Where to Go for the Best Bikini Wax Near You

PSA: it's time to break up with your razor this bikini season

Whether you’re jetting off to a chic tropical getaway or simply praying to Mother Nature that she’ll bring summer weather stat, we can pretty much guarantee you’ll be breaking out your bathing suit sometime soon (if you haven’t already). Choosing to rock a high-cut one-piece, sexy string bikini or a more modest high-waisted number usually comes with the realization that you haven’t groomed your bikini line since the first snowfall (no judgements here). If you’re all for going au natch, all the power to you, but if you are feeling like it’s time for a little refresh, we’ve rounded up the best places to get a bikini wax across Canada, so you can get you ready for the warm weather, no matter how you like to wear your hair down there. After all, a beach day shouldn’t involve ingrown hairs and razor burns, amiright ladies?

Best Bikini Wax in Vancouver

Vancouver's Stripped Wax Bar is one of the best places for a bikini wax in Canada

Stripped Wax Bar in Vancouver (Photo: Stripped Wax Bar)


Find it: 424 Homer St., coalitionskin.com
The low-down: Also known as #thepussyshop, this self-described intersectionally feminist company prides itself on its body positivity, because women are truly meant to be in love with their vaginas. (Yaaaas!) Plus, their seriously chic Instagram is an artful array of tasteful photographs where the nether region gets the attention it deserves.
Price: $30 to $69
Book online: Yes

Bare Wax Bar

Find it: 1828 W 1st Ave., 2065 W 4th Avenue, Unit #101, barewax.com
The low-down: This friendly wax bar is dotted with botanical touches, from the lime green accents to the chic metallic wallpaper (talk about a calming environment to get your wax on). Plus, they use natural, Canadian-made, cream-based wax, which is perf for sensitive skin.
Price: $25 to $40
Book online: Yes

Stripped Wax Bar

Find it: 1016 Mainland St., 1990 W 4th Ave., 50 Lonsdale Ave. #207, strippedwaxbar.com
The low-down: This popular spot is a staple amongst Vancity’s waxing veterans because of the knowledgeable aestheticians, cleanly rep and playful interior. Each room is decorated with bold black and white striped walls which feel more chic boutique than wax bar.
Price: $35 to $60
Book online: Yes


Find it: 4857 Main St., waxmi.com
The low-down: From the exposed brick to the geometric accents and artwork lining the walls, this upscale waxing boutique, which specializes in Brazilian waxing, has the most elegant touches. The talented team will immeds put you at ease throughout the treatment with a complimentary bevvie before you get started and an all around relaxed, upbeat vibe.
Price: $32 to $47
Book online: Yes

Sugar Box Waxing Boutique

Find it: 1025 Cambie St., mysugarbox.com
The low-down: With pale pink walls and vintage furniture, every inch of this chic waxing boutique screams cuuuuute! The aestheticians are all about celebrating womanhood and making waxing a fun, enjoyable experience. If you’re looking to take your bikini wax to the next level, you can add some hair dye or Swarovski crystals (vajazzling, duh) for an OTT lewk.
Price: $35 to $60
Book online: Yes

Best Bikini Wax in Calgary

Calgary's Frilly Lilly is one of the best places for a bikini wax in Canada

Frilly Lilly in Calgary (Photo: Frilly Lilly)

Golden Peach Wax Bar

Find it: 815 1 St. SW, Suite #502, goldenpeach.ca
The low-down: The “waxing rockstars” at this is adorable wax bar want getting groomed down there to feel like you’re getting ready for a night out with your closest girlfriends: it should be fun, easygoing and judgement-free. The team also offers vaginal facials, which helps smooth out ingrown hairs and refreshes sensitive skin around your bikini line. Turns out, your “peach” needs pampering and primping, too.
Price: $25
Book online: Yes

