe Beauty Lounge

Find it: 1208 Homer St. #123, luxebeautylounge.com
The vibe: This dainty beauty lounge, which has the sweetest light pink and white interior, has all of your bases covered when it comes to your beauty regimen. From mani/pedis to organic facials and airbrush spray tanning, this spot is perf for a #selfcaresunday rejuvenation.
Prices: $49 per application
Book online:

Best Places to Get a Spray Tan in Calgary

The front lobby of Calgary's Bronze Baxx Tanning, one of the best places to get a spray tan in Canada

Bronze Baxx Tanning in Calgary (Photo: Kolby Meyers)

California Tan

Find it: 10816 Macleod Trail #272, caltan.ca
The vibe: This colourful tanning joint offers both sunless tanning booths and airbrush spray tanning services, depending on the type of look that you want (the latter is more natural and customizable, the former is quicker and perf for spray tan veterans). The staff is also super friendly and knowledgable, so if it’s your first time or your fifteenth time, you’ll feel right at home.
Prices: $40 to $55 per application, $100 to $145 for three sessions, $150 to $225 for five sessions
Book online:

Faux Tan

Find it: 502 Rideau Rd. SW, fauxtan.ca
The vibe: As the name would suggest, this spray tan studio is one-hundo p tanning bed-free. If you’ve got an upcoming wedding, vacation or photoshoot (or just want that healthy glow for summer), Faux Tan has got you covered—literally. Plus, they offer mobile tanning services if you want to get bronzed in the comfort of your own home.
Prices: $40 per application, $110 for three sessions, $150 for five sessions
Book online:
No, call (403) 689-8510 or email infaux@shaw.ca to book an appointment

Bronze Baxx Tanning Salons

Find it: 1919 Sirocco Dr. SW, 2015 4 St. SW, 250 Shawville Blvd. SE #101, 35 McKenzie Towne Ave. SE, bronzebaxxtanning.com
The vibe: These spray tanning pros are *so* over the sunless tanning booths—it’s all about custom, airbrushing by hand. They’re best known for their unique spray tan technique from Australia (a.k.a where all of the bronzed goddesses come from) and the natural, hypoallergenic formula that will give you the most realistic “I just got back from the beach” look.
Prices: $30 to $70 per application, $160 to $190 for three sessions, $250 to $300 for five sessions, $430 to $530 for 10 sessions
Book online:

Best Places to Get a Spray Tan in Edmonton

The front desk at Edmonton's OrganicTan with products, one of the best places to get a spray tan in Canada

OrganicTan in Edmonton (Pictured is Vanity Vault in Calgary which also has OrganicTan services) (Photo: Courtesy Suntan)

Planet Beach Spray & Spa

Find it: 16534 95 St., 13543 St. Albert Trail, 3414 Gateway Blvd., planetbeachcanada.com
The vibe: This spray tanning boutique and spa, adorned with the brightest purple walls, is a must-try if you’re looking for the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation while you get your tan on. They offer massages, guided meditation and infrared sauna sessions on top of spray tanning, so you’ll be bronzed *and* totally zen.
Prices: $39 per application, $99 for three sessions, $169 for six sessions, $69 per month for a membership 
Book online:
No, but call or email the World Health North location, the World Health South location or the Namao Centre location to book an appointment


Find it: 10830 124 St., plus hundreds of other locations across the country, organictan.ca
The vibe: Newsflash: a lot of self tanning prods are chock-full of harmful chemicals that are not only bad for your skin but bad for the environment, too. This Alberta-based company has their own line of organic prods, SunnaTan, for a guilt-free spray tan that will make you look and feel like you belong on a tropical island.
Prices: $50 per application, $40 per application on Thursdays from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., $65 per application for a spray tan at home
Book online: 

Glitz Spray Tanning

Find it: 1606 Sherwood Dr, Sherwood Park, glitzspraytanning.net
The vibe: This girlie spray tanning boutique is less than a 20-minute drive from Edmonton. From the adorbs quotes on the walls  (“I’ve got 99 problems and my tan ain’t one”) to the chic black, white and pastel pink interior, this spot is almost as Instagram-worthy as the bronzed skin you’re gonna have after your spray sesh.
Prices: $39 to $49 per application, $95 for four sessions
Book online:

