The Best Cooking Classes in Winnipeg

Sauté, simmer and stir your way to Gordon Ramsay-level culinary prowess

Aside from doing your own taxes and working that nine-to-five, knowing how to prepare more than cereal, instant ramen and boxed mac and cheese is a true sign of adulthood. If you’re still stuck on the college dorm room diet, try your hand at the best cooking classes in Winnipeg to upgrade your kitchen skills to gourmet chef. And if you want to learn how to make pasta from scratch or indulge in the basics of Thai cuisine in another major city in Canada, click here.

Winnipeg's De Luca is one of the best cooking classes across Canada

De Luca (Photo: Courtesy De Luca)

The Food Studio

Find it: 3200 Roblin Blvd., foodstudio.net
The low-down: 
When it first opened, this laid-back cooking school only offered cooking camps for children, but it has since expanded to culinary classes for all ages. Sign up for a single workshop to master a specific skill, or choose a few classes to give yourself a culinary makeover.
$75 to $100 per person
Types of classes: 
From the Dining Around the World Series (Germany! Japan! Thailand!) to courses in culinary basics, like baking artisanal bread, cake decorating and making pasta from scratch, you’ve got tons of classes to choose from—perf for date night or your next GNO.

De Luca’s

Find it: 950 Portage Ave., deluca.ca
The low-down: 
This authentic Italian grocery store meets restaurant meets culinary studio is a lively spot that will have you saying bellissima as you whip up a delicious feast fresh from the Tuscan countryside.
$65 per person
Types of classes: This demonstration-style cooking class with chef Mike Brown includes a four-course meal, wine tasting, recipes for you to try at home and a private shopping venture for gourmet ingredients in the De Luca’s grocery store.

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