Frilly Lilly

Find it: 2105 4 St. SW,  244-7337 Macleod Trail SW, 420 11 McKenzie Towne Ave. SE, 1106 3 Ave. NW, 550 6 Ave. SE, 150 Crowfoot Cres. NW, 19 – 12424 Symons Valley Rd. NW, 232 – 70 Shawville Blvd. SE, 133 – 339 Aspen Glen Landing SW, 1939 33 Ave. SW, frillylilly.ca
The low-down: Whether you’re looking for the Hawaiian (perf for a g-string bikini) or the Alaskan (a little off the sides), this feminine waxing boutique has a range of styles for you to choose from. With 14 locations across Alberta alone, it’s safe to say this spot is a go-to for ladies on the West Coast. Bonus: they also have their own line of bikini care prods to help with maintenance in between appointments. 
Price: $25 to $68
Book online: Yes

Waxy Boutique

Find it: 6455 Macleod Trail, waxyboutique.ca
The low-down: Located in the CF Chinook Centre, this quaint locale uses soft wax for sensitive skin, which helps make the process and the aftercare much more painless. Owner Kenia Fuentes has over 14 years of aesthetic experience and a dedicated clientele who swear by her for their every waxing need.
Price: $35 to $45
Book online: Yes

Best Bikini Wax in Edmonton

Edmonton's Buff Wax Spot is one of the best places for a bikini wax in Canada

Buff Wax Spot in Edmonton (Photo: Emilie Iggiotti)

Icon Hair & Body

Find it: 129 10150 Jasper Ave., iconhair.ca
The low-down: This elegant hair salon and beauty boutique uses sustainable, environmentally friendly products and services that are not only good for the environment but good for your bod, too. With marble floors, high ceilings and chic silk curtains, the monochromatic space has everything you would want in your new fave beauty spot.
Price: $50
Book online: No, call 780-757-4266 or email info@iconhair.ca to book an appointment

Buff Wax Spot

Find it: 9220 Ellerslie Rd. SW, buffwaxspot.com
The low-down: As Edmonton’s premiere wax bar for both ladies and gents, this cheeky, playful destination truly knows how to #buffyourfluff. Right as you walk in, there’s a shelf of carefully curated products with a sign saying, “Spring Weed Control” hanging above. Plus, they have the hook-up with vajacial services for a few weeks before or after your bikini wax appointment.
Price: $25 to $35
Book online: Yes

Best Bikini Wax in Saskatoon

Saskatoon's Prairie Bliss is one of the best places for a bikini wax in Canada

Prairie Bliss in Saskatoon (Photo: Ficus Creative Studio)

Definitely You Spa

Find it: 715 47 St. W, @definitelyyouspa
The low-down: With 15 years of experience as a business, this supes affordable waxing destination won’t break the bank for babes on a budget. As the name of this veteran spa would suggest, it’s all about you (and your pubes) when it comes to your bikini wax.
Price: $6
Book online: No, call 306-244-5588 to book an appointment

Prairie Bliss

Find it: 3130 8 St. E #9, prairieblisslaser.com
The low-down: This rustic-chic medical spa offers laser, cosmetic, spa and wellness services, which makes this spot a one-stop-shop for all of your beauty needs. Award-winning aestheticians Tara and Shawna specialize in waxing, making it as painless as possible.
Price: $20
Book online: Yes

Best Bikini Wax in Winnipeg

Winnipeg's The Magic Room Spa is one of the best places for a bikini wax in Canada

The Magic Room Spa in Winnipeg (Photo: The Magic Room Spa)

Advanced Body Sugaring & Aesthetics By Maria

Find it: 837 Corydon Ave, sugaringbymaria.com
The low-down: Although this *technically* isn’t waxing, we are literally obsessed with sugaring (using a sugar paste to remove hair—owner and aesthetician extraordinaire Maria Volcke created her own all-natural version). It’s a less painful alternative that leaves your skin soft and supple sans itchy bumps and painful rashes.
Price: $35 to $39
Book online: Yes