Best Places to Get a Spray Tan in Saskatoon

Two tanned legs in the pool - the best places to get a spray tan in Canada

(Photo: iStock)

Bronzed by Brittani

Find it: 46 Churchill Dr., bronzedbybrittani.com
The vibe: Owner and tanner extraordinaire Brittani alongside her talented team offers personalized spray tanning services for a one-of-a-kind hue that speaks to you (and your skin tone). Bonus: they also offer spray tan training if you want to give airbrushing a try and delve into the world of faux tanning yourself!
Prices: $20 to 36 per application, $30 per application on Mondays
Book online:


Find it: 380 2nd Ave. N,  3521 8 St. E,  410 Ludlow St. #8, 234 Primrose Dr. #5a, fabutan.com
The vibe: This Canadian tanning biz has studios from sea to shining sea, so you can get your tan on wherever you are in the country. This well-loved company offers spray tans with their customizable paraban-free formula, so your tan will look like your actual skin, just more bronzed and glowy, rather than a not-so-chic shade of Doritos.
Prices: $29 per application, $65 for three sessions, $94 for five sessions
Book online:
No, but call the studio that is closest to you to book an appointment

Best Places to Get Spray Tan in Winnipeg

The front lobby of Winnipeg's Tan FX, one of the best places to get a spray tan in Canada

Tan FX in Winnipeg (Photo: Courtesy Tan FX Canada Inc.)

Lava Suntan Studios

Find it: 166 Meadowood Dr., 1783 Plessis Rd., 6640 Roblin Blvd., lavasuntanstudios.com
The vibe: At this homey tanning salon, you can choose between their spray tan booths (offering light, medium and dark tones, plus a bronzer and a subtle scent for your skin) or their airbrush spray tanning (for a one-of-a-kind hue), depending on the type of tan you’re looking for.
Prices: $35 per application, $69 per month for unlimited applications
Book online: No, but call the studio that is closest to you to book an appointment


Find it: 2367 Ness Ave., 1114 Henderson Hwy, tanfx.ca
The vibe: With locations all across the country (and two chic spots in the ‘Peg), it’s safe to say this beauty biz has mastered the art of spray tanning. They’re equipped with three different sunless tanning booths so you’ll get spritzed and sprayed from H2T (head-to-toe, obvi).
Prices: $37 per application, $89 per month for a membership
Book online: 
No, but call the studio that is closest to you to book an appointment

Best Places to Get a Spray Tan in Toronto

The front lobby of Toronto's Schulz Beauty, one of the best places to get a spray tan in Canada

Schulz Beauty in Toronto (Photo: Courtesy Schulz Beauty)


Find it: 1509 Danforth Ave., 2 College St. #202,  2406A Bloor St. W, sugarmoonsalon.com
The vibe: This eco-friendly tanning salon uses self-tanner brand SunFX, which has hypoallergenic and organic ingredients to give you that natural, healthy glow just in time for the warm weather. They also offer spray tanning for men, so you are more than welcome to bring your boo along. 
Prices: $25 to $65 per application
Book online:

Bronzed by Bloom

Find it: 783 Queen St. W, 3rd Floor, bronzedbybloom.com
The vibe: This hip Queen Street West spray tanning destination is a fave amongst the Raptors Dance Pak for their amazing organic, vegan and gluten-free formula and the super talented all-female staff. Don’t want to travel downtown to get your tan on? No prob—their mobile tanning services are amaze.
Prices: $50 to $70 per application, $40 to $70 per month for a membership, $150 per month for unlimited spray tanning
Book online:

Solace Tanning Studios

Find it: 464 Queens Quay W, solacetanning.com
The vibe: Located right by the scenic waterfront, this luxe tanning studio has three different solutions for their spray tans, depending on your skin type—clear for a more natural look and dark bronze and Venetian bronze for an instant, fresh from the beach lewk.
Prices: $35 per application, $150 for five sessions, $250 for 10 sessions, $110 for 30 days of unlimited spray tanning
Book online:
No, but call (416) 345-8484 or email info@solacetanning.com to book an appointment

Schulz Beauty

Find it: 39 Stewart St., schulzbeauty.ca
The vibe: This modern, minimalist beauty and makeup studio has an expansive tanning menu, whether you want to glow-on-the-go or need a bit of contour for a little extra oomph. They also have a ton of covetable prods on chic rose gold shelves if you want to maintain your tan long after your appointment.
Prices: $35 to $70 per application
Book online:

Foxbar & Co.