The Magic Room Spa

Find it: 264 Edmonton St., magicroomspa.com
The low-down: This spacious, brightly lit day spa (it’s over 7,000 sq ft., nbd) offers a range of aesthetic and spa services, including waxing and sugaring for your bikini line. With over 50 years in the industry, this spot is the OG of luxe spas in the city.
Book online: No, call 204-943-6702 to book an appointment

Bare Body Sugaring

Find it: 580 Academy Rd., 36 Barberry Rd., barebodysugar.com
The low-down: If you’re tired of waxing, this sweet sugaring spot is perf for you. The talented team has done over 4,000 Brazilians using a sugar, lemon and water mixture to remove hair, so you could basically say they have mastered the art of grooming vajs.
Price: $33
Book online: Yes

Best Bikini Wax in Toronto

Toronto's Fuzz Wax Bar is one of the best places for a bikini wax in Canada

Fuzz Wax Bar in Toronto (Photo: Fuzz Wax Bar)

Slick Wax Bar

Find it: 97 Scollard St., slickwaxbar.com
The low-down: Located in the heart of Yorkville, this chic wax bar uses six different types of top-of-the-line wax from French brand Perron Rigot. When it comes to waxing at this high-end spot, it’s all about customizability, comfort and cleanliness in a luxurious environment.
Price: $30 to $40
Book online: Yes

Fuzz Wax Bar

Find it: 488 Bloor St. W, 701 Queen St. W, 934 Queen St. E, 2654 Yonge St., fuzzwaxbar.com
The low-down: This popular wax bar is no stranger to the 6’s beauty scene and they have the rep to prove it. If you want to take your waxing sesh to the next level, the “Fuzzologists” can give you a vajacial (yes that’s right, a vagina facial). The luxe treatment (which includes a soothing mask for your vaj, btw) is perf for in-between appointments to prevent ingrown hairs and soften your skin.
Price: $22 to $47
Book online: Yes

Her Majesty’s Pleasure

Find it: 556 King St. W, hermajestypleasure.ca
The low-down: Nestled in the Fashion District, this elegant spa combines two of our favourite things on this earth: beauty and booze. If you’re nervous for your bikini wax and need a little (alcoholic) courage, grab a glass of champagne at the in-house marble-topped bar before your appointment.
$35 to $55
Book online: Yes

Barefoot Beauty

Find it: 643 Queen St. E, barefootbeauty.ca
The low-down: For those looking for a more environmentally friendly, sustainable beauty biz (aren’t we all?), we cannot recommend this place enough. The nail salon and beauty bar prides itself on its use of all-natural waxes that aren’t filled with harsh chemicals and damaging ingredients. You can finally feel good about what you’re putting on your bod.
Price: $25 to $45
Book online: Yes

Best Bikini Wax in Ottawa

Ottawa's Flirt Wax Bar is one of the best places for a bikini wax in Canada

Flirt Wax Bar in Ottawa (Photo: Ashley Eheler)

Luxe Spa

Find it: 1366 Clyde Ave., luxespa.ca
The low-down: With a team of five upbeat, experienced sugaring and waxing specialists, this hair salon-meets-spa-meets-beauty bar can do hair removal for both men and women. The welcoming atmosphere, modern décor and diverse range of aesthetic services make this spot a beauty no-brainer for babes in the West End.
Price: $17 to $33
Book online: No, call 613-695-5893 or email relax@luxespa.ca to book an appointment

Flirt Wax Bar

Find it: 2297 Elmira Dr., flirtwaxbar.ca
The low-down: This hidden gem in the Ottawa beauty scene is run by beauty expert Ashley Eheler out of her home. She has transformed her space into a colourful oasis (think: bright turquoise walls adorned with the word “flirt”) for her relaxed, yet chatty waxing sessions. This spot won’t be a secret for much longer.
Price: $16 to $25
Book online: No, call 613-894-1780 or email info@flirtwaxbar.ca to book an appointment

The Upkeep Shoppe

Find it: 358 Preston St., upkeepshop.com
The low-down: This award-winning beauty bar in Centretown West is truly a one stop “shoppe” (see what I did there?) for all of your beauty needs, whether it’s getting a Mother’s Day mani with your fave lady or cleaning up your bikini line for your brand new swimsuit. If you want to de-stress before your appointment, hit up the tea lounge upstairs and cozy up to a cup of their own line of leafy brews.
Price: $25
Book online: Yes

Best Bikini Wax in Montreal

Montreal's Barbarella is one of the best places for a bikini wax in Canada

Barbarella in Montreal (Photo: Daniel Francis Haber)

NStyle Beauty Lounge

Find it: 1500 McGill College Ave., nstyleintl.ca
The low-down: From nails to facials and waxing (oh my!), this contemporary beauty lounge and day spa has mastered the art of getting your glam on. After you’re all smooth from your bikini wax, add the salt glow and detox treatment, which can help your hair grow back softer and leave the sensitive skin around your vagina glowing.
Price: $15 to $45
Book online: Yes


Find it: 3833 St Jacques St., barbarellaspa.com
The low-down: This playful day spa is adorned with the cutest décor, from cartoon hands with fresh nail polish painted on the walls to the bright mustard couch in the reception area. This St. Henri spot started off as strictly a spray tanning biz, but has since expanded to nails, eyelash extensions and waxing, too.
Price: $32 to $49
Book online: Yes

Runway Beauty

Find it: 677 Saint-Catherine St. W M24A, runwaybeautybar.com
The low-down: If you’re looking for a beauty pick-me-up on-the-go (a.k.a. the morning of your beach vacation you realize you haven’t groomed your bikini line and need to get waxed ASAP), this modern beauty bar is perf for you. Run in for a quick mani touch-up or bikini wax and you’ll be onto your beach trip in no time.
Price: $20 to $40
Book online: No, call 514-600-0464 or email info@runwaybeautybar.com to book an appointment

Clin d’Oeil MTL

Find it: 380 Guy St., clindoeilmontreal.ca
The low-down: With the affordable prices, friendly staff and warm, modern atmosphere, this beauty salon can give you a chic mani, rejuvenating facial and bikini wax all in one visit. It’s the perf place for a total head-to-toe beauty moment when you’re in desperate need of some TLC for the summer season.
$15 to $30
Book online: No, call 438-333 – 5565 to book an appointment

Best Bikini Wax in Moncton

Moncton's Kimberly The Studio is one of the best places for a bikini wax in Canada

Kimberly The Studio in Moncton (Photo: Ricardo Jaco, Art Direction: Marie Line Morneault, Painting: Alex Smith)

La Spa

Find it: 1579 Mountain Rd., laspa.nb.ca
The low-down: This eclectic salon and day spa is all about making you look and feel rejuvenated, whether you’re getting a luxe facial, hot stone massage or bikini wax. The friendly aestheticians *deliver* on East Coast charm and personalize the products to fit your skin type, so you’ll be moisturized, exfoliated and smooth after your wax sesh.
Price: $25 to $35
Book online: No, call 506-855-1776 or email laspa@nb.aibn.com to book an appointment

Kimberly The Studio

Find it: 139 Archibald St., kimberlythestudio.com
The low-down: Kimberly Gautreau is known among her dedicated clientele as a “vagician” (so cute, right?) because of her holistic, all-natural hair removal services tailored individually to each woman’s body. She uses a body scrub from Canadian-made, woman-owned company Alexandria Professional and continues to promote sisterhood and female empowerment throughout her practice.
Price: $65
Book online: Yes

Fingers, Faces and Feet

Find it: 66 Donald Ave., fingersfacesandfeet.com
The low-down: Not only does this Moncton biz specialize in statement-making manis and personalized facials, they also can get you and your bikini line on point for bathing suit season. The bustling beauty spot has 20 years of experience in the industry under their belt, making them a jack of all trades when it comes to pampering their clients from H2T (head to toe, obvs).
Price: $26
Book online: Yes