Find it: 5 Manor Rd. W, foxbarco.com
The vibe: This elegant beauty studio is best known for their super natural-looking hair extensions, but they just so happen to do a killer custom spray tan, too. Using Vita Liberata prods, you can personalize your colour to the perfect shade that is more sun-kissed than sun burnt (yaaas!). They also have spray tanning parties which double as a perf pre-wedding pamper sesh for you and your bachelorettes.
Prices: $55 to $65 per application
Book online:
No, but call (416) 219-4481 or email info@foxbarco.com to book an appointment

Best Places to Get a Spray Tan in Ottawa

The front lobby of Ottawa's iTan Advanced Tanning Studios, one of the best places to get a spray tan in Canada

iTan Advanced Tanning Studios in Ottawa (Photo: Courtesy iTan Advanced Tanning Studios)

Bel-O-Sol Tanning Studio

Find it: 1836 Bank St., ottawatanningsalon.com
The vibe: This eastend tanning studio has the hook-up when it comes to an odour-, cruelty- and comedogenic-free  tan, which is perf if you’ve got sensitive skin, don’t want to clog your pores and want to support a business that doesn’t test on animals (so…all of us?).
Prices: $29 to $43 per application, $58 to $86 for three sessions, $48 to $80 for 30 days
Book online:
No, but call (613) 909-0012 or email info@belosoltanning.com to book an appointment

iTan Advanced Tanning Studios

Find it: 1759 St Laurent Blvd., 133 Besserer St., 1667 Carling Ave., 190 MacLaren St., 1867 Merivale Rd., 474 Hazeldean Rd., 3191 Strandherd Dr., 900 Watters Rd., itanstudios.com
The vibe: With eight locations dotted around the nation’s capital, you’ll understand why this award-winning tanning salon is a local favourite. Their three sunless tanning booths have a heater and a dryer, so you’ll stay warm and dry while you get sprayed (no more self-tanner getting on your clothes—praise be!).
Prices: $25 to $31 per application, $70 to $130 for 30 days of spray tanning, $43 to $83 for a monthly membership
Book online:

Tan on the Run

Find it: Your house, tanontherun.com
The vibe: If you’re like us and the thought of dragging yourself a tanning salon is just too much work, you have to try Tan on the Run, where they literally give you a spray tan in your home. They have a menu of different hues and add-ons (like a smoothie shot to smooth over cellulite or youth juice for a dewy glow) to make your treatment just the way you want it.
Prices: $50 to $70+ per application
Book online:

Best Places to Get a Spray Tan in Montreal

A photo of the lobby with furniture and a mannequin at Montreal's T.A.N., one of the best places to get a spray tan in Canada

T.A.N. in Montreal (Photo: Courtesy T.A.N.)


Find it: 3833 St Jacques St., barbarellaspa.com
The vibe: This playful day spa is adorned with the cutest décor, from cartoon hands with fresh nail polish painted on the walls to the bright mustard couch in the reception area. This St. Henri spot started off as strictly a spray tanning biz (using a safe, organic formula), but has since expanded to nails, eyelash extensions and waxing, too.
Prices: $19 to $46 per application
Book online:


Find it: 46 Avenue Ste Anne, Pointe-Claire, tanmontreal.com
The vibe: If you’re willing to head out of the city for an out-of-this-world spray tan, an appointment with these tanning pros is worth the 30-minute trek. As Montreal’s first sunless tanning boutique, this spot (which uses an amazing vegan formula) has done over 36,000 tans (nbd), so it’s safe to say your skin is in good hands.
Prices: $25 to $40 per application, $200 for six sessions, $400 for 13 sessions
Book online:

Le Bronzage du Plateau

Find it: 4457 St Laurent Blvd., lebronzageduplateau.com
The vibe: As soon as you step inside this unique tanning salon, you’ll immediately feel like you’ve entered a tropical oasis. (If you close your eyes, you might actually start to think you’re in Bora Bora.) The locale is decked out with faux foliage and tiki-inspired huts, so even in the depths of winter, you can come here for an escape.
Prices: $25 to $45 per application
Book online:
No, but call (514) 313-6565 or email lebronzageduplateau@gmail.com to book an appointment