Best Bikini Wax in Halifax

Halifax's Waxon Wax Bar is one of the best places for a bikini wax in Canada

Waxon Wax Bar in Halifax (Photo: Waxon Waxbar)

Vitality Medispa

Find it: 5640 Spring Garden Rd., vitalitymedispa.ca
The low-down: This welcoming salon, spa and medical aesthetics biz offers both laser hair removal and waxing services for your bikini line. The talented team uses a combination of hard and soft wax, which makes for the most effective, yet painless hair removal process. Finally, no more tears at our waxing appointments!
Price: $30 to $50
Book online: Yes

Waxon Waxbar

Find it: 5475 Spring Garden Rd., waxon.ca
The low-down: With 12 locations from coast to coast, this modern waxing bar has three different types of wax depending on your skin and hair type (#blessed). Choose between the gold hard wax for a more painless process without redness, the cream-based superior strip wax for a moisturizing wax experience or the super hero stripless wax which works perf for stubborn shorter hair. Plus, they carry their own line of prods to help you stay smooth and supple in between appointments.
Price: $28 to $36
Book online: Yes

Uptown Salon and Spa

Find it: 5521 Young St., uptownchic.ca
The low-down: Step inside this colourful, rustic spot where beauty prods, nail polish and hair goodies line the walls and you’ll immeds be in the best mood to get your hair (on your head or below the belt) primped and pampered. The all-female team of aestheticians and hair stylists are here to make you look and feel like the boss that you are.
Price: $45 to $48
Book online: No, call 902-454-6996 or email info@upt ownchic.ca to book an appointment

Best Bikini Wax in Charlottetown

Charlottetown's The Ten Spot is one of the best places for a bikini wax in Canada

The Ten Spot in Charlottetown (Photo: Courtesy The Ten Spot)

Pure Spa

Find it: 4 Prince St., purespapei.com
The low-down: Step inside this serene sanctuary and you’ll immediately feel relaxed thanks to the rustic wooden accents, cozy leather seating and breathtaking views of the ocean from the lounge area. This relaxing day spa is all about helping you unwind and unplug after a long stressful week whether you’re getting a pedicure or bikini wax. 
Price: $25
Book online: Yes

The Ten Spot

Find it: 43 Queen St. Suite #102, thetenspot.com
The low-down: With roots in Toronto’s Queen West neighbourhood, this buzz-worthy beauty bar has expanded across Canada and landed on the Island. With pops orange décor and an approachable staff, this spot is all about making you #FeelLikeATen. Bonus: they have Netflix in the waxing room so you can have Queer Eye‘s very own grooming guru Johnathan Van Ness shouting “yaaaas honey” while you get your bikini line waxed.
Price: $28 to $42
Book online: Yes

Best Bikini Wax in St. John’s

St. John's The Signature Salon is one of the best places for a bikini wax in Canada

The Signature Salon in St. John’s (Photo: The Signature Salon)

Rosewood Spa

Find it: 115 Cavendish Square, rosewoodspastjohns.com
The low-down: Located in the The Sheraton Hotel, this cozy downtown spa offers a relaxing, rejuvenating oasis for all of their treatments, including getting your vagina waxed. Plus, complimentary herbal tea and coffee will put you in a zen mood before your appointment.
Price: $30
Book online: No, call 709-739-0923 or email rosewoodspa@nf.aibn.com to book an appointment

The Signature Salon

Find it: 392 Elizabeth Ave., thesignaturesalon.com
The low-down: This award-winning salon can transform your lewk from your tresses to your toes (and yes, your bikini line, too). There’s a reason the enthusiastic all-female staff has such a dedicated clientele. Plus, the sleek space (think, black leather chairs and dark wood floors) gives off an ultra-cool vibe.
Price: Starting at $27
Book online: No, call 709-579-5496 or email info@thesignaturesalon.com to book an appointment

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