Lolita Beauté

Find it: 6042 Côte Saint Luc Rd., lolitabeaute.com
The vibe: For babes on a budget, this quaint day spa is offering up super affordable spray tans that will give you that summer glow without forcing you to skip out on your weekly #WineWednesday meet-up to save your money. They do lash extensions, manis and, of course, spray tans, so this spot is truly a one-stop-shop for all of your beauty needs.
Prices: $15 to $29 per application
Book online:

M Biospa

Find it: 475 Avenue du Président-Kennedy, mbiospa.ca
The vibe: Located in the Delta Montréal hotel, this luxurious spa and wellness centre uses an organic formula for their spray tans, which only takes 15 minutes to be applied and absorbed. If you need a quick bronze on-the-go, this chic destination is for you, but if you want to luxuriate all day long, indulge in their other must-try spa services (like the oxygen bar or fruit-infused body treatments).
Prices: $65 to $85 per application
Book online:

Best Places to Get a Spray Tan in Halifax

The front lobby of Halifax's Life Salon Spa, one of the best places to get a spray tan in Canada

Life Salon Spa in Halifax (Photo: Courtesy Life Salon Spa)

Healthy Glow Spray Tan

Find it: 199 Cresthaven Dr., healthyglowhfx.com
The vibe: Run by Halifax local and beauty boss, Colleen Stockall, this personalized spray tanning service is all about giving you a bronzed glow that fits your specific skin tone (no more orange nightmares). She’ll exfoliate and moisturize your skin for a smooth and even application that looks like you just got back from a sunny vacay.
Prices: $50 per application
Book online:
No, but call or text (902) 266-2665 or email colleen@healthyglowhfx.com to book an appointment

Life Salon Spa

Find it: 99 Hector Gate, Dartmouth, lifesalonspa.com
The vibe: The 20-minute drive from downtown Hali will be *so* worth it when you catch a glimpse of your seriously glowy skin in the mirror. This modern salon with drool-worthy displays of must-have beauty prods uses Aviva for their spray tans, which is perf if you have sensitive skin. (It’s hypoallergenic!)
Prices: $45 per application, $180 for five sessions
Book online:

Sun City Tanning Studio

Find it: 1569 Dresden Row, suncitytanningstudio.com
The vibe: If you’re looking for a gluten- and cruelty-free spray tan formula in a super cool high-tech booth, this chic salon is for you. They’re maj VeraSpa enthusiasts and their three-step system primes, bronzes and moisturizes in one session.
Prices: $30 per application, $140 for five sessions
Book online: 
No, but call (902) 423-2222 or email suncityHFX@gmail.com to book an appointment

Best Places to Get a Spray Tan in Charlottetown

A bunch of chairs in the waiting room at Charlottetown's Pure Spa, one of the best places to get a spray tan in Canada

Pure Spa in Charlottetown (Photo: Courtesy Pure Spa)

Forever Young Esthetics

Find it: 115 Nassau St., foreveryoungestheticspei.com
The vibe: If an organic, all-natural tan is what you seek, hit up this home business, run by aesthetics goddess Dianne Young. The space offers an intimate, personalized experience where you feel like you’re getting primped and pampered at a family member’s house rather than at a stuffy salon.
Prices: $25 per application
Book online:
No, but call (902) 569-5729 to book an appointment

Renew You Salon

Find it: 260 Grafton St., renewyoupei.com
The vibe: This cozy-chic day spa, complete with light teal walls and counters of covetable cosmetics, is housed in a nautical building that you would only find on the East Coast. Plus, their tanning prods are gluten- and cruelty-free and they dry in three minutes, so you can immeds hit the beach after your appointment.
Prices: $29 to $39 per application
Book online:
No, but call (902) 370-6772 or email renewyoupei@outlook.com to book an appointment

Pure Spa

Find it: 4 Prince St., purespapei.com
The vibe: Step inside this serene sanctuary and you’ll immediately feel relaxed thanks to the rustic wooden accents, cozy leather seating and, around the corner, calming light blue walls. Their oil-free spray tan formula will not only turn you into a bronzed goddess, but it will also leave your skin moisturized and dewy without clogging your pores.
Prices: $60 per application
Book online:

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